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The Weekly Wrap – 24th June 2020

24TH JUNE 2020


SEO: Modern SEO strategy: Three tactics to support your efforts
Agility will serve you better than a comprehensive search engine plan anyway. Here’s how you can support a modern SEO strategy.

SEO: After Doing On-Page SEO – What’s Next?
On-page optimisation is just the beginning. Find out what’s next after you’ve optimised all your on-page elements and reached a plateau.

SEO: Studying the anatomy of a successful high-conversion landing page
Creating a landing page contains a composed group of elements which behave as building blocks – but what’s challenging is creating one that converts well.

SEO: A Complete Guide to Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools can help with keyword research, crawling errors, and more. Learn the basics of the tool and how to use it to boost your site’s SEO.

SEO: Elevating Your Analytics: A Guide for SEO Beginners
Google Analytics is a complicated system with seemingly endless functions. Discover some helpful areas that beginners might not even know exist.

SEO: 4 Link Building Research Tips to 10x Your Links
Link building research needs to be proactive. The only problem is figuring out where to start. Here are four research tips you can explore right now.

SEO: Eight great tips for internal site search optimization
Discover eight great tips for internal site search optimisation. Boost revenue and conversions by simply optimising for your existing organic traffic.

SEO: 7 Crucial WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Businesses
There are seemingly endless plugins for WordPress. Knowing the seven that are crucial for UX, resources, and SEO reasons can help up your game.

SEO: Everything You Need to Know about Google PageRank (& Why it Still Matters in 2020)
In this guide, we explore what PageRank is, how it works and take a look at the factors which influence it, as well as why it still matters to SEOs in 2020.

SEO: Google How To Schema On Desktop, Now With Images
In this article, you’ll learn how to schema rich results showing on desktop again but this time with these image thumbnails.

SEO: Google: How To Diagnose Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Slowness
One webmasters asked Google about this and Google said you can use webpagetest.org to help find the assets that are slow.

Paid: Banner Ad: 21+ Examples That Drive Clicks & Sales in 2020
In this article, we’ll cover 21+ banner ad examples and break down why they work so well (and how your business can do the same).

Paid: Drive results with new direct response solutions on YouTube
Introducing new solutions that make video more shoppable, use automation to drive conversions, and help you better understand attribution.

Paid: Google Shopping Categories: How to Boost your eCommerce Ads Results
Are your Google ad campaigns a flop? Learn to nail the right Google Shopping categories and make them a Top! Here’s how to do it

Paid: Why Google Ads Might Not Be Working for You
When a Google Ads account struggles, there are usually some go-to areas to check out first. Here are seven common issues to look at and how to fix them.

Paid: Here’s how to use the new Microsoft Ads Audience Network Planner
You can expand your reach beyond your Audience Ads campaigns by uncovering more data with the new audience planner.

Content: How to Optimize Your How-to and List Posts
Help more people find your how-to and list content with one of these four easy-to-implement SEO methods.

Content: Content creation guide: How to effectively think of SEO at every stage
To compete in the race to the top of SERPs you need to make sure your target audience can find your content. Five essential tips for SEO content creation.

Content: What Does It Mean to Create Engaging Content?
What is engaging content? Go beyond traffic generation and create content that drives social shares, clicks, subscriptions, and more with these tactics.

Social: How to Set Up Facebook Standard Events and Custom Conversions
In this article, you’ll discover how to set up standard events and custom conversions to better track leads from your Facebook ads.

Social: How to Convert Leads Using Instagram Stories
In this article, you’ll discover how to reach, warm up, and convert new leads into becoming email subscribers via Instagram Stories.

Social: Small Business Marketing 12 Instagram Examples to Copy (+ Bonus Tips)
Instagram is vital for small business. We’ve broken down 12 campaigns to show you how Instagram marketing can help your small business grow.

Social: How to Use Instagram Quick Replies to Streamline Engagement
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Instagram Quick Replies for business and find out how to turn past direct messages into quick replies.

Social: LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate Guide
Learn how to use LinkedIn for business in our ultimate guide. Find new customers and grow your brand with LinkedIn marketing.

Social: 20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips
Handling all your company’s social platforms, including Twitter? Use these 20 tips and tricks to make things faster, easier, and more convenient.

Social: How to Completely Set up & Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page
Can customers find your business on LinkedIn? Learn how to build out and optimise your LinkedIn company profile for maximum visibility.

Social: How YouTube Can Make Video Builder a More Useful Tool
Discover how businesses can use YouTube Video Builder, what its limitations are, and how Google can make the tool even better.

Local: How to Show the Value of Local SEO
Looking to prove the value of local search? You first need to understand its impact. Here are four ways to analyse and measure your local SEO performance.

Local: Nextdoor rolls out free Business Posts, best practices advice
Nextdoor is slowly building out a suite of paid and free promotional tools for national-local brands and SMBs.

Local: How to Get More from Your Google My Business Listing
Tap into Google My Business’ true potential. Follow these tips to fully optimise and make the most out of your GMB listing.


Industry: Former Google ad boss Ramaswamy to launch new search engine Neeva
Neeva will be subscription based and won’t have advertising.

SEO: Bringing fact check information to Google Images
We are surfacing fact check information in Google Images globally to help people make more informed judgements about what they see on the web.

SEO: Google Explains Why Field Data is More Reliable Than Lab Data
Google’s Martin Splitt says field data is a better indicator of how real users experience a website.

SEO: Google‘s New Chrome Extension Supports ‘Scroll to Text Fragment’ Feature
Google launched a new extension for the Chrome browser designed to support its ‘Scroll to Text Fragment’ feature.

SEO: Google Search Console & Google Analytics New Integrated Reports Beta?
Google just sent out messages to some Google Search Console verified users of some sort of improved new experience between Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

SEO: Google: We Don’t Explicitly Measure EAT In Search
Google’s John Mueller said that Google Search does not explicitly measure E-A-T in search. it’s a concept we wrote about in our Quality Rater’s guidelines.

SEO: Google Search Console Data Holes
Google’s John Mueller said the time you would see missing data, or as he called it, “data holes,” in Google Search Console would be when a site is left unverified for a while.

SEO: Video On Using Manual Actions In Google Search Console
Google’s Daniel Waisberg released a new Google Search Console training video, this one was on using manual actions in Search Console.

SEO: Google Question Hub Tests New Design for Q&A On Google
Google is testing a new design for the Q&A on Google feature, which is powered by the Google Question Hub.

SEO: Google Having Issues Indexing Disqus Comments?
Google may be having issues indexing new comments on blogs and web sites powered by Disqus.

SEO: Google Search Suggestions On Scroll
An interesting test from Google Search. You type in a query, go to the search results and as you scroll through the search results, the search box shows search suggestions. Google shows various greyed out suggestions to his query.

SEO: Google Does Support Nofollow On HTML Link Tag
Gary Illyes from Google, after multiple days of research, has confirmed that Google indeed supports the use of the nofollow link attribute on HTML link tags.

SEO: Should You Break Up Your CSS & JavaScript Files Into Smaller Chunks? Here Is What Google Said.
Google’s Martin Splitt said that using smaller chunks can help a bit with debugging issues and also with Google caching things but it can cause other issues. So if you do it, make your chunks reasonable and don’t over do it.

SEO: The Google Page Experience Scores Will Use AMP Version
Google will use the page experience scores based on what the searcher will see after they click over from Google to the web page. And if you have AMP, Google serves the AMP version to users on mobile. Thus the AMP page is what Google will use for measuring with core web vitals and such.

Related Articles:

SEO: Google Images Tests Query Expander Drop Down On Image Previews
Google showing related or query expander drop downs under the image. When you click on it, it shows more information about that image.

SEO: Google: One Million Sites Using Rel=Sponsored
Gary Illyes from Google said a heck of a lot of sites are already using the rel=sponsored link attribute. He said one million sites are already using the rel=sponsored link attribute.

Paid: Google Ads Now Issuing COVID-19 Credits
The ad credit is automatically applied to your promotions tab in your Google Ad account and is valid until December 31, 2020.

Paid: Google Ads Stats In Search Results
Google Ads will soon start showing you how your Google Ads campaigns are performing directly in the search results.

Social: Users Now Able to Block Political Ads on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook has announced users can now block political ads, along with increasing transparency around ads, and a spend tracker for political advertisers.

Social: Facebook Goes After Companies For Fake Likes & Comments
Facebook has filed lawsuits in the United States and Europe against companies for the use of unauthorised automation software.

Social: Google launches Keen, a new personalized search-discovery-social mashup
To the extent that tech pundits continue to compare Google’s new Keen search and social discovery site to Pinterest.

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Social: Youtube brings products to YouTube for action ads
YouTube is continuing to make more ads more shoppable.

Social: Twitter Introduces Voice Tweets
Twitter is introducing a new way for people to tweet using only their voice. The feature is in testing now.

Social: Users Now Able to Block Political Ads on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook has announced users can now block political ads, along with increasing transparency around ads, and a spend tracker for political advertisers.

Social: Instagram, Pinterest Roll Out New Features For Pride Month
Instagram and Pinterest both released new features to enhance their platforms during Pride month.

Local: Helping Businesses Comply With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
To support businesses with their compliance efforts, we’re introducing a new feature businesses can use to limit how we use the data they send to Facebook, called Limited Data Use

Local: Google is Offering Businesses Free Promotion in Google Maps
From now until September 2020, Google is giving businesses the opportunity to promote themselves for free in Google Maps.

Local: Google adding local store details to Shopping, free Promoted Pins for Smart campaigns, more
Google announced several features and updates Wednesday aimed at helping small and brick-and-mortar businesses re-emerge as local economies begin reopening.

Local: Google Fixing Bug Where Dealership Service Shops Show Over Main Dealership Local Panel
In early March, Google added a feature to Google My Business that allow car dealerships to have multiple Google My Business listings within Google Local and Google Maps. But now it seems that for some dealerships, the service listing is showing above the main dealership listing – which is causing problems for these dealerships.

Local: Google Online Care Icon Added To Local Pack
Google add the “get online care” details to a local panel, when you click on a medical and health related local result in Google. But now Google has added the “online care” icons to the higher level, local pack.

Mobile: The Google Assistant may start calling businesses to confirm in-stock inventory
The Google Assistant/Duplex may soon be calling local businesses to check for inventory availability. 

Mobile: Apple’s Siri gets first major redesign in years
Apple announced the first major redesign for Siri since it first launched eight years ago on October 12, 2011. Now, the Siri interface does not overtake the whole screen, instead it shows a Siri logo at the bottom of the screen. This new interface will launch in iOS 14.

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