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The Weekly Wrap – 23rd October 2019



SEO: Accessibility and SEO: Where they overlap and how to optimize for both
In this article, you’ll learn how to ensure website accessibility and SEO can be achievable with site and page structure, images and more.

SEO: A 50-Point Audit for Getting Started with Local SEO
Here’s a checklist that covers 50 on-site and off-site points you need to audit.

SEO: Pro Tip: 3 common mistakes SEOs make when disavowing links
Here are three misconceptions about disavowing links you will want to avoid.

SEO: Travel SEO: 8 Ways to Build Links & Get Press as a Travel Brand
Here are 8 tips to build links and get press coverage for your brand.

SEO: Why businesses should implement structured data
In this article, we’re going to take a look at what structured data is, and the benefits that the markup can provide for websites.

SEO: An Introduction to Python for Technical SEO
In this article, you’ll discover the positive impact Python can have for automating SEO tasks and how it can help save time with your technical SEO efforts.

SEO: Different ways voice search is affecting your brand
Here are four crucial ways voice search impacts your brand.

SEO: 5 Things You Should Know About “People Also Ask” & How to Take Advantage
In this article, you’ll learn all about PAAs and how you can start optimising for them today.

Paid: Capture leads with Google Ads latest ad extension test
In this article, we discuss how Google Ad’s latest ad extension works.

Paid: The 6 Most Effective Ecommerce Discounts to Promote with PPC
Here are the six most effect ecommerce discounts to offer in your PPC ads, including seasonal sales, free trial offers, and more!

Paid: 11 tips for using Google Ads’ new audiences like a pro
Learn how to reach your ideal customer with Google Ads’ new audience types for Search ads.

Paid: User-Generated Images Come to Google Shopping Reviews
In this article, we discuss how to use Google’s User-Generated Image update to improve your Google Shopping account.

Paid: 4 Reasons Why Every Retailer Should Embrace Amazon
Here are four reasons why brick-and-mortar retailers should consider expanding into Amazon and embracing it as another sales channel.

Paid: The 3 Search Campaign Analyses You Need To Run

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 of the top analyses to run for your ongoing PPC search campaigns.

Content: Four steps to create an effective content marketing strategy for your eShop
In this article, you’ll learn four content marketing steps you can take as an ecommerce store owner that will lead you to an increase in your conversion rate and sales.

Content: Coordinate Links and Content for Success
Here’s an approach to link building that integrates with content creation, where both influence each other for better results.

Content: Online Writing in 2020 & Beyond: 25 To-Dos & Not To-Dos
Here’s a list of 25 dos and don’ts that will bring you the largest SEO and creative rewards.

Content: 9 Simple & Fast Ways to Elevate Your Content
Here are nine tips that will elevate your conversion-boosting content.

Content: How to Optimize Your Blog Content for People Who Skim
Here is how to optimise your blog content for 55% who skim while still delighting the 45% who don’t.

Content: Thin Content: Why You Should Fix or Remove Low-Quality Web Pages
In this article, we discuss why getting rid of thin content will increase your website traffic.

Social: 6 Social Media Marketing Attribution Models and Tools to Help Marketers
In this article, you’ll discover six attribution models to help you determine which social media channels deliver the most campaign conversions.

Social: Creating Branded Content on Instagram: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll discover how to set up, create, and analyse branded content posts on Instagram.

Social: How to Use YouTube and Instagram to Establish Authority
Here are some tips to help you make videos people want to watch, explains how best to demonstrate your expertise, and more.

Social: How to Create Personalized Content for Your Social Media Marketing
In this article, you’ll find a plan and tools to help you create and deliver personalised content via social media platforms.


SEO: Blocking Google Via Whitelisting IPs Is Fine
Google’s John Mueller said it is okay to whitelist specific IP addresses if you do not want GoogleBot to access that content yet. 

SEO: Google Webmaster YouTube Channel: Search for Beginners
Google is adding another new series to the Google Webmaster YouTube Channel, this one is named Search for Beginners. 

SEO: Screaming Frog releases SEO Spider version 12.0
Search marketing firm Screaming Frog released version 12.0 of its popular SEO Spider tool.

SEO: Google: Redirecting A Domain To A Brand New Site Is Not A Site Move
Google’s John Muller said that redirecting an old site to a new one with a completely new look is not a site-move.

SEO: Google: When Disavowing A Link, All Associations Are Removed
Google’s John Mueller confirmed when disavowing a link, the associations with the link are removed.

SEO: Google: Twitter Not A Great Place To Submit Search Spam
Google’s John Mueller said that Twitter isn’t a great replacement for the normal processes we have in place when submitting a spam report.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller Speaks on SEO for Dark Mode Websites
Google’s John Mueller recently discussed whether or not there are specific SEO considerations for websites with dark mode settings.

SEO: Google Checks Status Codes Before Anything Else When Crawling Content
Google’s John Mueller recently explained that HTTP status codes are the first thing Google checks when crawling content.

SEO: Google: Manual Actions Are Immediate But Take Time To Process In Search
Google’s John Mueller said that when a manual action is removed, the site is immediately free of any manual actions.

SEO: Google Video Structured Data: Use interactionStatistic Instead Of interactionCount
Google will support both for some time, but if you are using interactionCount, you should probably swap it out for interactionStatistic.

SEO: Bing spotted showing domain sources in image carousels
Bing is testing a new image carousel featuring a preview of the image accompanied by the page title and domain name on its main search results page.

SEO: Google: Structured Data Can Help Generate Actions For Google Assistant
Google said they can use your structured data to automatically generate Actions for the Google Assistant.

SEO: Google Fixed Another Indexing Issue With Fresh Content
Google then ultimately confirmed the issue as slight delays in indexing fresh content.

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SEO: Google’s Danny Sullivan: Journalists Should Link To Sources
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that journalists should be putting pressure on institutional barriers to make it easier to cite and link to original and supportive sources.

SEO: Create Google Assistant Actions with Structured Data
Here how to create Google Actions for Google Assistant with structured data.

SEO: Google’s New Customizable Search Snippets Begin Rolling Out This Week
Google’s new markup, which lets site owners customise how their search snippets are displayed, will start being used this week.

Paid: Google Ads New Affinity Audiences & Seasonal Event Segments
Google Ads launched two new features to target searchers, those new features include affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences.

Paid: Google Ads now showing cart metrics for Shopping campaigns
Google Ads Shopping campaigns can now see e-commerce cart data in the UI to gain a clearer sense of which products are driving profitable cart transactions.

Paid: Google Ads is Testing New Lead Form Extensions
Google Ads is testing a new way for businesses to capture customer information with lead form extensions.

Paid: New Audience Targeting Options Coming to Google Search
Google has announced two new ways to reach your target audience with your text ads.

Paid: Google Ads debuts ‘conversions by time’ reporting
Google has rolled out new conversion reporting columns that capture when a conversion actually occurred.

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Paid: Advanced Google Ads script to forecast ad performance
Google Ads script can create forecasts for you based on past performance.

Social: YouTube to Sell Artists’ Merchandise Underneath Videos
YouTube has partnered with Merchbar to help artists sell official merchandise on their video pages.

Social: Pinterest Gives Users More Control Over Content on Their Home Feed
Pinterest is making it easier to control the recommendations users see in their home feed with all-new settings.

Social: Reddit’s First Content Sharing Integration is With Snapchat
Reddit content can now be shared directly to Snapchat, which marks Reddit’s first-ever native content sharing capabilities.

Social: LinkedIn Introduces Enhanced Targeting Tools for Advertisers
LinkedIn is rolling out enhanced targeting tools to help advertisers reach more of the right audiences.

Social: Facebook is Changing How it Calculates Organic Impressions
Facebook pages are likely to see organic impressions go down as a result of changes being made to how impressions are calculated.

Social: Facebook opens search ads to all advertisers
Ad placement will include Facebook News Feed and Marketplace search results.

Social: Snapchat Introduces a New Ad Unit for Ecommerce Advertisers
Snapchat is rolling out Dynamic Ads – new ad unit designed specifically for Ecommerce advertisers.

Social: LinkedIn Gets a New Tool for Planning In-Person Networking Events
LinkedIn is introducing an Events hub, which is a new tool to help users plan in-person networking meetups.

Social: Facebook Ads in Search Results Rolling Out to More Advertisers
Facebook is giving more advertisers the ability to place ads in search results.

Social: Facebook Introduces New Custom Templates for Stories Ads
Facebook is introducing new templates which make it easier for marketers to create custom stories ads across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Social: LinkedIn Rolls Out 3 New Features for Company Pages
LinkedIn is introducing new features designed to help companies stay better engaged with their employees.

Social: Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Data Shared With Third-Party Apps
Instagram is introducing new features that give users more control over the data they share with third-party apps.

Local: Google begins testing Duplex internationally
Google is testing its Duplex technology internationally for the first time.

Local: Local Intent Marketing: What Businesses Need to Know
Here are the things you need to consider when planning your own local SEO strategy.

Local: European News Lose Google Snippets Per French Law
Google recently announced that in response to a new French law they are removing snippets and images from news sites from displaying in French search results. Showing images and text snippets will be opt-in.

Local: Google Maps Not Showing Reviews For Some Schools
Reports from some schools that they cannot display reviews from its parent body or others on Google Maps and Google My Business.

Local: Google Adding City Names To Some Snippet Titles
Google add to their title tags that are displayed in the Google search results snippet’s headline a city name. 

Local: Google readies new markup rules for European news publishers
Google is getting ready to change how it presents content in search results pages in France and throughout Europe. 

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