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The Weekly Wrap – 2nd October 2019



SEO: 10 Alternative Ways to Level Up Your SEO Skills
This article sets out some alternative methods of testing your existing knowledge and making you a well-rounded SEO.

SEO: One Tool for Improving Image SEO for the Future
In this article, we share a tool will help you optimise your images conveniently.

SEO: When Google SERPs May Undergo a Sea Change
A Google patent tells us when and how Google may decide upon adjusted search features that can change around search results for specific queries.

SEO: How to Win at SEO Through Great UX Today & Beyond
Here’s how to create satisfying answers for users and win more clicks.

SEO: Top 10 CMS Features to Increase Traffic & Revenue from Mobile, Schemas, Voice, and Direct Answers [Webinar]
In this article, you’ll learn how key features in your content management system can help maximise your website’s revenue for next-generation SEO.

SEO: Can SEO Have a Negative Effect?
In this article, we discusse whether some SEO practices can backfire and have a negative effect on rankings.

SEO: September 2019 Google Update – Winners and Losers
In this article, we share publishers experiences with Google’s September 2019 Google Update.

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SEO: Optimizing for voice search in 2019: Q&A with Amine Bentahar
In this article, we give you the low down on Anime Bentahar – Chief Digital and Operating Officer at Adantix Digital, insight on how to optimise for voice search in 2019.

SEO: Review Rich Results Keep Getting Removed From Google’s Search Results
In this article, we share real data on the impact of Google’s recent announcement regarding new rules on Review Rich Snippet.

SEO: 4 Ways to Find Low-Volume Keywords for SEO
Here are four ways to find them, including user-generated communities, social media posts, and more.

SEO: 3 Places for SEO Beginners to Focus Their Time
Here are three areas of SEO that you should pay attention to to hone your skills in the craft over time.

SEO: 7 Reasons Why an HTML Sitemap Is a Must-Have
Here are seven reasons to add (or keep) an HTML sitemap.

SEO: Using topic clusters to increase SEO rankings in practical
Here are some tips and a case study on how to strategically use topic clusters to increase SEO rankings.

SEO: 6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website
Here are six ways to grow organic traffic outside of hitting those top-ranking positions yourself.

Paid: Google Call-Only Ads with No Headlines Cut CPA by 28% [Case Study]
In this case study, we explore the data and explain why no-headline call-only ads could lower your CPC.

Paid: How to Drive More Revenue to Your Search Campaigns with Third-Party Audiences
Here’s how to use third-party audiences on your search campaigns to increase cost efficiency and expand your reach to relevant prospects.

Paid: A Guide to Every Automated Google Ad Type
In this article, you’ll learn the difference between options and naming conventions, as well as when to use each one, so you can confidently make the best decisions for your campaigns.

Paid: How to Use the Synergy Between PPC & SEO to Leverage Campaigns
In this article, we discuss PPC and SEOs’ shared presence on the search engine results pages, including the benefits of PPC on organic search behaviour and simultaneously SEO on PPC cost and ratings.

Paid: A visual guide for every Google Ads extension
Here is an in-depth illustrated guide of the Google Ads extensions that were rolled out in the past ten years. 

Paid: Conversion Value: What It Means & Why It’s Crucial to Your Business
In this article, you’ll learn how by optimising for conversion value, you can improve your account performance where it matters most.

Paid: Small accounts and Responsive Search Ads – Adopt or not?
In this article, we discuss an array of benefits for business to use small accounts adopting Responsive Search Ads (RSA), only when done properly.

Paid: How to Write Facebook Ads That Convert
In this article, you’ll discover how to develop and compose Facebook ad copy that converts and sells your products.

Paid: 60-Minute Masterclass: Google Ads Automation Best Practices
In this article, you’ll learn how advertisers can use Google Ads automation to drive more of the right conversions.

Content: Best Practices for Creating Outstanding & Engaging Infographics
In this article, you’ll learn the best practices for creating infographics that will educate and engage your audience.

Content: Competitor content analysis: Here’s what you can learn
In this article, you’ll learn how understanding your competitors’ content strategies will help you outperform them in the search results.

Content: How to Create Infographics That Go Viral & Drive Traffic
Here are 10 ways to step up your infographic game.

Content: 5 Easy Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang
Here are five ways to open your post that will capture the reader’s imagination and pull them deeper into your content.

Content: How to Score Your Content Assets for Long-Term Success
Learn how to create a scorecard to see how your content is performing qualitatively and quantitatively.

Content: Get More Traffic From Instagram With This Easy Content Plan
In this article, we share a simple framework that can help to gain more traffic. In addition this framework provides you an strategic approach to re-purpose your blog content.

Social: YouTube optimization and intent: Q&A with goop’s Courtney Messerli
In this article, we discuss how to optimise on Youtube with video intent.

Social: How to Use LinkedIn to Build a Powerful Network
In this article, you’ll learn how to make strategic LinkedIn connections to grow your influence and your business.

Social: TikTok: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll learn how TikTok works, why marketers should pay attention to TikTok, what kind of content you can create, and more.

Social: IGTV for Business: New Research for Marketers
In this article, you’ll discover insights from new research that shows what types of businesses use IGTV, how marketers are reaching IGTV viewers in the Instagram feed, and more.

Social: Pinterest Ads: The Basics
In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Pinterest Ads and how this advertising platform can help you developed a more well-rounded and diverse digital strategy.

Local: 4 Things to know about Google posts in the 3-pack and local finder
Here is everything you need to know about Google’s update on highlighting display posts in the 3-pack and local finder.


SEO: Google Assistant in Chrome testing Duplex to help users buy movie tickets
Duplex, Google’s automated concierge feature, has made its way to Chrome browsers.

SEO: Google Tests Colorful Dots To Explain Search Results
Google is testing showing colourful dots, a blue, red, yellow and green set of dots, to help users understand different search result elements. 

SEO: Google: H1 Tags Are Not Critical For Search Ranking
Google’s John Mueller said that your site can rank fine with or without H1 tags. You don’t have to use any H1 tags, or you can use many, either way, it is not a critical issue specifically for Google search.

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SEO: Google Is Investigating Spike In Impressions & Queries
Google’s John Mueller said the Google search team is investigating spikes in Search Console impressions for specific queries. 

SEO: Google: Optimizing For RankBrain Is The Same As Optimizing For Users
Google’s Gary Illyes said by making your content for users is accomplishing the same thing as making your content for RankBrain.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller: I Strongly Recommend New Sites Not Use M-Dot URLs
Google’s John Mueller said that he strongly recommends sites, especially new sites, not use m-dot URLs. 

SEO: Google is Testing a New Search Interface for Video Games
Google has been spotted testing a new user interface for video game search results.

SEO: Google on How to Rank Category Pages
Google’s John Mueller discussed how links are viewed by Google and the negative ranking effect of keyword stuffing.

SEO: Google Search Tests Side Bar Filters New Design
Google is testing filling in the white space you normally see on the left and right side of the desktop search results with more options. 

SEO: In response to Google change, Yoast SEO will opt users into all snippet features by default
Yoast SEO users will be opted into all of its snippet features by default. This plugin update – version 12.2 will be released on October 1 2019.

SEO: Google Search Console Breadcrumb Report Had Errors
Google posted in the data anomalies page that Google fixed an error in Breadcrumb validation (the last crumb in the chain does not, in fact, require an explicit URL target). As a result, webmaster can anticipate a reduction in errors in your Breadcrumbs report going forward.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller Google Search News Videos
Google’s John Mueller said that Google will be providing a news recap, maybe monthly, of the more important releases and changes that webmasters care about.

SEO: Google: The Crawl Rate Setting Takes A Day To Kick In
Google’s John Mueller said the crawl rate setting in Google Search Console takes about a day to take effect.

SEO: Google: Embedded & Hotlinked Images Do Not Count As Links
Google’s John Mueller said that if someone takes your image and embeds it on their site using your image URL as the source, also known as hotlinking images, that image would not be considered a link to your web site.

SEO: Google: Emailing Google For SEO Support Never Works
Google’s Gary Illyes said that emailing Google for support with your SEO and your ranking problems in Google never really works.  

Paid: Shopify Marketing now integrates with Microsoft Advertising
Shopify Marketing, launched last year to enable merchants to set up marketing campaigns across various ads platforms, announced an integration with Microsoft Advertising this week.

Paid: Google Ads Report Editor Updated With Easier Cross-Account Analysis
Google Ads is making it easier to analyse performance across multiple accounts using Report Editor.

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Paid: Google Ads Recommendations Get Upgraded
Google now provides improved keyword recommendations, now offers a recommendations table view, and enabled bulk apply and dismiss for manager accounts.

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Paid: Sidecar launches Amazon Advertising campaign management solution
E-commerce marketing technology firm Sidecar has launched a new solution for managing Amazon Advertising campaigns. 

Social: Instagram to Help Businesses Sell Products By Reminding Customers on Launch Day
Instagram is testing a way for customers to set reminders about product launches, which may help businesses sell more products on launch day.

Social: Instagram is Encouraging More Content Creation But Offers No Added Incentive
Instagram has launched an account dedicated to encouraging creators to publish more and longer content.

Social: YouTube Makes it Easy for Creators to Search Through and Filter Comments
YouTube is introducing new search filters designed for creators to filter through the comments they receive on videos.

Social: Facebook to Officially Start Hiding Like Counts on Posts
Facebook will begin hiding like counts on posts in a test that begins September 27th in Australia.

Social: Snapchat Extends Length of Video Ads from 10 Seconds to 3 Minutes
Snapchat has substantially increased the maximum duration of video ads from ten seconds to three minutes.

Social: Pinterest’s New ‘Shop the Look’ Ads Can Feature Multiple Products in a Single Ad
Pinterest is rolling out a new ad format as well as an all new design for business profiles.

Local: Google Notification Of Removal Of Snippets For European Press Publications
Google now has to comply with the new French law and remove snippets from their search results for European press publications. 

Local: Google Stops Using MapReduce: This Does Not Impact Google Search
Google’s Urs Holzle – Vice President of Technical Infrastructure, announced that Google is not using MapReduce anymore and that this will zero impact on Google Search and your rankings

Local: Google My Business To Remove SMS Messaging
Google said on November 15 2019, messaging will move from SMS to the free Google My Business app.

Local: Businesses can now opt out of Google’s online food ordering
Google has added an opt out feature for online food orders in knowledge panel for local restaurants in India and the US.

Local: Google won’t pay French publishers copyright fees, will limit content in search results instead
Google says it will not pay French publishers the expected copyright licensing fees. Instead, the company will show links and “very short” extracts of news content, which don’t run afoul of the law – Article 15.


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