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Media Spotlight

Ignite Search Featured on KEY TO AUTHORITY Podcast!

Key to effective keyword research for SEO

Our director Cheech was invited by Jenish Pandya, owner and host of http://www.keytoauthority.com.au, to talk about how to effectively conduct keyword research. We are proud to have this opportunity to share, because our mission is to elevate the standards of SEO/Digital Marketing in or marketing community in Perth, and across the world.

Keyword Research is one of the most crucial steps for conducting an effective, long term SEO project. In the podcast, we will go through steps which you need to take to ensure that you not only target the relevant keywords but also how they translate to the actual website in the form of optimised landing pages.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, shoot an email to info@ignitesearch.com.au or call us on 04 2338 3543.

Thanks and as always, here’s to the ignition of your success!

Here’s a link to the podcast: http://www.keytoauthority.com/kta-011-key-to-effective-keyword-research



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