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The Weekly Wrap – 31st July 2019

31st JULY 2019


SEO: Simplifying Google Analytics configuration with Google Tag Manager
In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager, along with some tips for customisation based on your needs.

SEO: Two simple behavioural levers to improve your link building efforts
In this article, you’ll learn two broad strategies to improve your link building effectiveness, both of which come from a framework using BJ Fogg’s behaviour model.

SEO: Site Navigation: The Foundation for Navigating Your Website to Success
Learn the best practices that will help you build an efficient and user-friendly navigational structure for your Ecommerce website.

SEO: Low mobile page speed scores may be killing your traffic
In this article, we discuss the importance of page speed and how to detect and mitigate it with Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool.

SEO: Five extensions to help you boost on-page SEO
In this article, we will share five extensions to boost on-page SEO. These would directly complement your on-page SEO strategy, help you rack-up rankings, track your website’s performance and measure the core metrics of your online progress.

SEO: 12 Examples of How to Earn High-Quality Links the Natural Way
Here are 12 ways you can generate earned links, naturally.

SEO: How to Calculate the ROI of Link Building
In this article, you’ll learn how to calculate the short-term and long-term ROI of your link building campaigns, as well as what tools and metrics to use.

SEO: The Ultimate Guide to SEO Meta Tags
In this article, you’ll learn what makes a good meta tag and what makes a bad meta tag.

SEO: SEO: Claim your Knowledge Graph: Here’s how
Here is a step by step guide on how to claim your Knowledge Graph.

SEO: Here is where to download the Google search quality raters guidelines while it’s offline
Here we will show you where you can download the PDF document at these alternative locations.

SEO: Do local citations matter anymore? Five local SEOs sound off
In this post, we share with you a range of opinions today’s leading local SEOs about how much attention to devote to citations.

SEO: Link Building 101: Suggest a Link Method
This article is an introduction to an old yet effective link building strategy. 

Paid: 11 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing—And How to Fix Them
Here is a guide on why you Google Ads aren’t showing and how to fix them.

Paid: Ecommerce User Experience: 5 CRO Lessons from Amazon
Here are five Ecommerce user experience lessons from Amazon that you can use to boost your CRO, including recommendations, subtle design changes, and more!

Paid: Does PPC Make The World A Better Place?
In this article, you’ll learn how you can find meaning in your PPC jobs, even as tech and digital advertising are increasingly met with hostility.

Paid: 7 Cost-Effective Ad Types for Small Businesses
In this article, you’ll discover seven different cost-effective ad types for small businesses. 

Paid: Five ways to target ads on Google that don’t involve keywords
Here are five tactics to test within Google Ads to expand your digital advertising strategy beyond keyword targeting, without venturing beyond Google.

Content: Small-budget guide to testing ad copy, landing pages, and more
Here is a guide to some of the most important tests you’ll need to assess your ad copy,landing pages and more.

Content: How to Match Your Content to the Best Distribution Channel
In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify which distribution channels work best for your audience and goals.

Content: For Better Results, Think of Content Marketing Like a Product
In this article, you’ll learn why and how you need to switch your content marketing from a project-focused approach to a product-focused approach 

Social: New Study Shows Which Keywords on YouTube Get the Most Video Views
A study of popular YouTube videos in 2019 reveals which keywords are associated with the most views.

Social: Your Simple Guide to Twitter #Hashtags
In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about hashtags on Twitter from this guide – what they are, how they work, and when to use them.

Social: How to Create an Instagram Content Plan for Your Business
In this article, you’ll find out how to plan, create, and optimise Instagram content for your business.

Social: Beware of Facebook Groups. Long Live Communities!
This article explores whether marketers, creators, or businesses should entrust their communities to Facebook.

Social: How to Get Your Videos Discovered on YouTube
In this article, you’ll learn which factors help increase the likelihood that your video becomes discoverable on YouTube. You’ll also find out how to improve YouTube audience retention.

Social: Twitter Rolls Out Improved Conversation Features
This article discusses Twitter’s newly enhanced and improved conversation features with special guest, Dan Knowlton.

Social: Social Media Marketing Strategy: A Modern No-Nonsense Guide
In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step plan for developing a social media marketing strategy that really works—all based on modern marketing principles.

Social: How to Get More Social Media Engagement on Any Platform
In this article, you’ll discover how to get your audience to engage with your social media posts, videos, and live videos.

Mobile: Guide to call tracking and the power of AI for analyzing phone data
Here is an in-depth guide to call tracking technology that reviews how these tools help marketers connect digital campaign data to inbound customer phone calls. 

Local: Local SEO for Enterprise Sites From 2004 to 2019
In this post, understand the patents that drive rankings for local search and get local SEO tips for your enterprise site.


SEO: Google to Site Owners: Remove Noindex Directives from Robots.txt
Google is emailing webmasters via Search Console telling them to remove noindex statements from their robots.txt file.

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SEO: Google’s John Mueller Recommends Keeping URLs Under 1,000 Characters
Google’s John Mueller recently stated that URLs should be kept under 1,000 characters in length.

SEO: Google Treats Links Within Primary Content & Boilerplate Content Differently
Google’s John Mueller explains that it is more about primary vs boilerplate content when it comes to internal linking.

SEO: Google #AskGoogleWebmasters: Is Linking Out Is Good Or Bad For SEO?
Google’s John Mueller’s first #AskGoogleWebmasters launched Friday afternoon and was on the question of does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO? 

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SEO: Google: You Can Write Out Inches Or Use Inch Sign
Google’s John Mueller said you can use either the inch sign when saying something is 10″ or you can can write it out and say something is 10 inches. It doesn’t matter.

SEO: Google Answers: Safe to Redirect Affiliate Links?
Google’s John Mueller discusses the safety of redirecting affiliate links.

SEO: Google shortnames bug persists despite Google insisting it’s fixed
Google said any current problems with suspended listings is likely the result of content or policy violations.

SEO: Google Search Console Adding “AMP On Image Result” To Performance Report
Google said it is adding “AMP on image result” filter to the performance report within Google Search Console.

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SEO: Google Image Search Launched Swipe Up Visit Site
Google began testing a feature in image search that allowed you to slide in or up an article from an image search result to learn more.

SEO: Google Search Indexing Issues For Some Publishers
Google is having issues indexing Google News publishers and other sites.

SEO: Google Fixed Broken & Half Rendered Search Results Pages
Google has fixed the issue where only of a portion of the search results were displayed.

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SEO: Google Search Ignores Redirect Loops
Google’s John Mueller said Google will ignore redirect loops for search because redirect loops are broken.

SEO: Google’s New Developer Doc On JavaScript SEO Basics
Google’s Martin Splitt announced they have released a new developer document on the basics of JavaScript and SEO. 

SEO: Google Featured Snippets Can Use Descriptions From YouTube
Google can and does use YouTube descriptions for featured snippets.

SEO: Google is Reportedly Delivering Less Organic Search Traffic Than Last Year
Organic search visits from Google are reportedly down compared to last year, while organic visits from DuckDuckGo are up significantly.

SEO: What’s up with the unconfirmed Google search ranking updates in July?
Google’s Maverick update is still being talked about in the SEO industry but Google has yet to officially comment on it.

SEO: Google Makes YouTube Masthead Ads Available to All Advertisers
Google is now letting all advertisers buy YouTube masthead ads, following a successful beta test in select markets. Ads will be available to buy on a CPM basis.

SEO: Google Tests New Tabs For Branded Local Pack & More Carousels
Google is testing more local pack designs and features in search.

SEO: The Google Search Console Team Busy With New Features & Migrating Old
Google’s John Mueller said that the Google Search Console team is working on a lot stuff, this includes both new new features and also migrating old features.

SEO: WordPress Proposes Action: 61% Use Potentially Vulnerable PHP
WordPress development volunteers published a proposal to urge users of potentially vulnerable versions of PHP to upgrade.

SEO: Google Chrome Now Supports Dark Mode Preference
Google announced support for prefers-colour-scheme media query. 

SEO: Google Quality Raters Guidelines Goes Missing – 404s
The Google Quality Raters Guidelines PDF document seems to have been removed from Google’s servers.

SEO: Google Removes References To PageRank & 200 Signals In Disavow Help Doc
The Disavow Backlinks Help Document has been removed from Google’s help center.

SEO: Google Tests Removing (Or A Bug) Breadcrumb From Mobile Search Results Snippet
Google may be testing – or it may be a bug – removing the breadcrumb from the mobile search results snippet.

Paid: Google Ads Editor Updated With 4 New Features
Google Ads Editor version 1.1 has been released, which contains updates to improve on design and usability.

Paid: Google Keyword Planner Updated to Show the Most Relevant Keyword Ideas
Google has updated its Keyword Planner tool with the ability to show the most relevant keyword ideas based on the seed keyword.

Paid: Google ad revenue growth popped back in Q2
Google parent company Alphabet reported strong advertising revenue growth in the second quarter of 2019.

Paid: Microsoft Updates Dynamic Search Ads With Longer Titles & Descriptions
Microsoft Advertising is updating its dynamic search ads with longer titles and an additional description field.

Paid: Google Ads Editor v1.1 & Keyword Planner Adds Most Relevant Keywords
The Google Ads team released upgrades to both the Google Ads Editor and Keyword Planner tool.

Social: Facebook is Letting More Advertisers Place Ads in Search Results
More advertisers can now place ads in Facebook’s search results, a placement that has been in testing since last year.

Social: Snapchat Gains 13 Million Daily Users – Now at 203 Million in Total
Snapchat saw significant growth last quarter, exceeding 200 million daily active users for the first time.

Social: LinkedIn Users Can Now List the Services They Offer on Their Profile
LinkedIn is adding a new feature to user profiles allowing people to list the professional services they offer to clients.

Social: Instagram Purges Meme Accounts, Shutting Down Pages With Millions of Followers
Instagram is cracking down on accounts that primarily post memes, deleting popular pages that have amassed millions of followers.

Social: Pinterest Adds a Shopping Section to its Home Feed
Pinterest is putting its shopping capabilities front and center with a new addition to its home feed.

Social: Facebook Updates Business Manager With Improved Design & Navigation
Facebook is rolling out several updates to Business Manager designed to compliment the new features launched earlier this year.

Mobile: Google swaps ‘voice search’ on Android for Google Assistant
Google is swapping out the familiar blue and red mic in favour of its Assistant on the home screen of Android handsets.

Mobile: Google to Capture & Learn Our Emotions on a Smartphone Camera?
Google is trying to learn about our emotions by offering to return graphic images in response to our expressions from our smartphone cameras.

Mobile: Pinterest Marketers Can Now Create Ad Campaigns on a Mobile Device
Pinterest is making it possible for advertisers to create and edit campaigns with new tools optimised for mobile.

Mobile: Google Rolling Out Updates for Android Auto
A new previously announced interface for Android Auto (automobiles) is rolling out.

Local: Google Search Engineer Ryan Moulton: I Would Resign If Google Altered Results For Political Reasons
Rumours and theories that Google has coded into its search ranking algorithm its political bias. A 13+ year search engineer at Google named Ryan Moulton said if he ever saw evidence of this, he would resign.

Local: Google Adds “Request a Quote” Button to Business Listings in Search Results
Google is automatically adding a large “Request a Quote” button to eligible business listings in search results.

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