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The Weekly Wrap

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 24th June 2015

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100% Curated SEO/Digital Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: Brainstorm and Execute Killer Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love

A fantastic idea is the heartblood of any content campaign or project. Excitement around an idea is what sustains you through the (sometimes) long slog of creation, and it’s part of what gets your audience to share, share, share.

SEO: 25 Great Design Resources for Your Content Campaigns

People love visuals. It’s not a secret. The idea that a picture is worth more than a thousand words has been an adage for as long as I can remember. And, despite how much has changed in marketing over the past decade, that simple truth remains.

As a result, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more people embrace the idea of visual content. Studies are showing just how important this format is for our content campaigns.

Here are just a few facts to help convince you…

SEO Upcoming Google Hangouts

Here are the following upcoming Google Hangouts that focus on challenges facing webmasters around SEO. We find the Hangouts selectively insightful and we encourage to pick and choose topic that are of interest to you:

English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout – 30th June 2015

Paid Search: 4 Tips for Building Your Own Excel Template for PPC

Evan Cummins: Here are my four best tips for building Excel templates for PPC. (Head’s up: At the end, I’ll provide a free download: a very simple Excel tool to get you started.

Social: 5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO With Social Media

Do you want to rank higher in search engines?

Interested in ways to use your social accounts to improve your SEO?

Social media has a significant impact on your search results, and a strong social presence can boost your search rankings.

In this article you’ll discover five ways to use social media to improve your search rankings.


Key Industry Updates: 

SEO: Google Finally Drops Emojis From Search Results Listings Page

After months of Google displaying the fun Emoji characters in their desktop search results and years of displaying them in mobile, Google lived up to their promise of removing them from the search results.

SEO: Google Will Allow People To Block “Revenge Porn” From Search Results

Google has announced that in the coming weeks, it will launch a system allowing people to request nude and explicit images of themselves posted without consent from appearing in Google’s search results.

SEO: Google Sending Searchers To Nonexistent Videos

Google offers a dedicated Google Video search designed to bring back videos from across the web, in addition to its own YouTube service. However, something seems seriously wrong with Google Video. Some searches promising to lead people to video content fail to actually do so.

SEO: Google Cache Redesigned To Add Full, Text & Source Views

Google has updated the cache landing page to make it a bit cleaner, while adding links to view the full view of the web page, the text only version of the web page and the source code of the web page.

SEO: Bing Refreshes Video Search: Adds Bigger Thumbnail Images & Offers More Info

Bing has upgraded its video search experience, adding larger thumbnail images and additional information for each video result, as well as moving “related searches” inline with the original search.

SEO: Google Testing Blue Links For Top Search Menu

Google is testing yet another user interface change on their desktop search results. This time, replacing the red navigation links at the top of the search results with the color blue.

SEO: Bing To Encrypt Searches By Default & Referrer Data To Go Not Provided This Summer

Bing announced they will begin encrypting their searches over TLS. So instead of seeing referrals from http://www.bing.com, they will begin coming from https://www.bing.com.

SEO: Google Trends Now Tracking YouTube & Google News To Identify Trending Topics In Real-Time

In its biggest update since 2012, Google Trends announced a number of new updates today, including “minute-by-minute, real-time” data, the integration of YouTube and Google News data to determine trending topics, and a refreshed homepage.

SEO: Google Drops The Thumbtack Link Penalty Less Than A Week After It Was Issued

Google’s manual action for Thumbtack’s unnatural links only lasted about a week and now they are back, ranking as well as ever.

SEO: Google Now Shows Quotes For Famous People Without Sourcing Them

Google has added a new direct answer box to the top of the search results that shows quotes from famous people. If you search for a famous person and add “quotes” to the end of the query, it is likely that you will see the box.

SEO: Google Testing “Slow To Load” Warning Label In Mobile Search Results

In February, Google tested display red slow labels on their mobile search results. That test died out, that is until today.

The Android Soul blog posted screen shots of Google now testing “Slow to load” labels, with little yellow warning signs next to the slow to load results.Local: Google Maps App Will Warn You That The Place You’re Driving To Is Closed

The Android Police picked up on the latest new feature added to the Google Maps App for Android, where if you begin to navigate to a place and your arrival time will be after the place closes, Google will warn you.

Mobile: Google Says More Than Half Of Its UK Searches Are Performed On Mobile

During today’s London Tech Week event, Eileen Naughton, the managing director and VP for sales and operations in Google UK-Ireland, announced more than half of all UK searches are done via mobile.

Paid Search: Only AdWords Editor 11 Will Be Supported At End Of June

Bing Ads has released new data showing the weekly trending of Yahoo search ad click volume that’s served through Bing Ads. The numbers go back to the beginning of May when the newly renegotiated search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo took effect.

Paid Search: AdWords Upgraded URLs Deadline: July 1st

Time is ticking down to transition to Upgraded URLs in AdWords if you’re using any kind of tracking in your destination URLs. Google has announced the deadline for getting set up is July 1st.

Paid Search: Google’s Website Call Conversion Tracking: Keyword Level Call Tracking For AdWords

Last August, Google released its website phone call tracking feature, Website Call Conversions. This feature allows marketers to track website visitors from AdWords’ paid listings with call tracking phone numbers dynamically inserted onto web pages. Most importantly, the phone calls are tracked to the keyword level.

Social: Pinterest Search Gets Smarter: This Week in Social Media

Among other news, Pinterest Introduces Smarter Search Features: Pinterest is “rolling out a couple changes to search that will make it easier for people to find you on Pinterest.” One of these changes is to show “a checkmark for notable names and brands so people can easily find exactly who they’re looking for.”


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