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The Weekly Wrap – 16th October 2019



SEO: Top 10 CMS Features to Maximize Your Website Traffic & Revenue
Here are the top 10 things to consider when you’re looking at a CMS platform that can drive results for your business.

SEO: Is This Why Some Content Ranks in Google?
In this article we provide some insight into why some content ranks in Google and why some does not.

SEO: 3 Ways to Use XPaths with Large Site Audits
In this guide, we’ll cover exactly how to perform audits in detail with XPaths.

SEO: The State of SEO 2019 – Infographic
A survey reviewed 70% of in-house marketers and 30% of agency heads. Insights on the understanding of attribution models and more SEO aspects shared.

SEO: How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building
Here’s what to consider when developing your strategy.

SEO: Affiliate Link Building: How to Do It the Right Way
Here is a guide on how you can do affiliate link building – the correct way.

SEO: How to Use Controversy to Get High-Quality Links
Here’s why controversy gets links and how to do it right.

SEO: How Search Engines Crawl & Index: Everything You Need to Know
Discover how search engines crawl and index webpages, plus four methods that can help search engines find your new and updated content even faster.

SEO: Shopify SEO: The Guide to Optimizing Shopify
In this article, you’ll learn the best way to optimise your Shopify experience for SEO.

SEO: [Hero Academy Video] What You Need to Know About Naming Conventions
In this new, short video on Hero Academy Hanapin’s Senior Project Manager, Lauren Rosner, will further explain why naming conventions matter and break down some of the best ways to set it up.

Paid: Paid and Organic are Indistinguishable
In this article, we discuss the relationship between paid and organic marketing.

Paid: 3 ways to take back control from PPC automations

Here are some examples of how an award-winning PPC tools can help you get started with automation layering for your ads account. 

Paid: Study Predicts Google’s Search Ad Revenue Will Drop While Amazon’s Grows
In this article, we discuss a study on US ad spending predicting that Google’s share of search revenue will drop over the next two years.

Paid: Looking for Google Shopping Help? Try WordStream’s NEW Google Ads Grader
Here’s a guide to grading your Google Shopping account.

Paid: 3 Tricks to Make the Most of Google Ads Automation
Here, we’re sharing three tricks for make Google Ads automation work for you, including how to use Smart bidding, responsive ads, and close variants.

Content: 6 Content Marketing Tips That Will Give You an Aha Moment
Here are 6 helpful tips that you can use today to help you generate new ideas for your content marketing strategy.

Content: 10 Copywriting Tips & Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity
Here are 10 quick, easy copywriting tips and exercises to help you start writing better copy sooner.

Content: How to Structure Your Content to Make It Accessible
Here are guidelines for content marketers on structuring articles to make them accessible to those with visual, audio, motor or cognitive difficulties.

Content: How to Stop Creating Content That Disappoints Your Audience
Here’s a fresh approach to generating content that prevents potentially disappointing your reads.

Content: 5 Big Content Trends for 2020
Here’s 5 trends to help you improve your content marketing strategy for 2020.

Content: How to Create a Holiday Content Strategy
Here’s how to plan out all of your holiday marketing content

Social: TikTok Analytics: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll learn how to use TikTok analytics to measure the results of your TikTok marketing efforts.

Social: How to Retarget Ads to Engaged Instagram and Facebook Fans
In this article, you’ll learn how to create a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign to target people who have engaged with your Facebook and Instagram content.

Social: How to Customize Facebook Ads Based on Customer Awareness Principles
in this article, we shares the five levels of awareness consumers move through, and how to create Facebook ads for each of the five levels of customer awareness.

Social: Top four social listening tools for 2020 and why they’re great
Here’s a list of the best social listening tools for the coming year to help you with your keyword research.

Social: How to Get Started With TikTok: A Guide for Marketers
In this article, you’ll discover how to create TikTok video and find examples to inspire you to use TikTok in your own marketing.

Social: 7 Unexpected Tips That Will Make Your Facebook Ads More Effective
Here are seven Facebook advertising tips that will help you take advantage of the new world order of Facebook ads. 

Social: Six social media marketing strategies that work and convert
Here are six new and proven social media marketing strategies on key areas.

Social: 13 Facebook Ads Features Every Marketer Should Know
Facebook is a channel that is changing all the time, which doesn’t always make it easy for busy marketers to keep up with each and every small change.

Social: 7 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Sales This Holiday Season
Here are seven tactics for increasing seasonal Instagram sales, including last-minute gift ideas, holiday giveaways, and more. 

Local: A Complete Guide to Google Maps Marketing
In this guide, discover what Google Maps marketing is, why it matters for local SEO, and how business can do it the right way.

Local: Which service-area business types perform best in local search?
New research from a dataset across seven industries that have a physical location were reviewed to answer this question.


SEO: Google Images Can Rank Watermarked Images
Google’s John Mueller said that he can’t confirmed if excessively watermarked images would be considered as high quality images. However, for Google Images, images are images.

SEO: Google Search Photos Of Places Nearby
Google is now letting you search by photos or search photos of places – Google is testing both terminologies – for local results.

SEO: Google: Structured Data From Google’s Docs vs Schema.org
Google’s John Mueller said that you can use schema.org to structure your data but the benefits are less obvious.

SEO: Google: Disavow Tool Hurts Too Many Sites
Google’s Gary Illyes said that if it was up to him, he would do away with the disavow link tool because often enough it hurts more than it helps many sites.

SEO: Google: Ignore Link Spam Ransom Attempts
Google’s John Mueller is once again telling webmasters that they do not need to respond or lose sleep over ransom link spam attempts. 

SEO: Google: Only Invest In Link Audits If There Was Shady SEO
Google’s Gary Illyes said you really only need to invest in a link audit if you had some shady SEO done on your site in the past. 

SEO: Google: Changing The Destination URL Of A Link Changes Relevance & Value Of That Link
Google’s Gary Illyes said that if you have a link pointing to two different pages, the value and relevance of that link changes as well.

SEO: Google Changed Nofollow Link Rule To Better Understand The Web
Google changed the nofollow link from a directive to a hint is to give the search engine 

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SEO: Google Search Doesn’t Recognize Authors But Rather Entities
Google’s Gary Illyes said for Google Search it is more about entities, not authors. But for Google News and Google Scholar, Google does recognise authors.

SEO: When parsing ‘Googlespeak’ is a distraction
Google’s Gary Illyes said that content accuracy is a ranking factor, however in the past Google has mentioned that content accuracy is not a ranking factor. 

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SEO: Bing Tests Content Submission API Removing Crawling Requirement
Bing announced a pilot, a really early test, for a content submission API. 

SEO: Google: We Do Not Have An EAT Score
Google’s Gary Illyes cleared up one thing that 
SEOs have been possibly confused about for some time. There is not single score for EAT. 

SEO: Google: Some But Not All Algorithms May Trigger Spikes In Crawl Rates
Google’s Gary Illyes said that some baby algorithms may trigger a spike in crawl rates. 

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SEO: Bing launches content submission pilot
Bing is testing a feature to let some publishers not just submit URLs to the search engine but also submit content and images.

SEO: Google: Core Updates Are Not About Bad Links
Google’s Gary Illyes said that cleaning up your link profile will not help you recover from a core update. 

SEO: Google: All You Need Is Google’s Link Tool, Not Third-Party Tools
Google’s Nathan Johns said that you do not need to use third-party link tools, that all you need to worry about are the links reported in Google Search Console’s link tool. 

SEO: Google: Forcing Crawling Of Pages To Discover Links Won’t Do Much
Google’s John Mueller said that if you want Google to discover links added to a page that doesn’t get crawled much or ever, you will have a hard time benefiting from those links.

SEO: Bing To Make BingBot Evergreen
Bing announced yesterday that BingBot is going evergreen, just like GoogleBot did.

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SEO: Google: Follow Our Structured Data Requirements to Ensure Rich Result Eligibility
Google’s John Mueller recommends following the company’s official structured data requirements to ensure content is eligible to be displayed as a rich result.

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SEO: Moz launches Domain Analysis, free tool for SEO metrics
Moz launches new Domain Analysis tool for search marketing.

Paid: Google Ads Introduces 2 New Ways to Target Users in Google Search
Google Ads will be launching affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences.

Paid: Location targeting available in Google Smart Shopping campaigns
Google’s Smart Shopping campaign allows you to narrow targeting, with the ability to set radius targeting from the Advanced search link.

Paid: Quora adds 3 new targeting options for advertisers
The new options include keyword history targeting to retarget people who’ve viewed questions with keywords you’re targeting within a specific timeframe.

Paid: Google to Use Machine Learning to Manage Ad Frequency When Cookies Are Missing
Google announced it will soon be using machine learning to manage ad frequency when third-party cookies are missing.

Paid: Google Begins Showing User-Generated Images in Product Reviews
Google is introducing user-generated images in product reviews on Google Shopping.

Paid: Google Ads Lets Users Optimize Video Ads at the Campaign Level
Google Ads is letting advertisers set conversion actions at the campaign level for video ads.

Social: Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Data Shared With Third-Party Apps
Instagram is introducing new features that give users more control over the data they share with third-party apps.

Social: LinkedIn Rolls Out 3 New Features for Company Pages
LinkedIn is introducing new features designed to help companies stay better engaged with their employees.

Social: Google Brings Virtual Makeup Try-on to YouTube Masthead Ads

Google Ads is launching AR Beauty Try-on, which allows beauty brands to display ads where users can try virtual makeup.

Social: Facebook Launches New Tools to Help With Holiday Marketing
Facebook has released several new tools to assist businesses with their holiday marketing efforts.

Social: Instagram is Bringing Direct Messaging to its Desktop Site
Instagram appears to be in the process of bringing direct messaging to its desktop website.

Social: Instagram Removes ‘Following’ Tab Which Let Users Keep Track of Others’ Activity
Instagram has removed a section of its app which was referred to by many as a “stalker” tool.

Local: Google showing mobile ‘search by photos’ option in selected local verticals
Google is starting to show a new option to “search by photos” box in certain local verticals. 

Mobile: Google’s voice AI resonates in new Pixel Recorder app
Google has released a sound recording application for its newly released Pixel 4 smartphone.

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