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The Weekly Wrap – 13th February 2019



SEO: How to Streamline Reporting with Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
A walk you through how to use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to improve your paid channel performance reporting in four steps.

SEO: Do Businesses Really Use Google My Business Posts? A Case Study
The benefits of having a Google My Business profile.

SEO: Context in Outbound Links for High Ranking SEO
A brief discussion on how outbound links affects your website rankings.

SEO: 6 Ways SEO Tools Can Help You Run Your Business
Learn how applying the right tools can help you with developing your business.

Paid Search: Top 3 New(ish) PPC Features to Increase Your Paid Search ROI
Top three recent changes that you can take advantage of right now to increase the ROI on your paid search spend.

Paid Search: Are Dedicated Landing Pages Hurting Your Conversion Rate?
3 mistakes that may cause your ad campaigns to end in disaster.

Paid Search: Battle of the SERP: Combining SEO & PPC Forces to Win
Learn how you can use SEO and PPC together to maximize your marketing efforts – and rescue those listings.

Paid Search: 7 Reasons Google Ads and Facebook Ads Make the Perfect Pair
7 reasons why pairing Google Ads and Facebook Ads are vital to any holistic marketing strategy.

Paid Search: 4 Proven Ways to 5x Your Conversion Rate
4 ways to improve your conversion rates on your website.

Paid Search: Capture and Convert Website Traffic with WordStream’s New CRO Toolkit

A guide to WordStream’s new CRO toolkit.

Paid Search: The #1 Way to Take Your PPC Strategy from Average to Expert
Advice on how to enhance your current PPC strategy to deliver results.

Social: 10 Social Media Marketing Tools You Just Might Need
The most important SMM tasks that require automation: social media management, social media monitoring, and social media advertising.

Social: How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019: A Beginner’s Guide
A guide on how to use LinkedIn’s Ads as part of your social media marketing strategy.


SEO: Google’s John Mueller on Best Site Structure
Google’s John Mueller answered a question about a site that lacks a conventional site navigation.

SEO: Google Images & Video Search Have “Massive Potential,” Often Overlooked by SEOs
Google’s Gary Illyes, image and video search are most often overlooked, and SEOs should be paying more attention.

SEO: Google to Introduce Job Posting Markup for Remote Jobs
Google will soon be rolling out the ability for companies to highlight postings for remote jobs in search results.

SEO: Google Search Console’s Inspect URL Tool is Only Useful for Webpages
Google’s John Mueller has advised that the new inspect URL tool in Search Console is only useful for webpages.

SEO: Google Search Console to Combine Data from Multiple Properties into One Report
Google Search Console will soon assign all search data for a single piece of content to the canonical URL.

SEO: Google Will Eventually Move Robots.txt Testing Tool to New Search Console
Google’s John Mueller recently stated that the robots.txt testing tool will eventually be moved to the new version of Search Console.

SEO: Google’s Gary Illyes Explains How RankBrain Works
Google’s Gary Illyes has provided a matter-of-fact explanation of how the RankBrain algorithm works.

SEO: Google: Do Not Flip Between Index & Noindex on URLs Too Frequently
Google’s John Mueller explained that flipping the status between index and noindex on a specific URL will confuse Google.

SEO: Will Google’s Indexing API To Allow All Content Types?
Google’s Gary Illyes mentioned that Google is testing API indexing to move beyond job posting URLs and live stream events.

SEO: Google: Hreflang Not a Ranking Signal, But Will Drive Targeted Traffic
Google’s Gary Illyes has clarified that the hreflang attribute is not a ranking signal, though it will result in more targeted traffic.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller on How to Use Disavow Tool – Two More Times
John Mueller discouraged the use of the disavow tool. 

SEO: Google: No Fixed Time Frame for Ranking Changes After Site Improvements
Google’s John Mueller recently stated there’s no fixed time frame for search ranking changes after improvements have been made to a site.

SEO: Google Hints The Page Google Shows For The Duplicate Content Cluster Gains Signals
Gary Illyes from Google dropped a hint around if signals from other pages in a duplicate content cluster gets passed to the one Google shows in their search results.

SEO: Google: There Is No Internal Linking Over Optimization Penalty
Google’s Gary Illyes said there are no limitations to the use of internal linking on your website.

SEO: Google: Syndicated Content May Outrank the Original Source
Google’s John Mueller advises site owners that when content is syndicated elsewhere it may outrank the original source.

SEO: Google Pushes Back Parallel Tracking for Display & Video Campaigns to May 1st
Google says this push back give advertisers more time to prepare before parallel tracking becomes mandatory for all display and video campaigns on July 31st.

SEO: Google Updates Content Guidelines For QA Pages
Google has one again made updates to the QA page content guidelines, this time providing dos and don’ts with more detail.

SEO: Google: We Are Good At Ignoring Link Cruft
Google’s John Mueller said Google is pretty good at ignoring link cruft – basically old, spammy and irrelevant links accrued by the site over the years.

Paid Search: Google Ads is Bringing Click Share to Search Campaigns
Google plans to have click share available in all search campaigns in the coming weeks.

Local: Google Maps Adds Hotel Check-In & Check-Out Times
Google announced that hotels can now add their check-in and check-out times to their Google Local, Google Maps and Google Hotel listings. 

Local: Google Posts Content Now In Some Google Local Listings
Google Posts content showing up in the local listings, including the local knowledge panel and local pack listings.

Social: Facebook Fights Back Against Myth That News Feed is Limited to 26 Friends
Facebook to respond and debunk false claims on limited news feed.

Social: Facebook Introduces New Ways for Businesses to Communicate with Customers
Facebook will soon be rolling out two new ways for businesses to communicate with customers via messaging and groups.

Mobile: Google Shows Video Grid Format In Mobile Search Results With Up To 8 Videos
Google is showing videos in a grid format in the mobile Google search results between 2 and 8 videos for a single search results page.

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