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The Weekly Wrap – 3rd October 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 3rd October 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:


SEO: How Google’s March, April and August updates might fit together

In Google’s mind, does brand authority trump breadth and depth of content? Here’s a new perspective connecting the dots between three significant algorithm updates.

SEO: Mobile-first indexing: Will it change your rankings on desktop?

Getting conflicting information about whether the mobile-first indexing change will impact your rankings? Brush up on the different processes behind search results.

SEO: A basic SEO audit for small businesses

Most small businesses can perform a simple audit and improve their SEO considerably without involving an agency. Ten steps you can take to get started.

SEO: Link building in the age of content skeptics

Link building today goes far beyond simply securing a link to influence search engine rankings.

SEO: How to thrive within the fast-paced SEO environment

There will always be new mistakes and new challenges. The key is to learn and evolve and make yourself a better marketer.

SEO: How to migrate web hosts without losing SEO

In today’s article, we will be focusing on migrating web hosts without losing SEO. In this guide, we will show you how to migrate to a new web host without losing any SEO value.

Paid Search: Expert’s Guide to Optimizing Automated Rules in Google Ads

There are some ways to help automate your accounts built right into the platform. One of my favorites is Google’s automated rules feature. Today, I’m going to run through setting up rules and give tips along the way to make yours as effective as possible.

Social: How to Better Serve Your Facebook Group Members

Are you wondering how to create meaningful interactions in your Facebook group? Are you using all the Group features Facebook offers? In this article, you’ll discover how to manage a Facebook group your members will value and engage with.

Social: How to Sell With Facebook Lead Ads

Want your Facebook funnel to be more profitable? Wondering how Facebook lead ads can help? To explore how to sell with Facebook lead ads in an unconventional way, I interview Oli Billson.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google now builds its own AMP stories for search

So far, these stories only seem to work consistently in the Google search app, and not in mobile Chrome or Safari mobile browsers.

SEO: New Google Image Search desktop design is now rolling out

In addition, Google has added Creator and Credit metadata support to image search.

SEO: Google adds event markup to rich results status report in Google Search Console

Google has begun sending notices to those with bad event markup on their site that they need to make fixes.

SEO: Google adds new ‘family-led’ attribute to Google My Business profile

Joining the women-led and veteran-led icons is a new family-led icon for your Google local listings.

SEO: Google confirms ‘small’ search ranking algorithm update this past week

Did you notice any changes to your web sites traffic or ranking in Google?

SEO: Google Tests Navigation Slider For Mobile Search Results

Google is testing a scroll navigational slider for the mobile search results.

Local Search: Google Moves Google Posts At Bottom Of Search Results

Google is apparently moving the Google Posts in the knowledge panel down a bit, to the bottom area of the local knowledge panel.

Social: YouTube rolls out more ad extensions, incremental lift measurement

Video ad extensions will soon include actions like finding a movie showtime, downloading an app or booking a trip.

Social: Publishers on Twitter can now monetize videos viewed by global audiences

Previously, publishers could only monetize organic video content within their home country feeds.

Social: Facebook targets ads with data users didn’t share with the platform

Researchers reveal Facebook is using phone numbers identified via friends’ contact lists and numbers entered for two-factor authentication to target ads.

Social: Snapchat launches multiple e-commerce ad options in time for holiday shopping

Shoppable Snap ads are rolling out, and advertisers can now import catalogs to automatically create product ads.

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