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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap – 5th September 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 5th September 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How small businesses can see big results with foundational SEO

Where can you put 20% effort for 80% SEO return? Contributor Marcus Miller outlines SEO tactics SMB owners can use for easy but effective wins.

SEO: How to capitalize on the competitive advantage of real-time data analysis

Contributor Stela Yordanova explains how to capitalize on the competitive advantage provided by real-time data analysis.

SEO: OK, Google: How Do I Optimize My Content for Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are an opportunity to quickly leapfrog your competitors and land that premium zero spot even when your page doesn’t rank in the traditional search results. So, optimizing your content for mobile and voice search should be a priority. Want to find out how to? Read this article.

SEO: 5 ways to avoid duplicate content and indexing issues on your e-commerce site

Before a page can rank well, it needs to be crawled and indexed. Contributor Manish Dudharejia shares five tips to give your pages the best chance of getting indexed in the search results.

Paid Search: Google’s somewhat-new guide to totally excellent ads

As responsive search ads make their way to an account near you, contributor and Googler Matt Lawson shares suggestions on how to implement all of the ad formats in one big happy account. Party time!

Paid Search: Find anomalies in your campaign spending with this Google Ads script

Contributor Daniel Gilbert shares a customizable script that lets you check for overspending or underspending in your Google Ads account by finding changes in spending.

Content: How to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness

What does it mean that your content marketing is “working?” In general, this means it’s supporting your marketing and business goals. In this article we discuss a simple way to track your content marketing program and, more importantly, how to communicate this to your team and management.

Social: 3 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Sales

Want to improve your sales using Facebook ads? Looking for different ad formats to try? In this article, you’ll discover how three Facebook ad types can help you better present your products and drive sales.

Social: How to Create LinkedIn Video Ads

Do you want to reach more prospects on LinkedIn? Interested in using LinkedIn video ads to promote your products and services? In this article, you’ll learn how to plan and execute your first LinkedIn video ad campaign.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google clarifies Search Console query report data changes from August 19th

After much confusion, Google has issued a statement clarifying the changes made to the query reports in Google Search Console.

SEO: Google confirms testing new search results design with sticky header, rounded search bar

Google is testing a new design with rounded corners, a smaller logo and a sticky search bar header.

SEO: Google updates user management and rights in Google Search Console

Google is making some important changes to the user permissions and roles, please review these changes so you know how you may be affected.

SEO: Google speeds up some searches by 2x with use of Service Worker and Chrome for Android

Google’s pursuit of speed has led it to use Service Workers to make some repeated searches twice as fast.

SEO: Google Search Console out of beta, adds more features

Google has added a manual actions section to the new Google Search Console, and the URL inspection tool now works in real time.

Paid Search: Now you can make edits to keywords, ads, campaigns, bids right from the Google Ads Overview page

Make quick changes on the fly from several of the cards featured on the Overview page.

Local Search: Google puts focus on deals in hotel, flight search with latest updates

Google has rolled out a bunch of travel search features around finding the best hotel and flight based on price and location for your Thanksgiving weekend.

Local Search: Google My Business API v4.2 has been released

New features in the Google My Business API include verification options, new location end points, expanded search, chain membership and product posts.

Social: Facebook opens up its ads pixel to a limited number of Groups

Only a small number of Groups have access to Facebook pixel right now, but a broader roll out is planned in the coming weeks.

Social: Instagram fights back against fake accounts & bad actors with new safety tools

Accounts with large audiences will soon have ‘About this Account’ information that publicly lists the date the account was created, ads it is running and more.

Social: Facebook is letting 5 publishers test headlines, images, copy in organic posts

The company says it wants to provide publishers with more visibility into how their organic content is performing.

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