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The Weekly Wrap – 10th June 2020

10TH JUNE 2020


SEO: How to Deal with Paginated Pages
The web can be full of bad information about how to deal with pagination for SEO. This post attempts to clear some of that up.

SEO: 10 Advanced SEO tactics to drive more traffic to your website
Founder of Digital Ducats Inc, shares 10 advanced SEO tactics to add to your toolbox for driving traffic and maximising the traffic to your website.

SEO: The Anatomy of the Perfect SEO Report
In this guide, our goal is to help you to understand what a perfect SEO report should look like and what it should include, helping you to take your reporting to the next level.

SEO: How to adapt SEO strategies for the zero-click search landscape
Zero-click search is not that big a hurdle. Here are five fantastic tips to tailor your search strategy to make zero-click work for you.

SEO: What Is the Best Word Count for SEO?
How many words do you need to rank in first place? What is the optimum length of copy for SEO? Find out the truth behind word count and SEO.

SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools: A Visual Guide to New & Updated Features
Bing Webmaster Tools just got an upgrade. Check out this quick guide on how to navigate the new Webmaster Tools user interface.

SEO: How Website Speed, SEO, Content, and Schema Affect Rankings [STUDY]
See how the combination of website speed, SEO, content, and schema impacted one site‘s rankings. While there are hundreds of different ranking factors these are impactful ranking factors.

SEO: Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence: How Important Are They for SEO Today?
Want to understand what co-citation and co-occurrence mean and whether they should be part of your strategy today? Read on to find out.

SEO: SEO on a shoestring budget: What small business owners can do to win
Winning is possible with SEO on a tight budget. This article highlights small efforts made in time to help small businesses win the race.

SEO: Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google
Want to start creating content that ranks? Here are 25 SEO writing tools that will help you write better content for your audience and search engines.

SEO: 4 Key SEO Considerations When Rebranding & Changing Domains
Doing a rebrand and changing your domain soon? Here are the top four things to consider to ensure an SEO-friendly rebranding and domain migration.

SEO: Six must-know international SEO tips to expand business
You can’t expect business to perform well on international search if you’ve not focused on international SEO. Here’s a strategy to tackle the challenges.

Paid: 6 Steps to Attracting Paid Traffic That Converts
Find out how to attract traffic that converts in 2020. Discover how to optimize your paid traffic strategy with AI technology. 

Paid: How To Merge PPC Data Across Platforms
Data comes in all shapes and sizes, from multiple platforms and in various formats. This post describes common methods of PPC data aggregation.

Paid: When To Test Google Ads Portfolio Bidding
In this post, I’ll break down portfolio bidding and 5 different campaign structure scenarios when I tested it.

Paid: Why You Should Be Using Google Discovery Campaigns
Experts weigh in with experiences and tips as Google announces worldwide roll-out of their Discovery Ads offering.

Paid: How to use Google Ads Explanations to understand performance changes
Here is what you need to know about Google Ads’s recent new update – Googles Ads Explanation.

Content: How to Identify and Close Your Keyword Gaps
What is keyword gap analysis and why is it important? Find out, plus see the three key steps for performing keyword gap analysis.

Content: How to Do Diverse and Inclusive Content Marketing That Matters
Cultivate a truly inclusive content marketing program that resonates with your audience and could become a differentiator.

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Content: 25 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Content Marketing
Get the answers to 25 frequently asked questions about content marketing, how it’s done, why you should do it, and more

Content: The 5 Ws (& 1 H) of Content Marketing
Want your content marketing efforts to succeed? Here are the six basic elements you need to consider when launching your campaigns.

Social: How to Use LinkedIn Message Ads to Get Into LinkedIn Inboxes
In this article, you’ll learn how to set up LinkedIn message ads.

Social: 3 Questions Our New Facebook Grader Can Help You Answer
We’ve updated our Facebook Grader to give you more information than ever before—for free! Here are three key questions our analysis can help answer for you.

Local: What Is Google My Business & Why Do I Need It?
If you want to turn your Google Business Profile into the powerful local SEO and marketing tool it is, you need to create a Google My Business account. This post will cover exactly what Google My Business is, how to use it to access and manage your profile on Google, and how to get started.

Local: 13 Essential Google My Business Optimizations for 2020
Use these Google My Business optimisation strategies to turn your Google listing into a free customer acquisition tool for your local business. We’ll cover best practices for every section including contact information, products, posts, photos, reviews, Q&A, description, and more!


Industry: Google promotes Prabhakar Raghavan to lead Search, replacing Ben Gomes
Jerry Dischler becomes the new head of Google Ads, Gomes takes over Google Education, while Google veteran Jen Fitzpatrick takes on engineering.

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SEO: Google webspam report: Cracking down on renegade linking practices, auto-generated content
Google discovers more than 25 billion spammy pages a day, according to its annual webspam report released Tuesday. The company also published a companion post on why it’s important to keep spam out of search results.

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SEO: Why keeping spam out of Search is so important
Google has provided an overview of how we work to combat spam and keep Google search results helpful and relevant.

SEO: Google Search Console Added Search Appearance Filters For Recipes
Google has added new search appearance filters to the Google Search Console performance reports. The filters are named “recipe gallery” and “recipe rich results.” 

SEO: Google On Brand Based Queries & Search Result Influence
Google’s Gary Illyes responded to a question around if brand based queries can hold any influence around search rankings. In short, he said it is a hard question to answer for a number of reasons.

SEO: Interesting Google Featured Snippet Outlined
Here is a new and interesting layout for Google featured snippets. It shows the typically bullet point featured snippet but instead of bullet points, they are each in its own outlined box with the image next to it. That is, instead of images across the top.

SEO: Google Investigating Garage Door Spam
Google’s Danny Sullivan said the company is looking into reports of new spammy listings in the Google My Business listings around garage door installation companies.

SEO: Google Pagination Tests With Dancing Google Logo
Google has been testing a more results button on the desktop which removes the pagination feature and kind of adds an infinite scroll. This test is not new but more and more people are now seeing it over the past week.

SEO: Google Does Not Rank Pages Before Content Analysis
Google’s John Mueller addressed queries regarding whether Google does a first round of ranking of a new page based on the URL, even before it does any content analysis. Read on to find out more.

SEO: Google BERT Does Not Determine Content Quality But Helps Understand Your Content
Google’s John Mueller said “the one thing where people sometimes get thrown off is with regards to BERT, the BERT algorithms, all of those things. Those are essentially algorithms to understand content better. It’s not so much to understand the quality of the content but more to understand what is this content about.

SEO: Google: Disavowing Links Would Rarely Help You Algorithmically
Google’s John Mueller said that it would be “really rare” that disavowing links would result in your web site doing better in search algorithmically. 

SEO: DuckDuckGo Questioned By Authorities Over Google Antitrust Investigation
Google’s rivals are being questioned by U.S. federal and state authorities as part of an investigation into Google’s search dominance.

SEO: Google Rich Results Now Showing For Home Pages – Is It A Bug?
Google has been spotted showing rich results, i.e. stars and FAQ schema, for a couple of site’s home pages in the Google search results. Google has said it generally does not show rich results for home pages, both John Mueller and Gary Illyes said this in the years past.

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SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools new Site Scan feature finds SEO issues
There is a new feature that was just released in the new version of Bing Webmaster Tools, it is called Site Scan. Site Scan is a site audit tool which crawls your site and checks for common technical SEO issues.

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SEO: John Mueller: Often I Don’t Report Spam To Webspam Team
Google’s John Mueller said that when he is asked for input publicly around web spam issues, like on Twitter, he often would not report that directly to the Google webspam team. Read on to find out why.

SEO: Google To Fix Custom Date Range Google Search Bug
Google’s Danny Sullivan said the bug with using the custom date range in Google Search. There are numerous complaints about it not filtering the results to the date range you selected. 

SEO: Google Explains Which Pages Should be Removed
Google’s John Mueller on how to identify pages to block. Then he explains why some low traffic pages are okay.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets Update
Google announced an update to featured 
snippets. For some featured snippets results, Google will take the users to the relevant text on the web page.

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SEO: SEMrush Selling Links That Are Against Google’s Guidelines
Google’s John Mueller commented on SEMRush’s guest article outreach service. Mueller said it may result in unnatural links.

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SEO: Google launches featured snippet to web page content highlight feature
Google has tested highlighting content on a web page based on clicking on a featured snippet from the Google search results. This was being tested both on desktop and mobile. This is now live.

SEO: Google: We Didn’t Make Old Domains Rank Better
Google’s John Mueller addressed speculations on the recent rankings of older domains in the search engine result pages.

SEO: Googlebot Desktop Crawling Your Site Still? Make Sure Your Site Is Ready For Mobile.
Google’s John Mueller said if you still see that Googlebot Desktop is still the main crawler for your web site in Search Console settings, then you can try to “double-check the usual things to make sure your site is as strong on mobile as it is on desktop, for search & your users.”

SEO: Google: The Search Indexing Issues Are Now Resolved
Google said the indexing issues from yesterday have been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Paid: Google Keyword Planner Adds Refine Keywords
Google added the ability to refine keywords directly in the Google Keyword Planner tool. Google wrote this is to help “make it easier for you to find keyword ideas that fit with your new and existing campaigns, you can now refine keywords in Keyword Planner.”

Paid: New Google Ads Explanations Show Changes In Account Performance
Google Ads introduced a new feature that has been in beta since late last year named Google Ads Explanations. Explanations give you insights into large changes in your Google Ads account performance. These explanations help you quickly find out why it happened with the performance of your campaigns.

Paid: Google Discovery Ads Now Available Worldwide
Google announced that Google Discover Ads is now available globally. That means you can now use Google Discover ads to show ads to anyone going to Google’s home page on mobile or in the app. These ads are also on YouTube and Gmail.

Social: Pinterest Shows Shoppable Pins in Visual Search Results
Pinterest will now display shoppable pins when users conduct a visual search with the Lens camera.

Social: Facebook Tests Email Marketing Tools for Business Pages
Facebook is testing a new set of tools that will allow business pages to send marketing emails through the Facebook platform.

Social: Instagram Says Sites May Need Permission to Embed Photos
Instagram issued a statement suggesting websites may need a creator’s permission in order to embed their photographs.

Social: Snapchat Rolling Out Dynamic Ads Globally
Snapchat has confirmed its dynamic ads offering is now available worldwide, after previously being in open beta in the US.

Social: YouTube Rolls Out New Features to Help Creators Boost Merch Sales
YouTube announced updates for creators to help them increase merchandise sales and efficiently track revenue.

Social: LinkedIn Adds Engagement Remarketing for Video and Lead Ads
LinkedIn has announced much-anticipated targeting for its ads: engagement retargeting options for Lead Ads and Video views.

Local: New Google My Business Custom Hours By Category
Google released a new feature within Google My Business to let you set “more hours.” More hours are by categories of types of hours; like if you are a supermarket and you have special hours for seniors, or you have special pickup hours for a hardware store, or if you have special access hours for a dental office.

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