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The Weekly Wrap – 31st October 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 31st October 2018
100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How To Choose the Right SEO Vendor

Before hiring an SEO vendor, there are two specific things you need to know about and look for.

SEO: Link building tool roundup: Site crawlers

Link building is hard work! Here’s how to utilize site crawling tools to make sure your effort pays off.

SEO: Drive SEO results with artificial intelligence

Are you using the right data?

SEO: How to boost search rankings using only your internal linking strategy

Three examples of site architecture modifications that offer big SEO gains in digital marketing.

SEO: Link Building for Small Businesses: 7 Tactics That Really Work

Good news: all of the below link building ideas really work. I’ve personally tried all of them with my own clients, many of whom are small businesses. Let’s dig in.

SEO: How to Boost Your Visibility on Google Images

Image optimization is among the most manageable yet overlooked strategies for SEO. Often, we neglect even the simplest image optimization practices and waste the chance to bring in easy traffic to our websites.

Paid Search: Expert testing strategies for both low and high volume PPC accounts

Testing takes strategy no matter the account size, but low and high volume accounts have different needs. Amalia Fowler and Aaron Levy discussed testing from both perspectives at SMX East.

Paid Search: Tips to be more productive in Google Ads, Bing Ads interfaces

Julie Friedman Bacchini and Ted Ives shared their tips at SMX East.

Paid Search: How Google Determines Which Ads To Serve

Today we are going to focus on exactly how Google determines which ad to serve on the SERP (search results page).

Content Marketing: How to get links to your site: Create content that people want to link to

At SMX East Alli Brenner, Lisa Barone and Paddy Moogan talked about how to make content that attracts links.

Content Marketing: How to Come Up with the Big Idea for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s delve deeper and explore how you can develop a big idea that works and leads to exponential growth in organic traffic: the ultimate goal for many businesses.

Content Marketing: 3 Questions You Must Ask to Build a Strong Content Strategy

No matter what industry you’re in, you should ask yourself these 3 questions. The answers to those questions guide me as I craft a big-picture strategy to help them get the results they’re dreaming of, and they can help you do the same.

Social Media: 7 Ways to Create Better Instagram Engagement for Businesses

Are you looking for ways to get more Instagram engagement? Wondering how to build stronger consumer relationships? In this article, you’ll discover seven ways to improve your Instagram engagement.

Social Media: How to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads for Time-Sensitive Sales

Do you want to promote time-sensitive sales using Facebook ads? Wondering how to set up Facebook dynamic ads for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other seasonal sales? In this article, you’ll discover how to set up your product feed to run Facebook dynamic ads with beginning and end dates.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google lets users delete search data & control ad settings from Google Search page

Users no longer have to go to their Google Account page to access privacy controls.

SEO: Bing adds election information, redesigns image search, provides NFL answers, and word of the day

Bing highlights some search features that are popular during the upcoming season.

SEO: Bing resolves backlog with its Webmaster Tools URL submission tool

Spammers went from the public Bing URL submission tool to the authenticated version, causing a backlog of URLs that needed to be processed.

SEO: Google Search Console is sending notices for slow loading pages

Fix slow page loading notices are new and are now being sent to site owners via Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Lens feature now within Google Image Search results

Searchers can use Google Lens directly within Google Image search on mobile for some images.

SEO: Google.com mobile home page no longer just a search box, now shows Google Discover feed

Your mobile Google home page now shows Google Discover by default.

Paid Search: Google Ads announces new click-to-message ad features and store visits updates

Google is adding functionality to click-to-message ads and rolling out attribution and bidding capabilities for retail advertisers tracking store visits generated from online efforts.

Paid Search: Google responds to large ad fraud operation that utilized more than 125 Android apps

The company says the operation affected less than $10M in ad spend and deploys new tactics to fight it.

Paid Search: AdSense users will have to submit all new sites for verification

Google announced an update to the process of monetizing new sites under existing AdSense accounts this week.

Local Search: Google launches new design for hotel search results

After months of testing, Google has released a new design for the hotel search results.

Local Search: Google Maps ‘Follow’ button gives businesses a new way to connect with users

Users can get updates from businesses in the “For You” tab.

Local Search: Yext creating local knowledge graph, adds Snapchat to data network

New capabilities will allow companies to associate facts and attributes to answer more specific or ‘conversational’ queries.

Social: LinkedIn Sponsored Content can now be tracked via Google Campaign Manager

The Google Campaign Manager integration will support LinkedIn Sponsored Content for video, carousel ads, lead-gen forms and more.

Social: Vimeo integrates with LinkedIn to enable video publishing to company pages

Vimeo announced on Monday end-to-end integration with LinkedIn via its ‘Publish to Social’ feature.

Social: Getting Through Walls That Stop Progress: The Journey, Season 2, Episode 8

In episode 8, Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) and his team work through people, process, and mindset issues that stop tasks from making forward motion.

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