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The Weekly Wrap – 30th October 2019



SEO: Why AI Will Be a Key Part of Your Team, Not a Replacement
In this article, you’ll discover how AI can help PPC managers optimise performance across different channels, beat competitors, and maximise success.

SEO: Google’s Baby Algorithms: How to Think About Them for SEO
In this article, we share an SEO approach to understanding how Google works.

Paid: Podcast Advertising: 4 Platforms You Need To Know
In this article, we share 4 podcast platforms that you need to know to help you with podcast advertising. These brief intros will help you get familiar with the perks and challenges of each.

Paid: How to Grow a Startup With Paid Search on a Low Budget
In this article, you’ll discover effective and low budget pay-per-click marketing tips and techniques to grow your business.

Paid: How To Create A Great PPC Campaign Structure
In this article, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to creating a great structure.

Paid: YouTube For Action Leads Form Ads: Early PPC Results
In this article, we explore Youtube’s new ad format as well as how to go about setting them up and what options are available to you, the advertiser.

Paid: The All-in-One Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes, Specs, & Strategies
Here is an all-in-one guide to Facebook ad sizes, specs, and strategies, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, instant experiences, and more.

Content: Guest Blogging: A Step-by-Step Guide
Here is five steps guide to become a successful guest blogger who’s invited in and welcomed back by publishing sites.

Content: How to Repurpose Your Content & Maximize Demand Gen Results
In this article, you’ll learn how re-purposing content can help you maximise demand generation results while saving time and money.

Social: How to Create Your Instagram Content Plan
In this article, we share four tips should help you create a content plan that can increase your brand reach and conversions on Instagram.

Social: 4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Stories Organic Reach
In this article, you’ll find four ways to keep more eyes on your Instagram stories, without using ads.

Social: Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll discover how to use the Facebook Power 5 ad tools to scale successful Facebook ads faster by automatically optimising them in real time.

Local: What does Google Maps ‘incognito mode’ mean for businesses?
In this article, we discuss how Google’s incognito mode in Google Maps provides users more control over their own privacy.


SEO: Google’s John Mueller Says There is No Ideal Size for Sitemaps
Google’s John Mueller recently stated there is no ideal sitemap size when it comes to optimising a website’s crawl speed.

SEO: Google Will Ignore Flash Content on Websites & No Longer Index SWF Files
Google will stop supporting Flash later this year, which includes web pages with Flash content as well as SWF files.

SEO: Why you may not have noticed the Google BERT update
Google introduced the BERT update to its Search ranking system.

Related Articles:

SEO: Google’s New How Google Search Works Video
Google has updated that videos on the How Search Works portal to be more inline with 2019 standards.

SEO: Google Changes Expandable Featured Snippet Look
Google has had expandable featured snippets officially for over a year now but Google seems to have recently been testing changing the design and layout of those. 

SEO: Google Change Of Address Tool: Merging Is Not Moving A Site
Google’s John Mueller said merging one site into another is not the same thing as a site moving from one domain to another.

SEO: Google Recipe Rich Results Image Disappearing For Some?
Website masters have reported that Google recipe rich result bug issue in July has resurfaced – the images of their recipes disappear from Google’s search results. Forcing a new crawl fixes the issue temporarily and then it may disappear again.

SEO: Google: Noindex & 404s Go At Same Speed
Google’s John Mueller said that if Google crawls a website and identifies a 404 or a noindex, Google will look at it the same.

SEO: Google: Auto-Translating Content Won’t Lead To Google Manual Action But…
Google’s John Mueller said that if you automatically translate your content from one language to another, using automated translation services, it likely will not lead to a Google penalty or manual action. However this is another matter for the quality of content.

Paid: Google Ads Brings New Sets of Data to Shopping Campaigns
Google Ads can now report on cart data for shopping campaigns, tracking all information related to purchases.

Paid: Google Ads Responsive Search Ads Officially Live
Google has announced that the responsive search ads are now available to all advertisers to try out.

Paid: A Redesigned Microsoft Advertising
Microsoft announced this morning that it has redesigned the Microsoft Advertising interface. 

Social: Twitter Begins Showing More Ads to Some Users’
Twitter is reportedly increasing the frequency at which it serves ads to certain groups of users.

Mobile: As App campaign placements expand, Google Ads aims to improve asset combinations for app ads
An update to App campaign modelling, rolling out in the next few months, should improve the way assets are combined for better-performing ads. 

Local: Google Highlights Restaurants That Earned ‘Local Favorite’ Status
Google is highlighting the most loved restaurants in some of the major cities in the US.

Local: Google My Business Listings Drops Email Tooltip Feature – Bug or Feature?
Abridge email view function in Google My Business when a Google User leavers a review is no longer available when hover over.

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