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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap – 27th June 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 27th June 2018

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Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google launches Islamic prayer times for some queries

After killing off prayer time results in Google several years ago, Google brings the feature back for some regions.

SEO: Google launches Indexing API for job posting URLs

Google has launched a new API aimed at making the Google job search features more real-time and up-to-date.

SEO: Google Search Console releases URL inspection tool

Google has announced a new feature in the beta Google Search Console that allows you to check a specific URL on your website to see the status of how Google search sees that URL. This feature is called the URL inspection tool and is now rolling out to Google Search Console users over the coming weeks.

SEO: Google invites more entities to take control of their Knowledge Panels and ‘get verified’

Google is inviting more people, companies and organizations that show up in Knowledge Panels to verify their listings and “provide authoritative feedback on the information and images presented.” Being verified allows owners to control certain elements and data presented in the Knowledge Panel.

SEO:  Bing visual search adds support for your camera and photos

Bing has announced that you can now use Bing’s visual search features with your cameras and the photos on your device. If you are walking around, let’s say on vacation, and see a landmark, you can take a photo using one of the Bing apps or upload a picture from your camera roll, and Bing should return more information about what you are looking at.

Paid Search: Bing Ads app gets multi-user access to toggle between accounts & ability to add funds

If you’re running Bing Ads campaigns and haven’t checked out the mobile apps in a while, I’d recommend taking another look. With an update released Thursday, the apps now support multi-user access and the ability to add funds for prepay accounts. There are also some older features worth calling attention to.

Paid Search: Google begins sending goodbye old AdWords UI notices

We knew it was coming, just not this soon perhaps. In March, Google announced that it would retire the old AdWords interface by the end of the year. This week, some advertisers received notifications from Google that their accounts will be switched over to the new interface only, starting in July.

Paid Search: Google Maps begins rolling out new explore features announced last month

Google has announced that the new redesigned Google Maps explore features we covered last month have started to roll out worldwide today.

Mobile: Google turns on ‘Continued Conversation’ in the Google Assistant

Among the ways that Google is trying to make interactions with the Assistant more natural is enabling follow-up questions and interactions without injecting “Hey Google” each time. At Google’s developer conference in May, the company announced a new feature called “Continued Conversation.”

Social: Facebook opens door to cryptocurrency ads, reversing policy announced earlier this year

Facebook is now allowing ads promoting cryptocurrency and related products, reversing a decision it made in January to prohibit such ads.

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: Getting it done: how to overcome common link building blockers

Link building is tough to begin with and made harder when company policies slow down the workflow. Contributor Paddy Moogan looks at ways to identify and work around common link-building blockers.

SEO: Parsing pages: Is it better to update or remove thin content?

There are three basic strategies for dealing with thin content: update, redirect or noindex. Contributor Kristopher Jones looks at each and says to always keep the purpose of the content in mind when making any change.

SEO: How to Diagnose Your SEO Client’s Search Maturity

One of the biggest mistakes I see is we start dumping recommendations onto clients, and are surprised when the work doesn’t get implemented. In this article we will discuss how to tailor your recommendations to them and increase the likelihood that your work will be implemented.

Paid Search: How to create an ROI-based management approach for paid search success

Contributor Megan Taggart explains how to incorporate a management approach strategy when inheriting, creating or optimizing a paid search account.

Paid Search: How to take advantage of strategic PPC audience targeting

Contributor Amy Bishop shows us how to use audiences within paid search campaigns to target and convert prospects more effectively.

Paid Search: National ads, local results: Where should you be putting your money?

Discover which locations are your money-makers and focus on maximizing revenue, not exposure in unprofitable places, says contributor Jacob Baadsgaard. Here’s how to dig into the data and figure out where to put your ad money.

Conversions: Why your marketing performance problem is really a measurement challenge

Find out why poor marketing performance may actually be a measurement problem and how you can get better results.

Local: Practice useful marketing for local business content success

As a small business owner, you fight big brands and a ranking system that favors them. How can you compete? Contributor Jamie Pitman shares 3 tactics to take on the competition by using smart and useful content.

Local: Q&A: Lost Your Anonymous Google Reviews? The Scoop on Removal and Moving Forward

Did you recently notice a minor or major drop in your Google review count, and then realize that some of your actual reviews had gone missing, too? Read on to see if your experience of removal review was part of the action Google took in late May surrounding anonymous reviews.

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