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The Weekly Wrap – 27th February 2019



SEO: How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages as an SEO Treasure Trove
FAQ pages can pay off for your company for branded and non-branded keywords.

SEO: Advanced Linkbuilding: How to Find the Absolute Best Publishers and Writers to Pitch
A few techniques for forming an even better understanding of the publisher syndication networks in your particular niche.

SEO: We Dipped Our Toes Into Double Featured Snippets

Everything so far on the double-snippet SERP.

SEO: The Influence of Voice Search on Featured Snippets 
Featured snippets have
 an impact on voice search — bad snippets, or no snippets at all, and digital assistants struggle.

SEO: Make Sense of Your Data with These Essential Keyword Segments
A walk through the different kinds of segments in STAT, how to create them, and which tags you’ll want to get started with. 

SEO: SEO Channel Context: An Analysis of Growth Opportunities
This article will show you a case of an SEO context analysis uised to determine the importance and role of SEO.

SEO: Advanced Linkbuilding: How to Find the Absolute Best Publishers and Writers to Pitch
This article will be looking at a few techniques for forming an even better understanding of the publisher syndication networks in your particular niche.

Paid: Facebook Messenger Marketing and Chatbots: What Every PPC Marketer Needs to Know Right Now
You should be using Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots as part of your marketing strategy.

Paid: 3 Tips for Refining YouTube Placements
Here are some of the major trends I’ve been seeing and ways to help refine your targeting for YouTube.

Paid: How to Optimize Shopping Actions with Google Express
Learn how to optimised Google Express and use the Shopping Actions technology to power the marketplace experience to enable single cart checkout and order management.

Paid: Top trends to increase value for paid search spend
These top trends that can increase the value of your current paid search advertising spend.

Paid: How to Build a Successful Instagram Ad Campaign With Only $5 a Day
In this article, you’ll discover how to create and run a self-sustaining Instagram ad sequence that converts followers into customers for as little as $5 per day.

Paid: Conversation mapping: The new rules to win in search and content marketing
Using data to help us map conversations and not ‘keyword opportunity’ will deliver a positive ROI from your marketing efforts.

Paid: 6 Steps to Create a Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy with Facebook Objectives
6 key steps to building out your full-funnel advertising strategy on Facebook.

Local: How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations
This article will dig deep into localized search results and look into every possible way to search Google from another location – both manually and using tools.

Content Marketing: How to Create Long-Form Videos That Sell
This article explains why building a campaign around a single character and it’s application across various platforms

Content Marketing: 5 Types of Video to Add to Your Social Media Marketing
Five valuable options for your consideration to refresh your social media marketing.

Content Marketing : How to Create an Audience-Focused Content Strategy That Drives Conversions
A framework for creating a long-term content strategy that focuses on acquisition instead of eyeballs.

Content Marketing: 10 Advanced Edits that Craft Better Paragraphs
The first versions of your paragraphs served their purpose. Now it’s time to make them better with these 10 advanced edits.

Content Marketing: 3 Tips for Eyeball-Worthy Content
This article covers 3 tips on how to generate engaging content.

Social: How to Use Twitter to Connect for Link-Building
To secure those links, you must connect with their journalists, editors, writers, or contributors.

Social: Facebook Ecommerce: The Complete Beginner’s Guide
Which channel offers access to your target audience and at the most cost-effective way to expand your products reach and visibility and to acquire new and even repeat customers.

Social: Maximize Facebook performance by leveraging the algorithm
A successful Facebook campaign structure is based on objective, budget and target audience.

Social: How to Improve Your Instagram Photos
In this article, you’ll discover four tips to help you create better photos so you can stand out, drive more clicks, and generate more revenue.

Social: New Facebook Group Management Tools
This article covers how to use the new Facebook group management tools.

Social: How to Write Instagram Captions That Improve Engagement
In this article, you’ll discover how to create appealing Instagram captions that clearly communicate your marketing messages and encourage people to act.

Social: Facebook Ecommerce: The Complete Beginner’s Guide
This guide will cover how to identify your target audiences on Facebook, select proper Facebook campaign objectives and set up accounts for ecommerce success.


Google’s John Mueller has stated that using hidden text to provide context to screen readers will not cause any problems when it comes to search rankings.

SEO: Google Search Console Notifications For Drop In Weekly Clicks
Google is now sending out new notifications when a site verified in Google Search Console has seen a drop in clicks, impressions, etc.

SEO: Google Looking To Speed Up Crawl To Render Time But…
Google’s John Mueller said Google is working to getting crawling & rendering closer together, but that’s still a long way off.

SEO: Google Adjusts Algorithms For Categories Of Queries But Not For Industries
Google’s John Mueller addressed a long time topic of interest in the SEO industry around does Google have specialized ranking algorithms for different industries, niches, categories and so on or not.

SEO: Google Search Console adds Products to enhancements reporting section
Exciting – a new feature has quietly launched in Google Search Console for sites with products.

SEO: Google Advises Against Using Tag Manager to Implement Structured Data
Google’s John Mueller advises SEOs not to implement structured data using Google Tag Manager.

SEO: Google is Letting All Online Retailers Upload Product Data to Search Results

Google announced it is expanding Merchant Center capabilities to all online retailers allowing them to directly provide up-to-date product information.

SEO: New Google Featured Snippets Combine Content From Multiple Publishers
Google is now displaying featured snippets that pull content from multiple publishers and combine it into one result.

SEO: Google Responds to Uproar Over Unlinked Featured Snippets
Google’s Danny Sullivan responded with an explanation of the featured snippets and offered to bring publisher concerns back to Google.

SEO: Controversy over Google Featured Snippets stealing publisher traffic reignites
Google said it will take feedback into consideration.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller on Affiliate Links in YMYL Topics
Google’s John Mueller was asked if affiliate links in websites dealing with sensitive topics were being targeted.

SEO: Google Search Algorithm Update Signals On Friday February 22nd
Many of the automated tracking tools also show significant changes in the Google rankings starting on Friday, February 22nd through the weekend.

SEO: Google: Lighthouse Measures How Fast a Site Loads for Actual Users
Google’s John Mueller recently stated that Lighthouse metrics are an indication of how fast a site performs for actual users.

SEO: Google: Don’t Stuff Content At The Bottom Of Your E-Commerce Category Pages
Google’s John Mueller said you should try to think of other ways to incorporate the content on the page and not just stick it in the footer.

SEO: Google to kill off property sets within Search Console
Google says you can download the data from the interface or the API before they turn it off completely.

SEO: Google’s next chapter for metrics to focus on clarity once ‘average position’ is removed

Google has announced it will sunset one of its oldest metrics later this year.

SEO: Google: Tagging Internal Links With UTM Tracking Parameters Send Mixed Signals
Google’s John Mueller said that tagging internal links with tracking parameters, such as UTM links can confuce Google indexing processes if too many parameters are applied.

Paid: Google Ads Tests Large Image In Search Ads
Google is back at it, testing large images in their search ads.

Paid: Google Introduces 3 New Features for Responsive Display Ads
Google is rolling out three new features for responsive display ads that are designed to improve functionality and reporting capabilities.

Paid: Google Is Getting Rid Of Average Position!
Google wants us to shift our focus from average position reporting to impression share.

Paid: Google Expands Call-Only Ads With More Text
Google is upgrading call-only ads with the option to add up to two headlines and more text in the description.

Paid: Google call-only ads getting ‘expanded’ with more characters
Google is focusing on the business name in the call-only ads.

Paid: Google UX Playbooks Are Not By Organic Search Team
John Mueller of Google was asked about these and said they were released by the Google Ads team and have nothing to do with organic search.

Local: Google My Business messaging problems continue
When messaging is set up in the GMB app, it doesn’t work for listings that belong to location groups in the dashboard.

Local: Google Updates Hotel Reviews Experience
Google My Business Help forums that they’ve updated how reviews work for hotels within the desktop search results.

Local: Venues Can’t Turn Off Confirm Your Visits On Google Maps
Google has not provided an option to opt out on Google Maps Visits.

Local: Google Turns On Assistant Calls For Local Businesses After Opting Out
Google has default back enabling assistant calls for websites that have opted out.

Social: Facebook Messenger Tests a Separate Folder for Business Messages
Facebook is testing a new way of organizing messages from business pages in Messenger.

Mobile: Google Assistant everywhere: more dedicated buttons, expansion on lower-end phones
Google announced more smartphones will carry a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Mobile: Google revamps Test My Site mobile site speed tool
See how your site stacks up against competitors, get recommendations for improvement.

Mobile: Google Image Search On Mobile Adds Swipe To Next

Google Image Search on mobile search has added a “swipe to next” notice when you look at specific images in the search results.

Mobile: Google Ads Requires Fewer Clicks To Show Mobile Page Speed Scores
Google announced they now require fewer ad clicks to trigger the calculation of mobile page speed scores for an ad’s landing page.
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