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How to Pick an SEO Agency

By Lydia Barley

Following on from our blog post last week on the SEO guarantee and how most seo agencies are lying to you, we thought we should probably discuss how to pick a reputable and reliable SEO agency. To assist you in picking an SEO agency that is worth investing in and is going to bring you results, we have put together a list of 6 tips.

1.    Make sure that they don’t have any dodgy claims or guarantees

As mentioned previously, following on from our blog post last week. SEO agencies cannot guarantee results. SEO guarantees are a big NO NO so be wary and avoid any agencies that have unrealistic offerings/guarantees. If you hear anything along the lines of ‘We can guarantee that you will rank #1 in 3 months’ or ‘We are so confident in our work that we can provide a rank 1 guarantee’, cross that agency off your list. No reputable, reliable agency will ever offer an SEO guarantee.

2.    Read reviews

Read all the reviews that the agency has. This will allow you to get an insight into how the agency operates and allows you to recognise any red flags before it’s too late! Check their reviews wherever they have any, whether that be on their social media pages, their website or their Google My Business listing.


3.    Ask what clients they have worked with (and if possible chat with those clients)

Ideally, it would be best to partner with agencies that have worked with clients in similar industries. Doing the SEO for a local beauty specialist is completely different to doing the SEO for a huge ecommerce store that operates on a global scale. Make sure that the SEO agency has a large portfolio of diverse clients or is successful in working with clients in industries similar to your own.

4.    Dig deeper to really understand their knowledge

Dig deep into the agency, do considerable research on them and ask the tough questions. It’s important that the agency you’re working with has a thorough understanding of SEO, especially if your business has a large or complex website. You need to make sure that the SEO agency you’re looking at partnering with knows more than just the basic metadata optimisation! Some agencies are open about their SEO knowledge, sharing their expertise on their social media channels. However, some agencies are more guarded. If you’re unsure on their depth of SEO knowledge, dig through their reviews and set up a consultation to ask them!


5.    Make sure that they offer the services you need

It’s important to ensure that the agency you are looking at partnering with offers all of the services that you need. Are you looking for an SEO agency with the goal of conducting a website migration? Make sure the agency that you’re looking at partnering with have the capabilities of a website migration. Are you looking for other digital marketing services alongside SEO? Ask the agency if they offer these other services or have partners or connections with businesses or individuals that can assist with those services.

6.    Set your goals (and budget) and make sure the company align with those goals

No matter how fantastic an agency is, if they don’t align with your business goals there’s no point in partnering with them. The same holds true for an agency that doesn’t align with your budget. Schedule a consultation and chat with the agency. Set your goals and budget prior to the meeting and then discuss them with the agency. Obviously go into the meeting with an open mind (and without unrealistic expectations) but in the end ensure that the agency aligns with your goals and budget.


And that’s it! Choosing an SEO agency is a big decision and can be a big investment so it’s important to take your time and do your research when considering an SEO agency. Trust your gut also, if an SEO agency come across as ‘shady’, it’s probably because they are! A reliable and reputable SEO agency can work wonders for your business, while an unreliable SEO agency can wreak havoc on your business. So make sure that you use our tips in ensuring the SEO agency that you’re checking out is the perfect match for you.

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