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The Weekly Wrap – 10th April 2019



SEO: A survival kit for SEO-friendly JavaScript websites
In this article, we will focus on how to optimize JS-websites for Google.

SEO: Evangelizing SEO: The Can’t-Lose Case for Your Content Team
Here are three ways to evangelize SEO to your content marketing colleagues that will are guaranteed to win you some converts (and a closer relationship between SEO and content).

SEO: 10 Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google
This guide will explain 10 different types of bad links that can get you penalised, and what you can do about them.

SEO: There’s no shortcut to authority: Why you need to take E-A-T seriously
In this article, we discuss the importance of incorporating E-A-T guidelines to every SEO strategy no matter your niche.

SEO: Five tools for audience research on a tiny budget
This article provides 5 tools you can use to identify your target audience without the benefit of a big budget.

SEO: Here’s how to use Google Tag Manager’s new Trigger Groups
This article discusses a new way to manage how often, and under what circumstances, a tag will fire in GTM.

SEO: Complete guide to Google Search Console
A guide to everything you need to know about the latest Google Search Console to produce valuable insights that can help propel your SEO strategies.

SEO: What killing rel=prev/next means for SEO
In this article, I’ll go over Google’s recent announcement about the change. I’ll also explain what the elimination of rel=prev/next means for SEO.

SEO: The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization – Whiteboard Friday
This article discusses how to develop an SEO strategy, conduct keyword research and how to satisfy searchers’ intent in a 3 part series video.

Paid: 5 Video Ad Marketing Goals & How to Achieve Them
This article will focus on five different goals you might have for your video advertising – and how you can achieve them.

Paid: 5 Strategies to Improve PPC Lead Quality
5 PPC strategies that will help you generate high-quality leads.

Paid: Why search marketers need call tracking and analytics
This article highlights everything marketers need to know about call tracking.

Paid: A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping Ads
This article shares three components to Shopping Ads and how to keep up with the competition.

Paid: A Complete Guide to PPC Ad Formats
This article identifies and discusses an array of PPC ad formats you could use for your business.

Paid: 3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Retail Ads
This article discusses how to improve your Facebook ads in the retail space in 3 effective ways.

Social: 4 Lessons We’ve Learned from Ecommerce Brands on Instagram
4 major lessons from 12 top brands that can help anyone interested in learning how to use Instagram for ecommerce.

Social: How to Prepare for the Boom of Instagram Local Business Profile Pages
Tips on how to prepare for your Instagram local business profile pages.

Social: Small Business Guide to Chatbots & Facebook Messenger Marketing
This article is the do-it-all entrepreneur’s (a.k.a. small business) guide to using bots as your business’s automated assistant and marketing aid.

Social: How to Create Video Ad Funnels That Work
This article explains what goes into creating a successful top-of-funnel video. 

Content Marketing: The 10 Best Image Search Engines
In this article, we discuss why using advanced image search filters will help with your next marketing campaign or on your website.

Local: Just 4% of U.S. businesses ‘voice search ready,’ finds analysis of nearly 75,000 companies
In this article, we discuss how to assess whether your local SEO and business listing data optimization efforts are ready for voice search.

Local: How to Find Your True Local Competitors
A guide in conducting a competitor audit for local businesses.


SEO: New Google Search Commands – Before: and After:
Google’s Danny Sullivan announced new search commands allows users to restrict searches to specific dates.

SEO: Google’s Index Bug With Pages Being De-Indexed Is Almost Fixed
Google’s John Mueller said there are only a few data centers left to go for Google to fully resolve it. 

SEO: Google: More Crawling Doesn’t Mean Things Are Better (i.e. Rankings)
Google’s John Mueller said more crawling doesn’t mean things (like rankings) are better.

SEO: Google Assistant Results Now Include Ads With Updated Design
Google announced they have updated the design for the Google Assistant search results on Android.

SEO: Google Search Console adds Android app filters to performance report
Google announced that for those who have an Android app associated with their website can now get data about the app’s performance in Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Tests More Graphical Google My Business Dashboard
Google is experimenting with a new dashboard for the Google My Business section. 

SEO: Google Expands Audience Reviews To Music
Google is extending audience reviews to music as seen in the Google search results panel for TV and movies.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller Explains How to Rank Inner Pages
Google’s John Mueller shares a few tips on how to fix a home page ranking for a keyword phrase when an internal page is the better page.

SEO: Google My Business Profiles Will Display Product Catalogs on Desktop and Mobile
Product catalogs will now appear in desktop and mobile search results in Google My Business profiles.

SEO: Google: Content on Sites With Exploitative Removal Policies Can 
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that Google has a solution for dealing with sites that exploit others through charging exorbitant fees to have unfavourable content removed.

SEO: Google: The Web is Faster Since Page Speed Became a Ranking Factor
Google says sites are faster and abandonment rates are down since making page speed a ranking factor last year.

SEO: Google Image Search Tests New Preview Screen Again
Google is once again testing a new user interface for the image search preview image window.

SEO: Google Rates the Mobile Usability of the Web’s Most Visited Sites
Google launched the new resource Masterful Mobile Web which assesses the mobile experiences of most visited sites on the web.

SEO: Google warns SEOs to expect increases in issues in Search Console enhancement reports
Google has posted a warning in the Google Search Console data anomalies page that you can expect those reports to see an increase in the number of issues and affected items and/or pages .

SEO: Google Explains 301 Redirects Are Not Links But…
Google’s John Mueller said that while 301 redirects are not seen by Google as links, the links pointing to the redirected page can pass through to the destination page.

SEO: Google Trick For Sites Not Ready To Be Listed In Google
Google’s John Mueller shares a tip in to pause Google from indexing your site through Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Tests Icons In Search For Maps, Images, Videos & Top Stories
Google testing the icons not just in the search bar but also in the search results page.

SEO: Google Expands AMP Stories To Google Arts & Culture
Google’s Satyajeet Salgar said that the Google search team launched a new feature with the Google Arts and Culture to bring their content to the AMP Stories format in search.

Paid: Bing Ads launches new action extensions to highlight calls-to-action
Bing Ads has launched new action extensions globally in all supported languages and are available on desktop and mobile devices.

Social: Twitter Fights Spammers by Limiting the Number of Accounts Users Can Follow Per Day
Twitter is reducing the number of account users can follow to 400 per day.

Local: Machine reservations: Google’s Duplex expanding to more Android, iPhone users
The technology appears to be ready for prime time as Google readies machine-based booking for categories beyond restaurants.

Mobile: ‘Rich Answers’ and search ads coming to Google Assistant
Google is putting more graphics, tools and enhanced visual content in Google Assistant search results for Android devices.

Mobile: AMP Stories Thumbnails In Google Search Results Snippets
Google is testing showing a new type of image thumbnail in the mobile search results snippets. 

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