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WordPress Pages VS Posts: What is the Difference?

We are specialists in creating WordPress web design, Perth businesses and organisations rely on to deliver high levels of brand recognition and online engagement. As a consequence, we are regularly asked questions about key features of the platform and how they work.

One of the most common queries is about the difference between WordPress Posts and Pages, and how they can and should be used.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress has undoubtedly become one of the world’s leading platforms for developing websites, with around 43% of all the sites currently on the internet using it.

A key reason for this popularity is the flexibility it offers. WordPress website design gives you access to a range of features that can be utilised and adapted in different ways depending on the specific function of the site, making it ideal for anything from personal blog sites, to online magazines, to e-commerce stores.

The adaptability of WordPress web design is exemplified by its two main content types — Posts and Pages. Although at first glance they may appear to be quite similar, they actually fulfil very different roles in a website, and help to create the flexibility that makes WordPress such a desirable platform.

What Are Posts In WordPress?

Posts are most commonly used for blog sites, news and magazine sites, or other types of website where the most visible content changes frequently.

Posts will often be time sensitive because they are connected to current events and news, sporting or cultural events, or contain other content that changes regularly or will become out of date, and so does not need to be permanently visible on your website.

Other features associated with WordPress Posts, such as tags and categories, enable them to be found more easily both on the site itself and by search engines. Posts also encourage user interaction and engagement through an integrated comment feature, as well as pingbacks and trackbacks, although these can be turned off, if required.

What Are Pages In WordPress?

Pages are used in WordPress web design for more permanent content, i.e., the sort of content that you intend always to be visible and/or accessible by visitors to your site. Your Home page, for instance, will usually be created as a Page, along with other standard content such as About Us or Contact Us. Pages will also be used in WordPress web design for what might be called boilerplate content, like your Privacy Policy, etc.

Pages can easily be organised into menus that help users navigate your site and find the content they need, and can be created in almost limitless variety of styles, incorporating an array of features, such as images, graphics, media and much more.

While Posts are usually organised in a hierarchical way (e.g., by date, title, author, etc.), Pages can be grouped together in parent/child relationships, and this means they can be easily organised into a customised, folder-based structure.

Does Using Posts or Pages Offer any SEO advantages?

A key feature of the WordPress web design Perth services we offer is SEO optimisation, designed to ensure that our clients’ sites are always easily found online.

There is no difference between the way in which Posts and Pages are indexed by search engines; however, what is important is the way in which the overall content on your site is organised, so using both features effectively will contribute to your site’s prominence on Google and elsewhere.

Most sites will contain a mix of evergreen content (i.e., Pages) as well as content that regularly changes and/or is updated (i.e., Posts). This is one of the most useful general approaches to SEO optimisation, although there can be specific circumstances where using all Posts or all Pages is the best way to go.

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