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The Weekly Wrap – 17th June 2020

17TH JUNE 2020


SEO: Google Advises Against Using Nofollow Links When Migrating Sites
Using nofollow links when migrating sites from one domain to another is not recommended, Google says.

SEO: What Is Better for Product Pages & SEO: Content or Backlinks?
Ever heard of the phrase “content is king”? In this column, someone wants to know which is more important: backlinks or quality content? Easy answer!

SEO: How to Use Search Trend Data to Drive Cross-Over Content Ideation
Start creating the content that your audience needs right now. Here’s how to use the changing search trends to ideate and execute new content.

SEO: The Only SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2020: 41 Best Practices
This guide is the ultimate SEO checklist that will help you drive SEO success, covering 41 best practice strategies, and tasks that you need to know about.

SEO: Why you should upload your full product catalog to Google Merchant Center [Video]
It’s free! Take full advantage of Surfaces across Google.

SEO: How Natural Language Generation Changes the SEO Game
Learn how a computer is able to generate content using the latest advances in natural language generation, plus some guidelines to keep your content useful.

SEO: 3 Link Building Tips to Help Obtain & Easily Track Authority Backlinks
Hit a snag with your link building campaign? Here are three ideas for optimising your link building processes to make them smoother and more efficient.

SEO: How to win at SEO with FAQ schema markup
Increase your brand’s visibility, and gain a competitive advantage, in the search engines by taking advantage of the FAQ Schema markup.

SEO: Google Merchant Center tips: Supplemental feeds and feed rules [Video]
Maximise your visibility in Google Shopping by using these two tools to augment and optimise your product feeds.

SEO: The Importance of an SEO Audit with Brian Harnish [PODCAST]
Brian Harnish talks about how to approach SEO audits today and some tips for delivering reports that drive the most business value for clients.

SEO: How to Change User Agents in Chrome, Edge, Safari & Firefox
SEO professionals can change their browser’s user-agent to identify issues with cloaking or audit websites on different devices. Learn the process here.

SEO: How to Submit a URL or Website to Search Engines Like Google, Bing or Yahoo (A Step-by-Step Guide)
In this guide, learn how to submit your website or URL to Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo), and learn other ways they can discover your site and pages quickly.

Paid: How to Launch Your First Google Ads Remarketing Campaign
Launching a Google Ads remarketing campaign? The success comes within the setup. Discover the five crucial steps to complete your campaign.

Paid: 4 Tips for Better Display Advertising During COVID-19
In this post we’re sharing four tips for successful Google Display advertising during COVID-19. We’ll cover bid strategies, placement reports, exclusion strategies, and more.

Paid: 8 Simple Google Ads Tips That Will Make You More Money
Having a profitable paid search campaign has many components. Here are eight ways to optimise your PPC campaigns to maximise your revenue.

Paid: Scaling Back Your PPC Program? Here’s What You Need to Consider
When you shift PPC marketing budget from one area to another, you trigger a set of trade-offs. Here are some of the tough decisions you may need to make.

Paid: An Analysis of the 6 Google Shopping Bidding Models in 2020
Running Shopping campaigns for your ecommerce site? Take a look at the six bidding models in Google Shopping Ads to find out which one suits your needs.

Paid: 4 things we learned about automated bidding during the pandemic
Smart bidding adapts to changes with reduced budgets, which is better than pausing campaigns, but beware of high impression share with automated bids.

Paid: Google Discovery Ads Now Available to All Advertisers
Google Discovery ads are now available for all advertisers. Here, we’re sharing everything you need to know to make the most of this ad type, including how to set up campaigns, which bidding strategy to use, and more!

Content: How to use headlines to help create and optimize content
Fractl’s Growth Specialist shares a guide on how to optimise content through effective headlines. It covers how you can frame, promote, pitch, and sell your content.

Content: How to Measure Your Content Marketing Success
Improving content measurement is a top priority for 2020, but which aspects of content marketing should you quantify? See how to evaluate successful content marketing campaigns, channels and assets.

Content: What Is Content Curation in Social Media?
Convince & Convert strategist Lauren Teague explains what content curation in social media is and why you should curate content for your audience.

Content: How to create social media content that builds your brand
While your current social media content and strategy worked so far, the next year might look different. Tips to empower your brand and build connections.

Social: 8 Ways to Use the LinkedIn Mobile App for Business
In this article, you’ll discover eight ways to maximise productivity with the LinkedIn mobile app.

Social: How Facebook Delivers Ads: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll learn how the learning phase of Facebook ads affects your ads’ visibility and find tools to improve ad performance.

Social: Chatbot Strategy: How to Improve Your Marketing With Bots
In this article, you’ll discover six ways to use bots in your Facebook marketing and find tips for developing a chatbot strategy. You’ll also learn uses for chatbots outside of Facebook Messenger.

Social: How to Get Results on Social Media Without a Million-Dollar Budget
Avoiding direct response advertising can help you get greater results. Follow this four-step strategy to better engage with your social media audience.

Local: Local SEOs most focused on link building and content development, report finds
In addition to organic tactics, nearly 80% of local marketers are buying ads on Google. That’s 10% more than last year, according a newly released survey of 1,300 local marketing agencies, small businesses (SMBs) and multi-location enterprises from Moz.

Local: How to Use Google My Business to Boost Your Content & SEO
Leverage Google My Business to give your content (and SEO) a boost. Here are tips, tools and information on verifying and promoting your business with GMB.

Local: The Complete Guide to Local SEO for Multiple Locations
There are many ways to optimise your website for local search so you can be found for multiple locations. Learn the complete process in this guide.

Local: How to Create & Verify Your Google My Business Account
This post covers exactly what you need to do to create a Google My Business account and connect it with your listing on Google Maps and Search.

Mobile: Mobile Advertising: a Complete Guide (with strategies and examples)
This guide will give you tips and strategies for creating mobile advertising campaigns that increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).


SEO: Google Again: We Don’t Look At Analytics Bounce Rates For Ranking
Again, Google has said that it does not look at [Google] Analytics bounce rate data for ranking web sites.

SEO: Google Merchant Center Rendering & Product Data Specification Updates
Google’s Martin Splitt said that the Google Merchant team will first try the HTML only and if it cannot find what it needs, then it may render the page.

SEO: Google: Rankings for New Sites Could Fluctuate For Up to a Year
Google says it’s normal to see search rankings for new sites fluctuate heavily within the first year.

SEO: A Clever Google Query Modifier
Google shows that when you search for ‘how much do you need to retire’, Google is smart enough to ask you different ages that you want to retire at.

SEO: Google Nofollow Change Might Be About Fixing Webmaster Mistakes
Gary Illyes from Google talked a bit more about all the nofollow link changes coming

SEO: Google Chrome to Hide Parts of URLs in Future Update
Google is working on ways to hide parts of a website’s URL in the address bar, showing only the domain name.

SEO: Google Wants Examples Of .webp Logos With Logo Structured Data
Google is asking for examples of logos that are in .webp format that also uses logo structured data markup.

SEO: Google: We Don’t Use Links On YouTube For Search
Google’s John Mueller confirmed, despite the nofollow attribute slapped all over links on YouTube pages, that Google does not use links on YouTube for search.

SEO: Google Doubles Down On Guest Blog Links: Nofollow Them
Google has said again that links in guest blog posts should be nofollowed.

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SEO: Bing Site Scan Feature Supports BASE HTML Tag
Bing has resolved the issue and should now properly scan and audit those types of pages going forward.

SEO: Google Tests Product Image Thumbnails On Desktop
Google is now showing/testing product image thumbnails on the desktop results as we’ve seen on mobile devices.

SEO: Google: Old Spam Is Still Spam & Against Google’s Guidelines
Google’s John Mueller said that if parts of your website don’t comply with our webmaster guidelines, and you want to comply with our webmaster guidelines, then it doesn’t matter how old those non-compliant parts are.

SEO: Google Image Search Tests Previous & Next Buttons With Image Previews
Google is testing in image search an interface for the preview image screen that fills in image previews into the next and previous buttons. 

SEO: Google Tests Dividers Between Search Results Again
Google is once again testing placing dividers between search results. 

SEO: Google People Also Ask Now Shows 2-3X More Results
Google’s people also ask box is now going two-to-three deeper with more results as you click deeper. 

SEO: The Google Nofollow Change A Ranking Change?
Google made a change to the nofollow link policy, that starting on March 1, 2020, Google can look at a nofollow link attribute as a hint and not as a directive. Google say we should not expect to see changes in search with this change. 

SEO: Google to allow removal of counterfeit goods from search results
You can now submit a form to request Google to review and take down counterfeit goods from Google search.

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SEO: Preventing Google’s Featured Snippet Scroll Won’t Lead To Snippet Removal
You can opt out of Google’s recent feature that allows users to scroll down to the content of the a highlighted featured snippet on your web page. 

SEO: How we fought Search spam on Google – Webspam Report 2019
Google published its annual webspam report which quantifies the results of Google’s spam fighting efforts in 2019.

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Paid: Google Ads New Clickbait Ads Policy
Google announced that in July 2020, next month, 
Google will introduce a new clickbait ads policy under the Google Ads Misrepresentation policy.

Paid: Google Ads’ Policy Crackdowns Continue
Google continues a busy few months of ad policy updates and changes, this time dealing with ad creative and imagery, along with pausings for violations.

Paid: Google Ads To Prevent Housing, Employment & Credit Advertisers From More Targeting Options
Google said it is introducing a new personalised advertising policy for certain types of ads.

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Paid: Google AdSense Starts Site Reviews Again & More Changes
Google announced two new changes to AdSense this week; global settings for ads and changes to AdSense experiments.

Social: Snapchat Launches Ads Certification Program
As Snapchat’s platform and advertising ability grows, the platform announced this week they have launched Focus, a certification program for advertisers.

Social: Facebook Search Results Now Include Wikipedia Knowledge Panels
Facebook users are starting to see Wikipedia knowledge panels in search results, similar to what Google has been doing for years.

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Social: Facebook Relaxes Ban on Ads for Non-Medical Masks
Facebook Ads is walking back a portion of the rule that bans the sale of face masks, driven by increased demand and state guidelines on mask-wearing.

Social: Twitter Will Check if Articles Are Read Before Sharing
Twitter is testing a prompt to encourage you to read an article before sharing. New feature is limited to Android.

Social: YouTube to Let Creators Customize the Look & Feel of Their Channels
YouTube is planning to give creators the ability to customise the look and feel of their channel’s layout and branding.

Social: Facebook Messenger Can Now Be Used to Answer Customer Messages
Businesses can now use Facebook Messenger to respond to messages sent by customers.

Local: Some Businesses With Temporarily Closed Status On Google My Business Cannot Change It
At the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, the Google My Business team added a new option for temporarily closed. But it seems like some businesses are not currently or temporarily closed and cannot change the status to open in Google.

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