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How To Write A Successful Award Entry Submission

Writing & submitting an award entry can be a very effective method to get recognition for your work, your team, or your organisation. Winning an award can help you stand out in your industry, attract new clients or customers, and boost your reputation.

However, with so many other organisations and individuals vying for the same awards, submitting a successful award submission can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and strategies for submitting a successful award submission.

The below is based on the extensive experience of Igniters in assisting our clients to create award winning submissions over the years.

First up though, before you even think of anything else…

Be selective in which award to write/submit to!

Remember that award submissions take time and effort, so before going down this journey, the first thing to ask yourself is:

  1. Is this the most appropriate award for the project in question?
    1. In many industries, there are many awards that are up for grabs every year. However, you likely do not have the time of day (nor do you wish to!) enter into all of them. It’s important that you assess your project/brand and see whether or not you have a strong chance of winning.
  2. Will this award provide the return on investment that I am looking for?
    1. Once you confirm that you have a relatively strong confidence of winning the award, or even becoming a finalist (if the award is high profile enough), the next question is whether or not the benefits of being recognised is worth the effort.

If the answer to the above is both, then congratulations! You are not ready to learn how to successfully write and submit an award entry, for maximum success!

Start early

Don’t leave your award submission until the last minute. Start early and give yourself plenty of time to craft a compelling entry. This will give you time to gather data, conduct research, and brainstorm ideas. Starting early will also help you avoid the stress of rushing to meet the deadline.

Depending on the size of the entry and criteria, we recommend at least 4-8 weeks. The more time you have, the more chances you have to win the award!

Read the instructions carefully

Before you start writing your award submission, it’s essential to read the instructions carefully. Make sure you understand the requirements, the deadline, and the evaluation criteria. Follow the instructions closely to ensure that you submit a complete and professional entry.

Understand the judging criteria

Judging criteria can vary depending on the award, so it’s important to understand what the judges are looking for. Typically, judges are looking for entries that demonstrate excellence in a particular field or industry. 

They may be looking for innovation, impact, leadership, teamwork, or other specific qualities. Make sure you understand the criteria and tailor your entry accordingly.

Highlight your achievements

When writing your award entry, make sure you highlight your achievements. Provide specific examples of how your work or your organisation has made a difference in your industry or community. Use data, testimonials, and other evidence to support your claims. Remember, the judges want to see evidence of excellence, so make sure you provide it.

Be concise and clear

While you want to highlight your achievements, it’s important to be concise and clear in your writing. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that might confuse the judges. Instead, use clear and simple language that is easy to understand. Keep your sentences short and to the point, and use bullet points or headings to break up the text.

Tell the story

A standout award submission tells a story. It should be engaging and compelling, drawing the judges in and keeping them interested. Use anecdotes, examples, and personal stories to make your entry more interesting and memorable. Show the judges why your work or your organisation is unique and deserving of recognition.

Get feedback

Before submitting your award entry, get feedback from others. Share your submission with colleagues, friends, or family members and ask for their input. They may be able to offer suggestions for improving your entry, catching errors, or providing additional evidence to support your claims.

Focus on quality

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to award submissions. Don’t try to cram too much information into your entry or provide every detail of your work or your organisation. Instead, focus on the quality of the information you provide. Make sure it’s accurate, compelling, and relevant to the award criteria.

Follow the guidelines

Make sure you follow the guidelines for formatting and submitting your award entry. This might include providing a certain number of copies, using a specific font or size, or including a cover letter or other supporting documents. Failure to follow the guidelines could result in your entry being disqualified.

Celebrate your achievements

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements! 

Whether or not you win the award, submitting an entry is an accomplishment in itself. Celebrate your hard work and the contributions of your team or organisation. Use the submission process as an opportunity to reflect on your achievements and set new goals for the future.

Would you like some help with writing an award submission?

Have an award that you are thinking of entering, but don’t know where to start? 

We can help! 

Get in touch with us, and let us guide you on a successful award entry journey!

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