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The Weekly Wrap – 24th July 2019

24th JULY 2019


SEO: Why Google dropped Bing Discover pages from its index
The Bing Discover pages were completely dropped out of Google’s search results and resulted in Bing losing millions of pageviews from Google search.

SEO: Emoji SEO presents opportunities for video
Here’s why emojis provides some interesting opportunities for your organic visibility.

SEO: The Truth About Domain Authority: What Every SEO Needs to Understand
Here’s why third-party SEO metrics are not the only indicators of a site’s authority and shouldn’t be confused as being actual Google metrics.

SEO: How to set up Google Analytics annotations to show Google updates
In this article, you’ll learn how to setup annotations in Google Analytics to identify any unannounced Google updates.

SEO: How to Effectively Perform Keyword Research for Ecommerce
In this article, you’ll learn how to perform keyword research for Ecommerce.

SEO: 4 Link Building Ideas That Won’t Get You Into Hot Water
Here are 4 proven link building tactics that will you can incorporate in your SEO strategy.

SEO: Converting custom: Using analytics to optimize sales funnels
Here are a few tips on how to optimise your sales funnels.

SEO: How to Identify & Reduce Render-Blocking Resources
In this article, you’ll learn how to reduce render-blocking resources to display visual content.

SEO: Entice Your Target Audience with Custom Engagement Ads: Here’s How
In this guide, we’ll cover how to set your campaign goal, how to set up your ads, and how to use customisation to attract even more clicks.

Paid: Amazon Advertising: The 2019 Guide
In this blog post, we summarise Amazon Advertising changes in 2019, which ones are most important, and how to best capitalise on them.

Paid: 5 Steps to a Conversion-Driven Facebook Ads Sales Funnel
In this article, you’ll learn how to create a conversion-driven Facebook sales funnel in just five steps.

Paid: How to Exclude Mobile Apps in Google Ads
n this article, you will learn the most effective way to exclude mobile apps and potential challenges in the process. 

Content: Want to Rank #1? 6 Tips to Create SEO-Friendly Content
In this post, we talk about the nuts and bolts of SEO-friendly content that has the potential to rank #1.

Content: 7 Easy Ways to Super Boost Your Newsletter Open Rate
Grow your newsletter open rate as fast as bamboo shoots with these seven tips.

Content: How to Gain Audience Trust by … Actually Being Trustworthy
In this post, you’ll learn how you can improve audience trust (and the strong conversion that follows) by being transparent and reliable.

Content: How to Generate Leads With Content Marketing
Here are 6 ways to generate leads with content marketing.

Content: The Big Difference an Apostrophe Makes in a Brand’s Stories
Learn why the apostrophe matters in brand story vs. brand’s stories if you want to avoid a dead end in your content marketing.

Local: Restaurants believe digital channels more important than consumers say they are
Online reviews cited by 48% of owners as influential; only 35% percent of consumers agreed.

Social: 7 Reasons Marketers & SEO Pros Should Use Social Media at Work
Here are seven reasons why with the right guidance and direction, social media can be useful at work for marketers and SEO professionals.

Social: Instagram Stories Ads: How to Improve Your Results
In this article, you’ll learn how to optimise your Instagram Stories ads placements.

Social: Building a Community in a Changing Social Media World
In this article, you’ll learn why you should consider building community outside of social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Social: New YouTube Revenue Opportunities for Channels
In this article, we explore YouTube revenue opportunities for channels, learning playlists, and more.

Social: How to Sell More Products on Instagram: 4 Tips That Work
In this article, you’ll discover four ways to showcase and promote your products on Instagram.

Social: 6 Facebook Ad Copy Secrets to Improve Your Conversions
In this article, you’ll learn how to write Facebook ad copy that improves your conversions.

Social: Instagram Stories Ads: How to Improve Your Results
In this article, you’ll learn how to optimise your Instagram Stories ads placements.


SEO: DuckDuckGo Improves its Maps Experience With Several Key Upgrades
DuckDuckGo is rolling out several updates to its maps search experience while maintaining the same commitment to user privacy.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller: ~2/3rds Of What He Says Is Taken Out Of Context
Google’s John Mueller said that he estimates about two-thirds of what he says and what gets quotes of what he says is taken out of context.

SEO: The Google Unconfirmed July Search Ranking Algorithm Update Is Heated
Google has yet to confirm the July 11/12 search ranking update that we reported on, but it does seem to have some legs.

SEO: Google: Not Having Discover Section In Google Search Console Is Not A Quality Judgement
John Mueller from Google said that not having a discovery section in Google Search Console does not meant it now a quality judgement but rather, Google does not have enough data for your site in the Discover feed.

SEO: DuckDuckGo Now Handles 40 Million Searches a Day
DuckDuckGo was recently profiled in the New York Times, where it was revealed the search engine is now handling around 40 million searches a day.

SEO: Google May Ask Searchers To Submit Missing Knowledge Panel Data
Google have been spotted asking searchers “help others by suggesting these missing facts” and had a button for the specific missing fact.

SEO: Google Algorithms Cannot Judge The Realness Of An Author Name?
Google’s John Mueller said that John doubts that Google’s algorithms would be able to judge the “real-ness” of author names that you use.

SEO: Google Chrome Closes Privacy Loophole – Blow to News Publisher Revenues
Google disclosed the existence of a loophole in Chrome browser Incognito Mode and promised to close it by the end of July 2019. 

SEO: Is Google News Violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines By Not Blocking Stories?
Google is not just indexing but also ranking Google News search results pages and landing pages in Google search. 

SEO: Google adds JavaScript SEO basics to its Search developer’s guide
Google added a JavaScript SEO basics section to its Search developer’s guide. It includes general descriptions of how Google processes JavaScript as well as some best practices.

SEO: Google Test Maps, Top Stories, Video, Images & More Icons In Search Results
Google is once again testing using icons for the universal search results sections. Specifically to label in web search the images box, video box, top stories box, maps box, and so on.

Paid: Google Shopping Box Displays Shops & Details Button
Google have been spotted showing a shopping box but one that has buttons for more details about the item and a button to look up shops that sell the item.

Paid: Google Green Ad Label May Display To Limited Number Of Searchers
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that Google still has not fully rolled it out to all searchers yet.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising rolling out experiments A/B testing tool globally
Microsoft Advertising is rolling out globally for testing ad copy, landing pages and bidding strategies and modifiers.

Paid: Microsoft Updates Dynamic Search Ads With Longer Titles & Descriptions
Microsoft Advertising is updating its dynamic search ads with longer titles and an additional description field.

Local: Rand Fishkin’s Mention In Congressional Hearing On Google
In a hearing this week Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon regarding antitrust issues, Congressman questions Google’s mission and made strong arguments from Rand Fishkin studies.

Local: Google Confirms Cause of Missing GMB Reviews – Will They Ever Come Back?
Google confirmed the cause of missing Google My Business reviews, an issue that may not be resolved any time soon.

Local: Google Maps iOS App Now Lets Owners Edit Business Profiles
Google My Business announced that businesses owners can use now the Google Maps iOS app to edit their business profiles without using the app or website.

Local: Google Maps Has Fixed Q&A Bug & Is Investigating Reviews Bug
Google seems to have fixed one of the many Google Maps bugs and has acknowledge they are working on a fix for the other.

Local: Google Maps App Updated With Ability to Edit Business Information
Google has updated the Maps app on iOS, allowing business owners to edit their listing information without leaving the app.

Social: Instagram Expands its Test of Removing Like Counts
Instagram has expanded its test of removing like counts and appears to have restricted the test even further by showing no likes at all.

Social: Twitter to Show the Profiles of New Followers in the Notifications Tab
Twitter will show profiles of new followers in the notifications tab, letting users easily learn more about who’s following them.

Social: Instagram to Warn Users if Their Account is At Risk of Being Disabled
Instagram is introducing changes to its account disable policy, one of which involves warning users before their account is deleted.

Social: Facebook Changes Image Sizes for Posts Shown in the Mobile News Feed
Facebook is changing the aspect ratios of photos and videos shown in the news feed on mobile devices.

Social: LinkedIn Users Can Now List the Services They Offer on Their Profile
LinkedIn is adding a new feature to user profiles allowing people to list the professional services they offer to clients.

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