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The Weekly Wrap – 4th March 2020

4TH MARCH 2020




SEO: Remarketing Playbook: 8 Types of Remarketing You Should Be Doing
Here are eight ways you can segment remarketing audiences for better performance.

SEO: Zero-Click Searches: How to Get Back Your Lost Google Traffic
In this article, you’ll learn how you can recover traffic lost to zero-click searches.

SEO: Copy-Testing Tools and A/B Testing Strategies to Improve Your Ad Game
In this article, you’ll learn how to boost your conversions with these copy-testing tools and Pro tips.

SEO: The Right Link Building Approach That Leads Straight to Links
In this article, we share a friendlier and more powerful approach to developing links and relationships with websites and business alike.

SEO: Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: #SEMrushChat
In this article, we discuss topics surrounding technical SEO audits, common SEO mistakes, how to avoid mistakes, which technical errors to fix, duplicate content problems, and best practices for title tags and meta descriptions and more.

SEO: 8 Popular WordPress Plugins Are Currently Being Exploited By Hackers
A report reveals an increased number of attacks against WordPress sites, all of which exploit security flaws in these 8 popular plugins.

SEO: A Guide to Keyword Research
This guide will help you understand how to do keyword research, what tools to use, how to create content based on keyword research and more.

SEO: 6 SEO Tasks to Automate with Python
Here are six examples of SEO tasks that you can automate using Python scripts.

SEO: What Is a Customer Journey & Why Does It Matter for SEO?
In this article, you’ll learn how to make sure your SEO strategy contributes to an effective customer journey

SEO: Author Bio Signal for Content
In this article, you’ll learn the importance of author bios and how it impacts search results and sales.

SEO: Excessively Deep Pagination Can Impact Search Traffic
In this article, we discuss the impact deep pagination pages can have on your website’s search traffic.

SEO: Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?
Here is a comparison of the top web design platforms based on your specific wants and needs as a site owner or web designer.

SEO: How to use machine learning (if you can’t code) to help your keyword research
Here’s an easy way to categorise 100k keywords in less than a few hours of actual working time.

SEO: How to identify and address the four biggest digital growth challenges
Dig into four areas that often uncover digital growth blockers and explain how to assess the opportunities that overcoming them would present.

SEO: 9 Essential Optimizations to Modernize Your Website
These nine (relatively) straightforward optimisations will help modernise your website and deliver a much better experience to users and search crawlers.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets: A 2020 SEO Guide
In this guide, you’ll learn how Google’s various updates to featured snippets have affected which content is selected and how the snippets appear in the search results.

SEO: The Difference Between an SEO Bug & a Feature Request
Here’s how to understand the difference between the two when approaching enterprise SEO issues.

SEO: How to Identify a Possible Negative SEO Campaign
This article will help you diagnose whether your website has been affected by negative SEO so that you can spend more time on the bigger picture: fixing the problem.

SEO: Getting Ahead of the Voice Search Revolution
In this article, you learn the major differences between voice search and search queries, and the impact this have on your current SEO activities.

SEO: How to Visualize Data With Google Data Studio
In this article, you’ll learn how to turn data in Google Data Studio into eye-catching visuals and easy-to-read reports.

Paid: How to Analyze Your LinkedIn Ad Performance
In this article, you’ll discover how to assess your LinkedIn ad campaigns and find out how your ads are performing against industry standards.

Paid: Social learning: How to optimize your Facebook PPC campaign
Here is a look at how businesses can optimised their Facebook PPC campaigns in a way that drives conversions and generates growth.

Paid: Amazon search ads: How to advertise on Amazon — profitably
In this article, you’ll learn how to calculate your COGS (cost of goods sold) while understanding the importance of seller fees when running profitable search ad campaigns on Amazon.

Paid: Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Are Rising in Price, New Report Says
In this article, we discuss Amazon Sponsored Products Ads increase in price and how this may effect you.

Paid: 3 tips for optimizing paid social campaigns for seasonality
In this article, Michelle Stinson Ross – Apogee Result’s Marketing Operations Directors, shares 3 tips on how to plan for your paid social campaigns well ahead of your high seasons.

Paid: How to Structure a PPC Campaign in the Age of Automation
Here are five new considerations for an optimised PPC campaign structure.

Paid: When To Create New PPC Campaigns
In this post, we will discuss at which point new paid search campaigns should be created and the process behind it.

Content: 7 Ways to Write More Like-able Social Media Copy
Here are seven ways to write more likable—or more shareable, more heart-able, more tweetable—social copy.

Content: You Can Write Faster With This Guide
In this article, you’ll learn write more quickly with this step-by-step guide.

Content: The Difference Between Content Marketing & Content Strategy (& Why You Need Both)
In this article, you’ll learn the differences between content marketing and content strategy, and why you need both.

Content: 6 SEO Content Writing Tips for Law Firms
In this article, you’ll learn how to write SEO content for law-related clients and how to do it right.

Social: Most People Still, in 2020, Aren’t Aware Facebook Owns Instagram
In this article, we informed Facebook’s affiliation with Instagram since 2012.

Social: Facebook Mandates Campaign Budget Optimization: Here’s What You Need to Know
Facebook will retire ad set level optimisation in favour of campaign budget optimisation. Here’s everything you need to know, including why Facebook likely made this change, the pros and cons, and how to prepare your account.

Social: 31 Must-Know YouTube Statistics (+ Insights!) for 2020
In this article, we share 31 YouTube Statistics on general, demographic and marketing, plus key takeaways and advice to help enhance your business growth.

Social: How to Nurture Facebook Leads Through Automatic Messenger Bots
In this article, you’ll learn how to nurture Facebook leads using automated chat bots through Facebook’s new lead generation ad campaign.

Social: How to Easily Analyze Facebook Ad Results With 3 Custom Reports
In this article, you’ll discover three custom reports in Ads Manager to help you quickly analyse your Facebook ad performance.

Social: How to Turn Instagram Followers into Loyal Customers
In this article, we share six useful tips that can turn those followers into customers.

Mobile: How to Achieve Mobile-First Success
In this article, you’ll learn how to put the fundamental elements to ensure a mobile experience your users will love.

Local: 5 critical elements for local marketing success
In this article, we share MarTech Today’s 61-page report that covers the growing market for local marketing solutions and the 5 critical elements for local marketing success.

Local: Local SEO Basics: What Is Local SEO?
This guide offers strategies for improving your local SEO rankings, optimising Google My Business, and enhancing your on-page local SEO.



SEO: Google Algorithms Do Not Give Shopify Preferential Treatment
Google’s John Mueller said that Google doesn’t generally don;t have special search algorithms to help any particular CMS.

SEO: Google: There Are A Variety Of Things We Do To Watch For Wikipedia Vandalism
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that Google have a variety of protections in place to monitor Wikipedia vandalism. 

SEO: Bing Blocked Some Pages By Accident; Another Reason To Check Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing have been queried about blocking some webpages unintentionally, and was resolved as soon as this issue was submitted via Bing Webmaster Tools support contact form.

SEO: Google tightens FAQ markup guidelines, disallows repetition of questions and answers
Google has updated its content guidelines for the FAQ schema that says you can no longer markup the same question and answer with FAQ schema if that question and answer is in multiple pages on your site. 

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SEO: Google: Logo Placement Does Not Impact SEO & Search Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said that the placement of the company logo in a design does not impact SEO.

SEO: Google Pagination Tips For Blogs: Use Tags Or Categories
Google’s John Mueller suggested using categories and tags to cross link blog posts, creating a balanced hierarchy for your blog posts.

SEO: Google: No Such Thing As Premium Indexing
Google’s John Mueller said that there is no such thing as ‘premium’ indexing on Google’s side. 

SEO: Optimization scores, recommendations and their impact on Google Partner agencies
Google says Partner agencies will continue have “control and autonomy” as it puts more emphasis on auto-generated recommendations.

SEO: Google’s SEO Best Practices for News Publishers
Google published a brief guide full of best practices for websites that provide breaking news coverage.

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SEO: Google Nofollow Change March 1st But Google Says Don’t Expect Any Change Yet
Google’s Gary Illyes and John Mueller said that Google’s NoFollow link attribute change will not cause any significant changes immediately. 

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SEO: New Google Lighthouse extension for Firefox goes live
Google Developers announced a new official Google Lighthouse Firefox extension – an open source software (OSS) project with a few different integration points. 

SEO: Google: Don’t Lose Sleep Over Others Scraping Your Content
Google’s John Mueller has suggested SEO experts and website owners alike should not worry about competitors scraping their content as there are a lot of scraped content out there which has minimal visibility.

SEO: Bing: Webmaster Tools Shows Data For The Normalized URL
Bing said that Bing Webmaster Tools shows data for the normalised URL. So you do not need to verify all the variations.

SEO: Google Rich Results Test Tool Now Previews How-To Rich Results
Google has added another Google Home Hub and smart display feature to the Google rich results test. You can now see a preview of your how-to rich results in the tool. 

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SEO: Google’s Response to Moz Article Critical of SERPs
Google’s Danny Sullivan raised interesting issues with Dr. Pete Meyers’s Moz published articles regarding 10 traditional blue links being pushed down in the SERPs.

SEO: Google Lets People Customize Their Profile Cards For Search Results
Google is testing the ability for people to customise their own Knowledge Graph cards that are displayed in search results.

SEO: Google: Sites Are Not Tainted From Old Manual Actions
Google’s Gary Illyes repeated Google’s previous announcement that once a manual action is revoked there are no leftover implications on your websites.

SEO: Google Writes FAQ For Google Image License Metadata
An unnamed Google employee posted an FAQ around that new Google Image license metadata for the licensable label on images. 

SEO: Google Confirms No Recent Campaign Against Unnatural Links
Google’s Gary Illyes addressed the public’s’ concerns regarding a possible change in how Google treats unnatural links.

SEO: Google’s Advice on How to Hire an SEO
Google shared a three-step guide on hiring an SEO for businesses who may be doing so for the first time.

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SEO: Google search view in 3D now live for e-commerce sites
This was announced in 2019 at Google I/O and Google showed examples of this in search but now it seems third-parties can go 3D.

SEO: Google Penalties on Guest Post Articles
In this article, you’ll learn Google’s unnatural outbound link penalties.

SEO: SEO Guidelines for AMP Stories and Google Partner Updates: Google News Digest
In this article, you’ll learn about the SEO guidelines for AMP stories, changes to the performance requirements for the Google Partner Program, and Google’s removal of 600 apps as part of its ongoing ad fraud initiative.

SEO: Google Lets Users Download Complete Sets of Data From Search Console
Google is upgrading Search Console giving users the ability to download complete sets of data from reports.

SEO: Google Images To Drop Dimensions Label On Thumbnails & Show Other Labels
Google is updating its image search results pages with icons indicating what type of content the images lead to.

SEO: Google Explains Gradual Declines in Ranking
Google’s John Mueller answered why a site might be gradually losing traffic. 

Paid: Announcing v3_0 of the Google Ads API beta
Google announces the release of v3_0 of Google Ads API beta, and a migration guide for more information on this change.

Social: YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare Metrics Side-by-Side
YouTube is upgrading its analytics capabilities, allowing creators to compare multiple metrics side-by-side for the first time.

Social: YouTube Updates: Mid-Roll Ads Editor and Notification Analytics
YouTube recently launched several new features that give creators access to more data, as well as more control over ads.

Social: Facebook is Rolling Out a Faster and Simpler Version of Messenger
An update to Facebook Messenger said to be “faster, smaller, and simpler” is rolling out to users over the coming weeks.

Social: Pinterest Reaches 60% of US Women; Here’s What They’re Searching For
Pinterest published a new report ahead of International Women’s Day which details what its largest demographic is searching for.

Social: Facebook’s Updated Best Practices for Business-to-Customer Messaging
Facebook has published an updated set of best practices for business messaging that reflect upcoming changes to the Messenger platform.

Social: LinkedIn Will Soon Get An Instagram-Like Stories Feature
LinkedIn confirmed that it will soon be following Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat by adding its own stories feature.

Social: TikTok Begins Letting Some Users Add Website Links in Profiles
TikTok appears to be testing the ability for users to include direct website links in their profiles.

Social: Twitter Gives Businesses Advice on Writing More Effective Tweets
Twitter shared some advice with businesses about what it takes to write better tweets that get users to take action.

Social: Google Appoints First-Ever ‘Creator Liaison’ for YouTube
Google has created a new position within its company; a ‘creator liaison’ for communication between YouTube and its video publishers.

Social: In feature battle with Google, Yelp improves restaurant waitlist functionality
Yelp is trying to stay one step ahead of Google with tools that benefit both consumers and business owners.

Social: Facebook Lets Users Turn Any 2D Image Into a 3D Photo
Facebook is upgrading its 3D photo capabilities, allowing users to create a 3D post out of any 2D image.

Local: Google experiments with public search profile cards
Currently limited to India, the Google+-like feature gives personal brands and individuals some control over their own search results.

Local: Google My Business Products Added Suggested Categories
Google has been spotted providing a suggested categories option in the Google My Business dashboard.

Mobile: Google Ads Mobile App Updated With New Features and Dark Mode
Google is updating its Google Ads mobile app with new optimisation score features and a new dark mode option.

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Mobile: Google: All Sites To Be Switched To Mobile First Indexing Within 6-12 Months
Google is sending out notifications for mobile-first indexing issues detected on your site.

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Mobile: Burberry Implements 3D Images & AR In Google Search Results
Burberry is one of the few, as far as I know, that currently show 3D images in the Google search results. 

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