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The Weekly Wrap – 3rd June 2020

3RD JUNE 2020


SEO: Keyword Cannibalization: Is it Really Holding Your Site’s Rankings Back?
Keyword cannibalisation is an issue that causes continued confusion amongst SEOs, and this guide walks you through how to find and fix these problems and understand how they can hinder your growth.

SEO: UTM Codes Explained: A Complete Guide for Tracking Your URLs & Traffic
UTM codes can be extremely beneficial for tracking the success of your campaigns. Learn about them and their abilities in this guide.

SEO: How to Perform an SEO Audit in 2020 (a Step-by-Step Guide)
This SEO audit guide shows you the basic site audit steps, auditing tools to use, strategies to follow, and how to find and fix issues that are hurting your site‘s organic search performance,

SEO: The Basics of Link Profile Analysis
Effective link profile analysis is critical maintenance for ongoing website health. Read on to learn the basic strategies for this task.

SEO: Five quick ways to speed up your ecommerce conversions
75% of people do not return to abandoned carts. Fortunately, there are techniques to reduce cart abandonment and increase ecommerce conversions.

SEO: The Ultimate Google Disavow Guide
Here’s a blueprint for anyone considering using the Disavow Tool in order to improve their website signals.

SEO: How to Meet the Increased Demand for Website Accessibility
Many people now depend on the web for basic necessities. It has uncovered the website accessibility issues most businesses have. Here’s how to address them.

SEO: Technical SEO for Shopify: A guide to optimizing your store for search engines
In this article, you’ll learn how to address the technical limitations in Shopify to improve your store’s search visibility.

SEO: The Definitive Guide to eCommerce SEO for 2020
In this step-by-step ecommerce SEO guide, we will explain everything you need to know about SEO strategy for ecommerce websites and provide tips and strategies that will help you optimise your site effectively.

SEO: The perfect SEO recipe to survive COVID-19 and the May core update
Award-winning digital agency, MintTwist’s SEO Manager shares a bunch of tips to survive and thrive in light of the new Google update

SEO: The data-driven approach to making backlink analysis decisions
Backlink analysis is crucial for organic search visibility. But which metrics should be driving those business decisions? Tips to build a strategy.

SEO: How Universal Search Works
Learn why Google’s Universal Search results are important, where Universal Search is going, and what it all means for you.

SEO: How Search Engines Answer Questions
Got questions? Search engines have answers. But how? Learn how search engines understand and categorise queries to provide the best possible answer.

SEO: How Search Engines Display Search Results
You can learn a lot from how Google displays search results. Learn the main formats and features of generic, local, and other types of SERPs.

Paid: Click Share Vs Impression Share – Which One Should You Care About?
Which one does Google care about more? Here’s how to use demographics to decrease cost, increase click share, and be rewarded by Google.

Paid: Google Display Ad Examples: Proven Designs that Drive Clicks
If you want to drive traffic and sales online, there are few methods as effective as Google Display Ads.

Paid: How to Win at SEO & PPC (and Save Money Doing It) with Octoboard
Looking to get ahead of the competition? Leverage cloud data to win new clients, generate leads, get automated SEO and PPC insights, and more.

Paid: Seven tips for full funnel SEO in 2020
Paid search is considered a lower funnel tactic but today’s digital landscape changes that. Seven tips to plug it in throughout customer relationships.

Paid: The Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Ads Recovery
In this guide, we’re breaking down Facebook advertising account recovery step by step. We’ll walk you through how to optimise your account now, prepare for tomorrow, and start ramping back up.

Content: 17+ Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Content
Content promotion budget slashed? These ideas will help your audience find your content and the only cost is time.

Content: Why Guest Posting Isn’t the Answer in 2020
In 2020, Matt’s advice remains solid. Guest blogging should not be the star in your content marketing mix. You can use more effective ways to boost your SEO and achieve online growth.

Content: 7 Cold Email Templates to Boost Your Outreach
In this guide, we share 7 cold email templates that you can take, edit, and use to increase the success from your outreach efforts, whether you‘re building links, sales prospecting or asking a favor!

Content: What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?
Want to learn how to write content that brings you consistent organic traffic for months or even years? It all boils down to two words: evergreen content.

Social: How to Use LinkedIn Polls for Business: 9 Ideas
In this article, you’ll find nine ways to use LinkedIn Polls for your business.

Social: TikTok Statistics for 2020: Charts and Data
These 12 TikTok statistics and charts will give you some food for thought, making it easier to gauge whether or not to invest marketing budget in TikTok.

Social: How to Run Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: Driving Foot Traffic
In this article, you’ll discover how to run Facebook ads with the Store Traffic objective to generate more business for your local business.

Social: How to Improve Instagram Post Engagement: 4 Tips
In this article, you’ll discover how to design and deliver Instagram posts that improve engagement on Instagram.


SEO: Is Google Not Showing Fresh Content In Search Results Again?
It seems Google is not showing some fresh content in the search results. Site commands for this site and Wall Street Journal, as well as many other sites show little to zero new content in Google’s search results.

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SEO: Google: Robots.txt Can Be In Any Content Type
Google’s John Mueller said that your robots.txt content-type can be anything really.

SEO: Bing Updates Backlink Research Tool
Bing updated their backlink tool. Now it reports competitor backlinks. So much better than what Google provides.

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SEO: Google Explains How Author Pages May Help
Google’s John Mueller downplays author bios for all sites. But says author pages can be helpful for certain kinds of content.

SEO: Why the evergreen Googlebot is such a big deal [Video]
Google’s Martin Splitt discusses the effort behind making Googlebot ‘evergreen’ in this clip from Live with Search Engine Land.

SEO: Google: URL Parameters Tool Is Not A Replacement For Robots.txt
Google’s John Mueller said that using the URL parameter tool is no replacement for using a robots.txt file for blocking content. 

SEO: Google Can Use Historic Data For Ranking Your Site In Search
Google John Mueller confirmed during a webmaster hangout video that Google does and can use historic or legacy data about your web site for ranking purposes. 

SEO: Bing Won’t Rule Out Meta Keywords Tag Forever
Bing won’t say if meta keyword tags is being used or not being used now or in the future. 

SEO: Google Page Experience Update – Google’s Next Algorithm Update Coming Next Year
Google announced a new algorithm update that will be launching sometime in 2021. I covered it in detail in my story yesterday on Search Engine Land named the Google Page Experience Update.

SEO: Google Does Monitor Link Selling Forums & Facebook Groups
Google’s Gary Illyes mocked that it does and can go to link selling forums and Facebook groups, even likely private ones, to uncover link networks.

SEO: Google Local Ranking Volatility In Early May Was A Bug
Google’s Danny Sullivan posted an update to the local search volatility from late last month through early this month – saying it was a bug that was resolved about two weeks ago. 

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SEO: The Google Page Experience Update: User experience to become a Google ranking factor
Google announced a new ranking algorithm designed to judge web pages based on how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. 

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Google’s John Mueller Posts Tidbits On Core Web Vitals
Google’s John Muller posted a stream of tweets yesterday of tidbits he found interesting to share with the SEO community. 

SEO: Google: Submitting Search Pages To Google Makes It Crawling & Indexing Harder
Google’s John Mueller said that if you submit all your search pages, i.e. search results, tags, categories (I guess), to Google, it will make crawling & indexing significantly harder for large sites.

SEO: Google: Image Search Swipe Up Feature Increases Your Site Traffic
Google’s Malte Ubl said that this feature has proven to be great for site owners, indicating that it leads better click through rates from Google Image Search and more traffic to your site.

SEO: Google Seemed To Have Had More Indexing Issues Last Night
Reports have claimed that Google again was having issues indexing new content. 

SEO: How Google crawls and indexes: a non-technical explanation [Video]
Google’s Martin Splitt provides a simple summary of the processes that pave the way for ranking search results.

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SEO: Google: Cloaking Your Hreflang Markup Won’t Lead To A Google Penalty
Google’s John Mueller said that if you end up showing your hreflang markup just to search engine crawlers and not humans, i.e. cloaking, that it would still be considered cloaking but you probably won’t be penalised for doing so. He still highly discourages you taking this approach.

SEO: Google: Font Choice Does Not Matter For SEO
Google’s John Mueller said that the choice of font doesn’t matter for SEO and just use one that works for your site.

SEO: Google Tests New How To Schema Results On Desktop
Google has been busy testing new formats of how to schema over the past couple of months.

SEO: Core Web Vitals Replaced Speed Report In Google Search Console
Google announced the core web vitals on the Chrome blog. Now these metrics have replaced the speed report in Google Search Console.

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Paid: Google Extends Customer Match to the Display Network
Google announced that advertisers can now use Customer Match retargeting lists on the Google Display Network. Here, we’re going over what that means for your account, plus how to get started!

Paid: Google Ads credits for SMBs start rolling out
Google is beginning the first phase of its program to provide $340 million in Google Ads advertising credits for eligible small and medium-sized businesses. 

Paid: Google Ads New Retail Category Reporting Tool
Google announced a new Google Ads report to help you understand and see your performance for pre-defined product categories across your Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns in one report.

Paid: Google is coming for Facebook budgets with Discovery ads, now available globally
Google introduced two big image-driven ad tests at its Google Marketing Live event last year. Gallery ads for Search campaigns didn’t make it and are set to shuffle off this summer, but Discovery ads have emerged from testing and are now available to all advertisers globally.

Social: Facebook Lets Users Delete Old Posts in Bulk
Facebook’s new ‘Manage Activity’ feature gives people an easy way to curate their personal profile.

Social: Google Tests Showing Web Pages in YouTube Search Results
Google is testing displaying organic listings for web pages in YouTube’s search results.

Social: Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets in Advance
Tweets can now be scheduled in advance when composing a tweet on the web based version on Twitter.

Social: Facebook Marketplace is open for businesses selling new products
Facebook Marketplace is open to US-based businesses selling new products. 

Social: Breaking: IGTV Announces Monetization for Creators
IGTV has finally made a strong move into wooing content creators by announcing monetisation partnerships. These are the details they’ve released.

Local: Google Featured Snippet Local One Pack
Google has been spotted adding three little links under this snippet – ‘about this data’, ‘about feature snippets’, ‘feedback’

Local: Google SAMHSA National Hotline Box For Rehab & Addiction Queries
If you search for drug rehab, addiction help and similar queries in Google search, Google in the US will now show you a big box for the SAMHSA National Helpline.

Local: New Google My Business features aim to help SMBs pivot and survive COVID-19
Google’s new tools and capabilities mirror the expanding role of GMB as a gateway to both offline and online services.

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Google Rolls Out 3 New Attributes For GMB Listings

Mobile: Google Tests Blue Snippet Headers
Google is testing blue snippet headers in the mobile results.

Mobile: AMP won’t be required for Google’s Top Stories section
Google announced a new Page Experience Update and along with this Google will no longer require AMP for the mobile version of the Top Stories section in Google search.

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