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The Weekly Wrap – 11th March 2020

11TH MARCH 2020



SEO: Link Building: Dofollow vs. Nofollow in 2020 (#SEMrushchat)
In this article, you’ll learn nofollow link options for Google, using rel=“sponsored“ and rel=“ugc“, the differences between noFollow and noIndex, nofollow for link building, natural vs. unnatural links, and more.

SEO: How to Find Unnatural Links to Your Site & What to Do About Them
In this article, we discuss what unnatural links are and how to fix them.

SEO: How Much More Effective Are Headings Than Formatted Text?
In this article, you’ll learn how search engines configures headings and titles even when not specified.

SEO: Why an Audience Analysis Is Necessary to SEO
In this article, we discuss why doing a competitor analysis isn’t enough and why an audience analysis is just as importance.

SEO: 20 (Free) Things You NEED to Do After Launching Your Ecommerce Website
Here are the top 20 things you should be doing right after you launch your ecommerce website.

SEO: Site Structure & Internal Linking in SEO: Why It’s Important
In this article, you’ll learn more about how to establish a strong foundation by structuring your site and conducting internal linking.

SEO: Four essential ecommerce site optimizations that drive sales
In this article, we cover a list of ecommerce site optimisation suggestions and tactics that can boost your sales.

SEO: Analysis of 250 million SERPs finds no-click story more complex than it appears
In this article, we discuss Perficient Digital’s report on the impact of Google Search Engine Result Pages’ snippets on organic click-through rate (CTR).

SEO: Google 3D & AR Images: More Technical Details & How To Request Inclusion
In this article, we discuss Google’s recent 3D and AR image update in more detail.

SEO: Several WordPress SEO plugins are on the fritz
In this article we discuss why site owners using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, Yoast SEO and Rank Math should check for the following issues.

SEO: A 10-Step Process for Understanding Site Performance & Automating Speed Testing
In this article, you’ll find our blueprint to help you work more closely with your development team in providing the best experience possible for your users.

SEO: Four tips to help your brand thrive despite Google’s notification changes
Here are five ways of dealing with browsers requests for users to opt-in for notifications.

SEO: Six key SEO recommendations that matter in 2020
In this article, we shares top SEO recommendations for 2020 to help businesses reach their full potential in SEO.

SEO: Need More Brand Authority? 2 Simple Strategies You Need
Here are steps nearly any brand can take to increase their level of authority in their space.

SEO: Why Bing Should Be First in Your Healthcare Search Strategy [DATA]
In this article, we compared paid search performance of 7 healthcare-related brands in Bing vs. that of Google.

Paid: 4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering (& What to Do About It!)
Here, we’re sharing four common reasons your Facebook ads aren’t showing, plus how you can fix them.

Paid: Match-Type Changes & Campaign Structure Choices
In this article, we discuss if match-type campaigns and ad groups are applicable and if branded keywords be protected with phrase and exact match.

Paid: Growth Academy: Your Online Advertising Training Made Easy
WordStream has created Growth Academy, a free, on-demand learning solution to help you learn, grow, and succeed in digital marketing.

Paid: Paving Our Way Towards Automated Bidding
In this article, you’ll find ways to utilise automation bidding when your current account structure could be holding you back from successful tests.

Paid: Why An Omnichannel Strategy Is The Key To Facebook Ads Success
Get the full view of your customer journey with an Omnichannel Facebook strategy.

Paid: 4 Tips to Make Your DV360 Campaigns Heroic
In this article, we share a tips to help streamline your DV360 campaigns.

Paid: What Is Ethical PPC?
In this article, I’ll be looking at what ethical PPC is, what it entails, and why professionals should conform to the concept.

Paid: Align Your Video Ads with Your Sales Funnel: Here’s How
In this article, we discuss how aligning your videos ads with your sales funnel can help you market to the right leads at the right time.

Paid: Amazon’s A9 product ranking algorithm: Your guide to Amazon SEO for maximum visibility
Here’s what you need to know about the factors that affect your product’s organic visibility on Amazon.

Paid: Doing a Google import into Microsoft Ads? Here’s what you need to know
In this article, we share 4 key differences between the Google and Bing Ads so use this pre- and post-import checklist to make sure everything works correctly.

Paid: How to Make Responsive Search Ads Work for You

In this article, you’ll learn some basic best practices and understand how to analyse RSA performance here.

Content: 4 Ways to Improve Your Content with Social Media
This post will explore four of the most impactful ways to improve your content with social media.

Content: 5 Ways to Create the Most Valuable Content for Your Audience
In this article, we explore 5 ways to create trustworthy, engaging, valuable and reliable content for your audience.

Content: How We Increased Time on Site from 4 min to 9 min with Audio Articles
In this article, you’ll find a case study interview about audio articles and how ‘Convince & Convert’ increased time on site by adding audio listening capabilities into existing content.

Content: Should Engagement Really Matter to Marketers Anymore?
In this article, we discuss the importance of engagement and to rethink and redefine engagement in your content marketing strategy.

Content: How to Understand Your Customers’ Buying Journeys And Engage Them at Each Touchpoint
Here’s how to explore your customer’s buying journey and find ways to engage them at each touchpoint. Includes four tool recommendations.

Content: 3-Step Blog Strategy That Works: Storytelling, USPs & Sales
In this article, you’ll learn how to develop a unique blog strategy that involves combining 3 SEO tactics.

Content: 5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Content Marketing Campaigns
Here are five ways you may be sabotaging your content marketing and social media efforts.

Content: Why You Need a Mix of Organic and Paid Traffic for Content Marketing to Work (And How to Get it Right)
In this post, we discuss why you need both organic and paid traffic to succeed with content marketing, and the steps you can take to get it right.

Social: How Employees Can Improve Organic Reach and Engagement
In this article, you’ll discover how to identify and work with in-house influencers to improve organic reach and engagement for your social media content.

Social: How to Make Your First Instagram Stories Ad: A Full Walkthrough
In this article, you’ll discover how to create, set up, and run an Instagram Stories ad in Ads Manager.

Social: How to Use Instagram Story Ads Polls to Gather Intel and Drive Engagement
Here’s how to use Instagram story ads polls to increase the success of your campaigns.

Social: How to Use Instagram Stories for Market Research: 5 Ideas for Marketers
In this article, you’ll learn how to use five Instagram Stories features to gather valuable feedback.

Social: How to Create a High-Performing IGTV Series and Keep Viewers Engaged
In this post, we’re going to look at how to create a high-performing IGTV series that can help you promote your brand with new and existing audiences alike.


SEO: Google: Heading & Titles Help A Little With Pagination But Links Help Best
Google’s John Mueller said that having page numbers in your titles and headers help a little, your internal navigation links matter more.

SEO: Google: Indexing Search Result Pages Is A Watering Down Indexed Pages Issue
Google’s John Mueller said that using robots.txt files on your web server to manage your crawling budget, as this will will prevent Google from crawling infinite spaces such as result pages. He continued and said that this is less about spam and more about ” watering down your indexed content with useless pages that compete with each other.

SEO: Google Search is showing YouTube Music links on album queries
Google Search is now surfacing links to listen to albums on YouTube Music.

SEO: Google: We’re Not Going To Index All Your Pages
Google’s John Mueller told one SEO that Google is not going to index all of the pages on his web site. 

SEO: Google showing ‘key moments’ feature on multiple videos in search results
Google’s ‘key moments’ feature, also known as ‘in this video,’ is now showing on more than one video in mobile search results.

SEO: Google Provides Guidance to Businesses Affected by Coronavirus
Google provided advice on what businesses should do with their Google My Business listings if they’re affected by COVID-19.

SEO: Google Does Not Have AI Ranking Contracts – It’s Made Up
Google’s John Mueller confirms that there is no AI ranking contract and this is likely made up.

SEO: Google: Keep Security Certificate On Your Redirected URLs On Site Merges
Google’s John Mueller said that you need to renew the security certificant for your old domain when migrating your website – not for from a Google’s point of view but users.

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SEO: Google: Hreflang Annotations Not Processed Until All Pages In The Set Are Crawled & Indexed
Google’s Gary Illyes addresses hreflang query and said that generally the hreflang annotations are picked up once all pages that you linked together with them are crawled and (re)indexed. 

SEO: Google: Only Worry About Sitemaps if Your Site Meets This Criteria
Google’s Daniel Waisberg stated in a new video that sites don’t necessarily need sitemaps unless they fall into one of three categories.

SEO: Google: It’s Fine To Link To HTTP URLS For SEO
Google’s John Mueller said that linking to an HTTP URL, instead of an HTTPS URL is fine. Google won’t penalise or downgrade your site if you link externally to a non-secure page.

SEO: Google: Nofollow Change Was A Policy Change; No Action Was Necessarily Taken By Googlers Yet
Google’s John Mueller said that since the NoFollow Link Policy Changed was announced on March 1st that as far as he knows, no engineers or anyone from Google has actually done anything differently.

Paid: Preventing App engagement campaigns for prohibited apps
Starting on April 1, 2020, the Google Ads API will prevent the creation of new App engagement campaigns for apps in prohibited categories.

Paid: Introducing Display & Video 360 API v1
Google is releasing the Display & Video 360 API v1. It offers a new, improved way to interact with your Display & Video 360 resources programmatically.

Paid: Google Ads Expands Portfolio Bid Strategies With More Options
Google Ads is rolling out new options for portfolio bid strategies, making them compatible with more types of smart bidding.

Paid: Google Ads Attribution Reports Get Revamped
Google has updated the attribution reports within Google Ads, saying that the Attribution reports in Google Ads will have a new look.

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Social: Reddit Launches a Twitter-like Ad Unit: Trending Takeovers
Reddit is launching a new ad unit which is familiar to anyone who’s seen Twitter’s takeover ads in the ‘trending’ section.

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Social: Staying Informed and Connected: Resources to Help Navigate Work and Coronavirus
LinkedIn provides some guidances on how to stay informed and connected with business with the recent news on coronavirus.

Social: Facebook Sues Namecheap over Cybersquatting
Facebook filed a lawsuit against domain name registrar, Namecheap and Whoisguard. 

Social: Twitter Announces Stories Feature, #RIPTwitter Trends Worldwide
Twitter confirmed it’s testing a new feature, called Fleets, which is similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Social: YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare Metrics Side-by-Side
YouTube is upgrading its analytics capabilities, allowing creators to compare multiple metrics side-by-side for the first time.

Social: YouTube Updates: Mid-Roll Ads Editor and Notification Analytics
YouTube recently launched several new features that give creators access to more data, as well as more control over ads.

Local: Yelp to Congress: Don’t investigate Google without looking at search
The reviews site wants to stop Google’s ‘self-preferencing’ in the local SERP.

Local: Google to Review Photos & Videos Uploaded to Google My Business
Google has made an adjustment to the photo and video content policy for Google My Business listings.

Local: Google My Business tells businesses affected by the coronavirus to update listings
Google is asking businesses to update its Google My Business listings if the business is affected by COVID-19. 

Local: Google My Business Now Will Review All Photos & Videos Before Publication
Google said that now before it publishes any of your photos or videos you post in a Google My Business or Google Maps listing, it will review it before it can be published. 

Local: Google My Business Management Box For Profiles You Manage In Search Results
Google can show you a list of business profiles you manage in Google My Business directly in the web search results. 

Local: Google My Business: Car Dealerships Now Can Have Multiple Listings
Google has updated its help documents to allow car dealerships to have multiple Google My Business listings within Google Local and Google Maps.

Local: Google Local Service Ads For Personal Injury Lawyers
Google expanding the local service ads to personal injury lawyers and personal injury law firms.

Mobile: Google Now Shows PDF Image Thumbnails In Search
Google is now showing thumbnails of the PDF document in the mobile search results. 

Mobile: Google To Switch All Sites Mobile-First Indexing By September 2020
Google announced all sites are going to be moved over to mobile-first indexing by September 2020.

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Mobile: Google Ads Mobile App Gets Dark Mode & Optimization Score Details
Google announced that the Google Ads app has added two new features. The first being dark mode, so you can sit up all night working on your ad campaign without disturbing your partner. The second is new optimisation score features to help you make Google more money.

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