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The Weekly Wrap – 28th November 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 28th November 2018
100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: Technical SEO in the wild: Real-world issues and fixes

A website has a lot of moving parts that affect one another and sometimes a tiny little change can cause a huge problem.

SEO: 7 things that hurt your SEO rankings and how to fix them

When your search rankings take a huge tumble, you need to adopt a proactive approach before your site gets lost organic search obscurity. And this “approach” involves fixing the seven cardinal SEO mistakes listed below:

SEO: Do your snippets make people click? Do’s and don’ts of metadata

Read the article to find out: The correlation between your snippets and your search ranking; Common mistakes marketers make creating metadata; Tips to follow when elaborating meta tags and How to analyze your existing metadata.

SEO: 6 ways to boost organic video results

The importance of video marketing continues to grow and video SEO is an effective way to differentiate your brand and outrank your competitors.

Local Search: 3 Business Marketing Strategies to Win the War on Local SEO

There are three key things that Google seems to favor when it comes to local business rankings. Find out what they are to win the war on local SEO.

Paid Search: Understanding B2B Lead Flow For PPC

In this post, we are focused on understanding the lead flow and what each step means, so that, as a PPC manager, you can begin thinking about the larger conversion or lead and be able to talk and ask question surrounding how clients look at their leads to give them better insights.

Paid Search: Paid search trends to watch for the 2018 holiday shopping season

Shopping, local searches and audience optimizations are three of the biggest considerations to keep in mind.

Content Marketing: How to Search Optimize Your YouTube Video

Human beings are visual creatures, and we tend to remember what we see more than what we read.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing 2019: Seven tips to improve your strategy

It’s the perfect time to start thinking ahead to adjust your plans for the next 12 months. Here are seven tips to get you thinking of what you need to improve in 2019.

Social Media: 13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

Do you want more organic visibility in the Facebook news feed? Wondering what types of posts and content are working for others? In this article, you’ll find 13 ways to create Facebook posts that generate meaningful interactions and improve organic news feed visibility.

Social Media: LinkedIn Video: How Marketers Can Create Videos People Watch on LinkedIn

Looking to connect with an audience that has buying power? Wondering how to reach LinkedIn users with video? To explore how LinkedIn video marketing works, I interview Goldie Chan.

Social Media: How to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Stand Out

Want to create a stronger presence for your company on LinkedIn? Wondering how others are using company pages to support their business goals? In this article, you’ll discover how 10 prominent businesses are making the most of LinkedIn and 4 key components of an engaged LinkedIn company page.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google Assistant iOS app adds Siri shortcut, making it easier for iPhone users to say Okay Google

iPhone users can now trigger “OK Google” by just asking Siri.

SEO: Google showing zero results again for many time, calculations & conversions search results

And it is back! Google may now show no search results for queries it’s confident it can answer on its own.

SEO: Is Google Image Search launching a new design for image preview?

We’re waiting for official confirmation from Google but they may be rolling out a design update to their image search product.

SEO: Google Search Console updates index coverage report for mobile-first indexing and warns about replacing old reports

Google has made a couple changes within Google Search Console. Here is your update.

SEO: Report: Google showing fewer video and image boxes in the search results

Were you getting traffic in Google from video carousels or image carousels? There was a change that might impact you.

SEO: Google facing fine in Russia for allegedly not purging banned websites

The fine would be just over $10,000, but Russian officials are seeking penalties of 1 percent of global revenue going forward.

SEO: Google’s EU shopping comparison rivals say their situation is getting worse

They argue in an open letter to the European Commission that Google’s auction-based remedy to antitrust claims is fundamentally flawed.

SEO: Google Thanksgiving Search Algorithm Ranking Update

There are a nice number of SEOs and webmasters in the forums claiming they saw huge changes in terms of their rankings in Google starting on November 22nd or so.

SEO: Google Search Console Index Coverage Report Updated For Mobile-First Indexing

Google posted that they made a change to how the index coverage status report works around sites that have been migrated to the mobile-first indexing initiative.

SEO: Notice: Google Search Console To Replace Search Analytics With Performance Report

Google has posted an important notice in Google Search Console, above the Search Analytics report that it will “soon be replaced” by the new Performance report within the new Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Tests Featured Snippet Image Carousel

Google is also testing a format for the featured snippets that lets you see multiple images in the position zero slot with a carousel format.

Local Search: Google My Business Updates Service Area Businesses Sign Up

Joy Hawkins noticed that Google recently updated the steps in Google My Business for service area businesses to sign up.

Social: Facebook extends Watch Party to Pages and personal profiles, adds features

Its new Live Commentating feature lets a host moderate a Watch Party as videos play.

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