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Igniting The 2024 WA Chinese New Year Ball!

Ringing In The Year Of The Dragon

Over the past few months, we’ve all been working to prepare for the 2024 WA Chinese New Year Ball for our client, the Western Australian Chinese Chamber Of Commerce for the 2024 WA Chinese New Year Ball which hosted over 900 guests. 

A Run-Down Of The Night

The 2024 WA Chinese New Year Ball opened with a drum solo and esteemed attendees including Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Premier Roger Cook of Western Australia, and Ambassador Xiao Qian of China. Their presence highlighted the unity of the Chinese Diaspora.

Albanese praised the strong ties between Australia and China, acknowledging China’s significant economic transformation and the Chinese Australian community’s contributions to Western Australia.

The CNY Ball featured a grand feast of Chinese cuisine, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and anticipation for the year ahead. Both the Lion Dance and Dance Troupe performance were highlights, with their traditional costumes, harmonious movements, and the narrative of culture and history they conveyed through dance, making the evening memorable.

How We Ignited The Evening

Ignite Search, orchestrated the night with an array of slideshows we designed. These included an engaging display for the silent auction, a compelling sponsorship presentation, and an eye-catching lectern signage. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence was clear in every aspect of the event.

We also took the time and dedication to design the gift bags meticulously. These were not just ordinary gift bags but were filled with a myriad of fantastic goodies that attendees would truly appreciate. The media wall was another aspect of the event that we tackled with finesse. It was not just impressive, but exemplified the high standards of Ignite Search, as you can see in the showcased picture.

With our expertise in content and social media marketing, we took the reins of the Western Australian Chinese Chamber Of Commerce’s social media accounts. Our strategic and calculated approach drove such powerful promotion that tickets for the event were snapped up, resulting in it being sold out weeks in advance!

As if that wasn’t enough, we also took up the task of constructing the event page for the 2024 WA Chinese New Year Ball. This was done not just for the purpose of information sharing, but also to create a platform where attendees could feel the excitement building up as the event drew closer.

But we didn’t stop there. We worked tirelessly throughout the event to capture photos and videos, ensuring that every memorable moment was immortalised. This allowed attendees to truly immerse themselves in the moment, knowing that we were capturing memories they could look back on!

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