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The Weekly Wrap – 4th December 2019




SEO: 12 Reasons Why Every Link Campaign Is Unique
Every link building client wants relevant links to improve their rankings, traffic, and conversions, but not all campaigns start from the exact same point. Here are 12 reasons why every link building campaigns are unique.

SEO: What Is Link Reclamation & How to Regain Lost Link Value
Here’s how to reclaim that link value from your lost and broken links.

SEO: Voice search ascending: Three areas that require your attention right now
Here are three concrete steps that can be taken right now to better position brands for the voice-dominated future.

SEO: How to Use Podcasts for Link Building
In this article, you’ll learn how to use your own podcast, or being a guest on other podcasts can be an effective way to earn quality links.

SEO: 5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links
In this article, you’ll discover 5 of the best ways to use social profiles to help get quality links.

SEO: 18 Popular Link Building Tactics You Should Actually Avoid
Avoid wasting your resources on these 18 common link building tactics.

SEO: How to Build Links Using Q&A Sites
In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of using the most popular Q&A site for link building – plus three ways you can build better links with Q&A sites.

SEO: BERT Explained: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Algorithm
In this article, you’ll discover what Google’s BERT really is and how it works, how it will impact search, and whether you can try to optimise your content for it.

Paid: 6 Facebook Ad Strategies All Ecommerce Brands Need
Here are six essential strategies every ecommerce brand needs in 2020.

Paid: 5 audiences you should exclude from your PPC campaigns
In this article, you’ll discover five audiences you should consider excluding from some or all of your PPC campaigns.

Paid: Top five SEO tools to generate more leads in 2020
In this article, you’ll discover the top five SEO lead generation tools and how you can use them to convert more of your site’s visitors in 2020 and ahead.

Paid: Bridging the Online-Offline Gap with Facebook Offline Events
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Offline Conversion tracking and optimise campaign performance for real-world outcomes.

Content: 9 Essential Rules for SEO Copywriting in 2020
Here are 9 fundamental rules for SEO copywriting to follow and take into 2020 that can be useful in response to current and future algorithm updates.

Social: How to Automate Personalized Video Messages via Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to deliver personalised video messages to qualified Facebook leads at scale.

Social: 12 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Pros
In this article, 12 marketing experts share their predictions to help you prepare your social media marketing plans for the coming year.

Social: How to Use Instagram to Generate Organic Leads
In this article, we share a podcast on how to optimise your Instagram profile for lead generation and several ways to optimise your Instagram content to give it the best chance of converting more leads.

Social: How to Improve Your YouTube Video Views
In this article, you’ll discover how your YouTube click-through rate (CTR) impacts video views and find six steps to improve your YouTube click-through rate.

Local: Searchers Are Engaging More With Business Listings in Search Results
Here is a new study on consumer search behaviour this past year reveals consumers are getting more active with business listings in search results.

Local: Local SEO Strategy Guide: How to Rank Where It Counts
This guide will help you level up your local SEO strategy, rank where it counts, and be more visible to your audience when it matters.

Local: Simple Spam Fighting: The Easiest Local Rankings You’ll Ever Earn
In this article, you’ll learn simple tactics and smart strategies to overcome spam in your local listings.


SEO: Google: Legal Interstitials Are Fine As Long As We Can Index Content
Google’s John Mueller said that legal interstitials are fine as long as we can index the content without having to do anything special.

SEO: Google: BERT Does Not Affect Indexing
Google’s John Mueller said that Google’s BERT update does not affect Google’s ability to index.

SEO: Google News Publisher Center Request Inclusion Feature Broken?
Reports regarding Google News Index’s submission to include websites is broken. Instead of verifying the submission of a website, it now says ‘Request Inclusion into News Index.’

SEO: Google Keyword Planner Makes it Easier to Share Plans With Others
Google is making it easier to share keyword plans plans with other people without leaving the Keyword Planner tool.

SEO: Google Ignoring The rel=canonical For Syndication Partners?
Google said the best approach is to force your syndication partners to use the rel=canonical attribute to point to the content they distributed from your site

SEO: Google: We Ignore Links From Sites Where Links Are Unlikely To Be Natural
Google’s John Mueller said that Google ignore links from sites where there are unlikely to be natural links. There’s no need to disavow them.

SEO: Google: Doesn’t Matter if You Use Absolute or Relative URLs for Internal Links
Google’s John Mueller said that for the most part, it doesn’t matter whether you use absolute or relative URLs when linking to pages internally.

SEO: Google’s Search For Beginners Episode 3: Hiring a Web Dev
Google’s latest episode of Search for Beginners covers tips for hiring a webs developer and what their responsibilities should be.

SEO: DuckDuckGo Receives Endorsement From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
DuckDuckGo has received a high profile endorsement, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently stated it’s his search engine of choice.

SEO: Google Offers 2 Tips for Improving Web Content
Google’s John Mueller shares 2 advice on improving web page content.

SEO: Google: Robot.txt Blank Vs Allow Is No Difference
Google’s John Mueller said that using a blank robots.txt file or just stating all is allowed in that file is the same thing, it doesn’t matter which you use.

SEO: Google Tests More Spacious Search Result Snippets
Google have been spotted testing a taller more spacious Google mobile search results user interface.

SEO: Google Offering Searching Tips When It Can’t Find Search Results
Google have been spotted offering searches tips and tricks for searching when Google has no results to offer the searcher. 

SEO: Google: It Is Impossible To Index The Whole Web
Google’s John Mueller said it would be impossible for Google to index the whole web. 

SEO: November Update About Links? Google Says Don’t Jump to Conclusions
Google’s John Mueller advised to not jump to conclusions about a connection between links and the November Update.

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Paid: Google: Ads.txt Is For AdSense But Not Needed For Search Or SEO
Google said that you do not need ads.txt files for SEO or search.

Social: YouTube Changes Rolling Out January 2020 May Impact Creator Revenue
YouTube is rolling out policy changes in January which have video creators concerned their revenue may be adversely affected.

Social: Pinterest Launches a New Home Dedicated to Small Business Shopping
Pinterest has launched ‘The Pinterest Shop,’ which is a new section full of product pins from small businesses.

Social: Facebook and Instagram Go Down Across the World on Thanksgiving Day
Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger experienced major outages in various parts of the world on Thursday, November 28.

Social: Twitter Postpones Plan to Remove Inactive Accounts
Twitter is putting off its plans to delete inactive accounts following concerns over what would happen to accounts of deceased users.

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Local: Google Changes How Local Search Results Are Generated
Google confirmed an update affecting local search results has now fully rolled out, a process which began in early November.

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Local: More EU antitrust heat for Google (and Facebook) over data collection
In a separate matter, 41 shopping comparison sites want the European Commission to further penalise Google in shopping search.

Local: Google My Business Adds Job Types For Services With Services Editor
Google My Business launched a new feature for job types for services. This is where services businesses in the US can choose from suggested types of services. 

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