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The Weekly Wrap – 26th February 2020




SEO: How to use the AMP status report to identify page errors, validate fixes
Google has posted an explainer for its AMP (accelerated mobile pages) status report on the AMP blog.

SEO: Google PageRank, Simplified: A Guide for SEO Beginners
This post outlines the core rules of Google PageRank and offers a bit of history to help give you a useful understanding of the algorithm.

SEO: What happens if you stop doing SEO?

In this article, we discuss the direction a website may take if SEO activities is on hiatus. 

SEO: VPN and SEO: Why professionals should care
In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of how VPNs can further assist your SEO activities.

SEO: A quick guide to understanding Google’s quality rater guidelines
In this article, we share Jennifer Slegg, editor for the SEM Post, discussion on how Google views the Quality Raters Guidelines.

SEO: Are H1 Tags Necessary for Ranking? [SEO Experiment]
In this article, you’ll find a case study on the impact of implementing a H1 tag to your SEO performance

SEO: How digital commerce marketing is reshaping search, marketplaces and social
In this article, we discuss marketing executives from Procter & Gamble and Under Armour thoughts on SEO, customer experience, and the influence of D2C.

SEO: E-commerce category pages outperform product detail pages in SERPs
New data finds category page optimisation is a valuable area to prioritise to boost your organic search rankings and traffic.

SEO: SEO & JavaScript: The Good, the Bad & the Uncertainty
In this article, we address the good, the bad and the uncertainty that many SEO experts and developers experience today.

SEO: How to make the most of Google’s “People also ask” results
In this article, you’ll learn how you can use Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) to help boost your organic visibility.

SEO: 6 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
In this article, we outlined the six specific ways to increase ecommerce conversions by reducing shopping cart abandonment.

SEO: Introducing the Periodic Table of Digital Commerce Marketing
In this article, you’ll discover an astonishing amount of information on a abundant of digital marketing opportunities for retailers/ manufacturers into an easy-to-digest visual piece.

Paid: How to Layer Audiences & Keywords to Uncover Cheaper Clicks
Here’s how to perform better Google Ads targeting that combines audiences and keywords.

Paid: Display and search advertising: Top three strategies to expand your audience across channels
In this article, you’ll find three strategies to effectively combine display and search advertising for maximum results.

Paid: Ask Me Anything About PPC: Introducing Our New Monthly Column
Search Engine Journal’s hand-picked expert will answer all your questions about paid search and paid social.

Paid: How to Build a Successful eCommerce Advertising Strategy
This guide will walk you through the most popular eCommerce advertising platforms and help you determine which strategies will work for you.

Paid: The Moral Dilemma Agencies Face with the Google Partners Change
The big changes in the Google Partners program pose a moral dilemma to agencies – compliance or competence? Here’s what we can do to take action.

Paid: 2020 Amazon Advertising Updates You Need To Know About
Amazon is making changes across the entire platform. Here’s a round-up for what to be aware of and how these changes will affect your account.

Paid: Ecommerce SEO: Optimizing and Ranking Category Pages
Here are some tips & examples of how best to optimise your website’s category landing pages.

Content: Video Content to Increase Conversions and Promote Your Brand
In this piece, we are going to go over three of the major marketing objectives and the types of videos that fit them best. 

Content: How to Repurpose 1 Blog Post into 80+ Pieces of Content
In this article, you’ll learn a process for creating a piece of content, applying it to different platforms and formats, and mapping from top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel.

Content: How to Run Online Contests and Giveaways Like a Pro
In this post, I’m going to show you how to run contests and giveaways like a pro – so that you’re not just doing a contest for the sake of it but actually reaching your goals for your marketing strategies.

Content: How to Create Cornerstone Content That Google Loves
In this article, we share 5 strategies to develop cornerstone content is the essential, indispensable information people need to know to use your website with ease and do business with you.

Content: Offer a Content Upgrade and See Conversion Rates Rise
In this article, we share some tips and advise on content upgrades that can improve website conversions.

Social: How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Promote Your Business #SEMrushChat
Find out how to create your own LinkedIn business page, get organic and paid strategies for promoting your business on LinkedIn, and learn how to engage with your audience in this guide.

Social: How to Analyze Your Facebook Ad Results: 7 Metrics to Track
In this article, you’ll discover seven important Facebook ad metrics you need to know, where to find them in Ads Manager, and what to do when you’re not getting the results you want.

Social: How to Use TikTok Challenges for Business
In this article, you’ll learn how to use TikTok challenges for your business.

Social: How to Become an Influencer on LinkedIn
In this article, you’ll learn how to gain trust as a LinkedIn influencer and grow your brand.

Social: The Top 15 Tools for Managing Social Media Accounts
In this article, we share 15 tools to help you manage your social media accounts efficiently, from generating content ideas to scheduling social media posts.

Social: How to tackle rising Facebook CPAs
In this article, we share tips from Madeline Fitzgeralds of 3Q Digital on how to understand the Facebook’s CPC algorithm.

Social: YouTube for Beginners: How to Set up Your Channel
Here’s how to set up and optimise your YouTube channel the right way.

Social: 10 Ways Businesses Can Use Snapchat
In this article, we share 10 ways your business can take advantage of Snapchat and its engaged user base.

Social: Emerging Social Media Channels & Trends
In this article, you’ll learn all the emerging social media channels and trends.

Social: How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement: 4 Tips
In this article, you’ll discover how to cultivate a following on LinkedIn.

Social: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Job Postings
In this article, you’ll discover how to harness the power of social media by using Facebook job postings to make your hiring process easier.

Social: Messaging Matters: How to Attract Your Ideal Customers
In this article, we share author, Jeffrey Shaw’s tips on how to come up with the right messages to attract your preferred customers.

Social: How to Avoid Bad Branding Mistakes That Can Ruin Reputation
In this article we discuss branding mistakes that can make a big impact on your brand’s reputation and some advice on how to ensure you’re staying on the right track.

Mobile: Facebook’s New Creator Studio App Helps With Managing Pages On the Go
Facebook is launching a Creator Studio app for iOS and Android that assists users with managing page content and monitoring performance.

Local: 7 Techniques to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Local Business
Here are seven ways to earn more and better customer reviews for your local business.

Local: Google My Business: FAQ for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address
In this guide, we address all your queries regarding the dilemma of owning multiple business locations with one Google My Business listing.



SEO: Google Images to replace dimensions overlay on image thumbnails
Google Images will soon replace the dimensions information you see in the image search results, as you overlay your mouse cursor over a specific image thumbnail.

SEO: How to showcase your events on Google Search
Google releases help documents on how to showcase your events on Google Search.

SEO: Google: Changes To The Search Systems Take Time
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that documenting an issue in Google search will take time, and if SEOs see a shift this is probably because the algorithm is shifting between the two naturally. Read more about it here. 

SEO: Google: We Still Use PageRank Internally
Google’s John Mueller state again that Google is still using PageRank internally, however it is not the same as the original PageRank Google used in the 90s.

SEO: When John Mueller Of Google Is Frustrated A Site Not Ranking Well
Google’s John Mueller was presented with a site that is not ranking well for queries that they deserve, and John said he will bring this specific site to the Google’s search engineers to investigate.

SEO: Google’s Right Hand Side Featured Snippets Are Being Removed But Not Moved To Center
Google’s dis-positioning of right hand side feature snippets to the center/top of the SERPs, instead they have been entirely removed.

SEO: Google Penalties Can Reoccur – Your Site Is Not Immune
Google’s John Mueller said that when a website receives a Google Penalty, it does not indicate this same site can not be penalised again for the same issue.

SEO: Google Search Console Sending Email Alerts for Spikes in Search Traffic
Google is sending email notifications via Search Console to alert site owners about spikes in search traffic for specific pages.

SEO: Google: Quality Raters Help Us Understand If Our Signals Produce Good Results
Google’s Danny Sullivan, once again, explains what the role of the search quality raters are. 

SEO: Google Image Search Adds New Image License Metadata
Google announced that you can now use markup and metadata to tell Google about the image licensing rights and details.

SEO: Google Displays Prominent Links to Third Party Services in Local SERPs
Google has been spotted linking to competitive third-party services at the top of local search results pages.

SEO: Google Chrome Update Introduces a New Type of Privacy Concern
Google Chrome’s latest update is under scrutiny for what has the potential to be major privacy concern.

SEO: Google & Other Search Engines Found Indexing Links to Private WhatsApp Groups
It has been discovered that search engines, including Google, are indexing invites to private groups on WhatsApp.

SEO: Example Of How Google Communicates Search Issues Internally
Google’s Danny Sullivan shared an example of how he documents the issue for internal reporting and posted the example

SEO: Stop phrase and broad match modifier keywords from unnecessarily spending on close variants with this script
Google has extended “same meaning” close variants to phrase and broad match modifier keywords.

SEO: Again, Google Does Not Use BBB Ratings As A Search Ranking Factor
Google’s Danny Sullivan said, once again, Google does not use BBB ratings as a ranking factor.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller On Where To Start With Hreflang
Google’s John Mueller recommends to first limit the number of pages you create to those that are absolutely critical & valuable when it comes to hreflang.

SEO: Google Will Slow Crawling For 429/503 HTTP Status Codes But…
Google’s Gary Illyes said that while many know that 429/503 HTTP status codes will slow GoogleBot’s crawling activity, if these codes are left in place for too long, it can remove the pages completely from the Google search index.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller Cautions Against Overuse of Multi-Language Content
Google’s John Mueller advises against creating too many pages in multiple languages, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

SEO: Google to Highlight Image Licensing Information in Image Search Results
Google is beta testing a way for sites to highlight licensing information about content that appears in image search results.

Related Articles:

SEO: Google’s John Mueller to Investigate Deceitful Link Building Practices
Google’s John Mueller is investigating a particular link building practice and is seeking assistance from SEOs.

SEO: Google Search Patent Update – February 18, 2020
Here are some interesting Google Search-related patent updates from the past few weeks that are worth checking out.

SEO: Google: Our Systems Aren’t Looking For EAT But We Hope Our Signals Align To EAT
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that while Google’s search systems are not looking for EAT specifically, Google does hope the outcome of the search results that the algorithm outputs align with what a good human EAT assessment would be.

SEO: Google Posts Now Supports Multiple Photos & Videos
Google My Business allows users to now upload up to ten videos or post per Google Post.

SEO: Google Crawl and Indexing Update March 1, 2020
Beginning on March 1st Google will treat nofollow links as a hint for the purposes of crawling and indexing.

SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools Gets Refreshed With New Design & New Features
Bing is in the initial stages of rolling out a modernised version of Bing Webmaster Tools.

SEO: Google on Dealing With Manual Actions & Reconsideration Requests
Google’s John Mueller offers advice regarding manual actions and reconsideration requests.

Paid: ‘Made in USA’ ad extensions spotted on Bing
A “Made in USA” label accompanied by a flag icon appears to be the latest automated ad extension test by Microsoft Advertising.

Paid: Google Local & Map Ads Purple Ad Label Again
Google is once again testing the purple ad label in the local ads, even on desktop.

Paid: Gmail on standard Shopping campaigns
Beginning the week of March 4th, 2020, Shopping ads (both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads) in your standard Shopping campaigns that target the Google Display Network will be eligible to appear on Gmail in addition to YouTube and Google Discover. 

Social: LinkedIn Lets Users Showcase Samples of Work on Their Profiles
A new addition to LinkedIn profiles will allow users to highlight samples of their work for others to see.

Social: Snapchat’s New Ad Unit Prompts Users to Call or Text Businesses
Snapchat is launching a new ad unit that, rather than linking to a website, directs users toward calling or texting a business.

Social: Twitter Makes it Easier to Append Tweets to Other Tweets
Twitter makes it easier to stitch tweet threads together by quickly adding a new tweet to an old tweet.

Social: YouTube is Testing a New Way for Creators to Make Money From Viewers
YouTube is currently testing a new form of monetisation which lets creators earn money directly from viewers.

Mobile: Google is Testing AMP Results in Desktop SERPs

Google has been spotted serving AMP pages in desktop search in what appears to be either a test or a glitch.

Local: Google Maps Removed 4 Million Fake Business & 75 Million Local Reviews
Google announced that what it has done in 2019 to combat Google Maps spam and violations. Google removed 4 million fake business profiles from Google My Business in 2019. It also removed 75 million policy-violating reviews from local profiles.

Local: New local SERP live in Europe
Google has updated the local SERP featuring branded directory buttons in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Greece, and France.

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Local: SEO: Google: Spam less than 1% of Maps content
Google discusses how it continues to build out Maps with community content and the spam associated with it.

Local: Google My Business: Keywords In Descriptions Don’t Guarantee Ranking Improvement; But They Could.
Google said that while it’s not guaranteed to improve the ranking, it could, depending on other factors, as well as information that is found online associated with the business.

Local: Google Testing Massive Images In Search Results Again
Google testing a more open design to their Image Search interface with larger images being display, again.

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