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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap – 18th April 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 18th April 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google officially rolls out ‘More results’ search button on mobile

Google has officially launched its “More results” search button on mobile, making it possible for additional search results to load beyond the first set of results displayed.

SEO: Chrome tests showing themed search suggestions based on Google search history

Google is testing a new feature in its Chrome browser to show themed search suggestions based on your past searches directly on the Chrome start screen.

SEO: New Google Search Console adds Search Appearance filters and more

You can now filter your Google Search Performance reports by Rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings and job details.

SEO: Google may issue manual actions over job schema on expired job listings

You’d better remove job listings from your website shortly after you fill those positions, or Google may penalize your website.

SEO: Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case in UK High Court

The decision is likely to spark other appeals to courts by those denied de-listing.

SEO: Google: We Don’t Always See Links With OnClick JavaScript Events

We all know how good Google is at understanding and crawling JavaScript, AJAX and complex web pages in many forms, but Google’s John Mueller said, when it comes to discovering links within onclick events in JavaScript, sometimes Google is not able to follow such links.

Paid Search: Google partners with LegitScript to certify addiction treatment center advertisers

After suspending rehab facility advertisers last year, Google will begin accepting these ads once again in July — but only from certified providers.

Local Search: Research: Google local algorithm uses 2:1 clustering formula

An investigation from RankRanger’s Mordy Oberstein identifies a distance and clustering pattern in Google’s local algorithm that the author says is consistent regardless of user location. In other words, it appears whether the user is searching from a nearby location or remotely (e.g., resident vs. tourist).

Social: Instagram Rolls Out Focus Portrait Mode

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media.

On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore the new LinkedIn profile layout with Viveka Von Rosen, Instagram rolling out Focus portrait mode with Jenn Herman, and other breaking social media marketing news of the week!

Social: LinkedIn Data Reveals the Factors Behind Stress in the Workplace

With so many people affected by stress at work, LinkedIn wanted to understand it more deeply — who is impacted, what influences it the most and how it impacts job satisfaction — and share how people can learn how to manage it. So they asked members and found some surprising results.

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: Want to target position 0? Here’s what you need to make that happen

Hey Google, how do you become the answer people hear on their voice assistants? Contributor Karen Bone explains how to make that happen by doing your homework on featured snippets.

SEO: 4 underutilized schema markup opportunities that impact SEO

Contributor Tony Edwards recommends taking advantage of little-used brand, image, app and person schema that indirectly help position a website for better rankings.

SEO: Google’s mobile-first index has set sail. Are you on board? 5 SEO essentials

We’ve been hearing about this new index forever, and now it’s finally here. Contributor Jim Yu shares five ways webmasters can optimize their content and on-site technical elements to succeed in the new mobile index.

SEO: 4 hreflang tag errors Google corrects for you

Can we fix it? Yes we can! Do we need to? Contributor Patrick Stox says it may not be worth your time to fix hreflang tags since Google is probably fixing them for you.

Paid Search: Power up your B2B remarketing campaigns with 4 killer tricks

Contributor Todd Saunders explores four types of Google AdWords remarketing campaigns targeted toward the B2B marketplace that will build brand, convert leads and keep people from feeling creeped out.

Paid Search: How to outdo the PPC robots in shopping ads

Contributor Frederick Vallaeys isn’t ready for Skynet to manage his PPC campaigns just yet and shares seven ways account managers can use their experience to improve the performance of shopping ads.

Content: 5 Steps to Find Your Brand Voice

You may be asking why a brand voice matters? Brand voice is about being consistent with the voice you are creating – positioning yourself as an easily identified and authoritative source for your area of expertise. Similarly, a consistent brand voice and vocabulary is essential to implementing localized content and intelligent content strategies effectively.

Content: How to Research and Plan Your Blog Content for a Year

Do you use a blog to connect with customers and prospects? Wondering how to plan and publish strategic content on a consistent schedule? In this article, you’ll discover how to set your blog’s editorial calendar for an entire year.

Social: How to Reshare an Instagram Post to Your Instagram Stories

Wish you could easily reshare someone else’s Instagram post? Have you heard of Instagram’s Add Post to Your Story feature? In this article, you’ll discover how to add any public post to your Instagram story and how this feature can benefit your business.

Social: How to Host a Facebook Watch Party in Your Facebook Group

Want to build more engagement in your Facebook group? Have you heard of a Facebook watch party? Now your group can watch and comment on videos together. In this article, you’ll discover how to run a Facebook watch party inside your Facebook group.

Social: LinkedIn Tips to Keep Your Profile Fresh

No matter where you are in your career path, having an up-to-date LinkedIn Profile is a great starting point to setting you up for success, however you may define it. A few minutes is all you need to freshen up your profile to make sure you’re getting the most of out it. In this article are a few easy ways to get started.

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