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Content Marketing

5 Tips For Creating a Catchy and Engaging Headline

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with content, it can be hard for you to break through the noise and entice readers into clicking on your content. Sadly, fantastic content alone isn’t enough to draw in a huge audience. You need a fantastic headline to match. Your headline is the first thing a reader sees, hence why it can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your content. Have a boring headline and no one will ever click through and read your content, putting all your content marketing efforts to waste. But have a catchy and engaging headline and watch the readers flock to your content.

So, you may be wondering, how do I write a catchy and engaging headline that will entice readers? We’ll get into that with these 5 tips, just keep reading.

1. Trust your gut

When you create your content, you should have some indication of what your content is about and what title could be relevant. Just write it down. This will be your starting point, write what is relevant to the content you wrote then morph that title into something that is attention-grabbing and intriguing.

2. Make it short and snappy

A title or headline can ultimately make your break your content, as it can make a huge difference to whether audiences will be compelled to ‘stop’ or ‘go’ at your post.

A catchy title should reach out and grab the reader by intriguing them and peaking their interest. Therefore, your title should always hold keywords that evoke a response from the reader, enticing them to view your content. By using questions to appeal to the readers hunger for knowledge this can increase the readers response to the title, making them want to find out more, and gain something from a grabby, thought provoking question. Audiences are bombarded on a daily basis with content, so to stand out we need less; so make it short and snappy.

3. The numbers add up

A catchy headline doesn’t just mean how suave you can sound, neither does it mean drumming the content up to be the most amazing new thing that the world has ever seen. Headlines are most effective in their simplest of forms, in fact, around 36% of readers prefer simple number orientated headlines. For example a simple number oriented headline could be ‘4 reasons why you should switch to HTTPS’ or ‘5 website must haves for an excellent user experience’. Headlines like this are more likely to attract readers as they are simple.

5 website must haves for an excellent user experience ignite blog post

4.  Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

As stated already, keywords are a vital asset to utilise, as they can assist in increasing your search engine visibility. By utilising keywords in your headings, you are allowing your content to be found more easily and accurately. Your titles should be built around the keywords that are most important to the content of your article. But that doesn’t mean you should utilise ‘keyword stuffing’, allow your focus keywords to guide you in writing your title, without allowing them to take over.

5. Solve a problem

Just like a call to action a headline should draw readers in. You can do this by providing a solution to a problem that relates to your reader. Often readers will wonder ‘why should I keep reading’, by presenting your content as a solution to a problem that they have they are more likely to read on in hopes that you will assist them in solving that problem. For example, ‘Running out of blog topics? Try these 5 tips’ catches the attention of readers who are running out of blog topics and makes them intrigued by the idea that you may be able to provide them with a solution.

Solving a problem graphic

And there we go. By now you should feel more confident in creating a catchy and engaging headline. It’s important to always keep your audience in mind when creating your headline. They don’t want to read something that appears boring. But equally they don’t want to be tricked by ‘clickbait’ into reading something that is not at all relevant to them. So keep your audience top of mind when creating your headlines, what does your audience like and what do they want? What excites them and what annoys them? Just take the time to understand your audience and you’ll be on your way to content marketing success.

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