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The Weekly Wrap – 11th September 2019



SEO: How to Increase Website Page Speed and Maximize Conversions
Here are 5 steps for increasing website page speed and maximise the true potential of your website. Includes tool recommendations.

SEO: Seven SEO tips for image link building to generate more traffic
Here are 7 SEO image link building tips with examples to improve your link profile.

SEO: How to Integrate Keyword Mapping into Data Studio
In this article, you’ll learn how to set up your own automated SEO reporting dashboard with a free keyword map template.

SEO: The 7 Most Crucial Ecommerce Metrics You Should Be Tracking Right Now
Here’s a list of the seven most important ecommerce metrics you should be tracking and optimising today.

SEO: How to Identify Your True Web Audience
In this article, you’ll discover how you can perfect your web audience intelligence with Google Analytics

SEO: Lessons I have learned from adding FAQ schema: A test of 1,000 keywords
In this article, you’ll learn how FAQ snippets take more space in SERP and that can keep you on top.

SEO: Learn to think like an SEO developer
In this article, you’ll learn how to enhance your skill set by bringing your SEO knowledge to the world of computer programming.

SEO: How to Generate Text from Images with Python
Here’s how to automatically generate captions for hundreds of images using Python.

SEO: 6 Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips for More Online Sales
In this article, you’ll learn 6 smart strategies (across Google, Instagram and more) that will drive more online sales for your ecommerce business.

SEO: How SEOs can master voice search now
Here are four actionable tips for optimising your SEO for voice search.

SEO: SEO UX Play: Information Architecture & Linking Hierarchy
In this article, you’ll learn how SEO data can provide powerful UX insights to capitalise on behavioural opportunity.

Paid: 3 Tricks to Solve Your Most Common Facebook Ads Issues
In this article, we share solutions to three of your most common Facebook ads issues, including ad scheduling, ad testing, and more, so that you can spend less time setting up your account and more time optimising.

Paid: 4 Google Ads Audience Exclusions You Need to Try Next
Here are four underused Google Ads audience exclusions that can help you sift out unfit audiences to save you money, including app audiences, site searches, and more.

Paid: Tips to diversify for long-term PPC search marketing effectiveness
This article will help advertisers ensure long-term success despite the instability of pay-per-click search engine advertising as an online marketing platform.

Paid: 5 Surprising Ways Great Content & PPC Can Help Each Other
Here are four actionable tactics for creating high-performance PPC ad campaigns to maximise your content ROI.

Paid: 7 Out-of-the-Box PPC Advertising Ideas You Should Try Now
Here are are several out-of-the-box ideas for targeting and ads that can be applied to your advertising plan if you think more creatively about how to apply them.

Paid: We audited Google Ad recommendations: What we learned will surprise you
The analysis revealed adding sitelinks to ads and replacing trademark terms can help but optimisation scores of ad copy might not. In the end, a human-led strategy is still critical for success.

Paid: Facebook Ads for Beginners: 5 Resources
This blog post includes 5 handy blogs and guides for any digital marketing manager that is launching their first Facebook campaigns.

Social: 5 Steps to LinkedIn Group Success: How to Create and Manage a Successful Group
In this article, you’ll learn how to create a valuable and engaged group on LinkedIn.

Social: 5 Ways to Measure Your Instagram Marketing Results
In this article, you’ll learn how to combine data from Instagram Insights and other third-party tools to get a complete picture of your Instagram marketing activities.

Social: 11 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Websites
Here are 11 tips to share on four top social networks to drive sales.

Local: Google Local Maps Search Results Drops Pagination – A Bug?
Google will not let you go to page two of those results. Instead, Google will just stop showing you results and ask you to “see web results” for more.


SEO: Bing Tests Scrollable Tabs Search Result Snippets
Bing seems to be testing a new design and layout for the search results snippets. 

SEO: Google: Our Systems Cannot Determine Accuracy Of Content
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that machines can’t tell the accuracy of content and that Google’s systems rely instead on signals we find align with relevancy of topic and authority.

SEO: Google Launches a Native Lazy-loading Plugin for WordPress
Google has released a new WordPress plugin that’s designed for Chrome’s new native lazy-loading feature.

SEO: Google Makes Big Change to Nofollow, Introduces 2 New Link Attributes
Google will use rel=nofollow, sponsored, and ugc as hints about which links to consider or exclude for ranking. Here’s what the changes mean for you.

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SEO: Google Says Goodbye to the Old Search Console
Google is officially sun-setting the old version of Search Console.

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SEO: Google: Headings Won’t Make Or Break Your Sites Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said that if you don’t use those H1 or H2 heading tags/attributes on your pages, it won’t make your site not rank well.

SEO: Google Updates The Search Quality Raters Guidelines On September 5th
Google has updated the Google search quality raters guidelines handbook on September 5, 2019.

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SEO: Google Has New Movie & TV Search Experience & New Developer Docs For Movie Schema
Google announced two movie and TV related things and they were not directly related. First Google launched a new mobile experience for searching for movies or shows. Second Google has new developer documents for movie structured data.

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SEO: Microsoft introduces XLOOKUP in Excel – and it’s a big deal for data reporting
The new feature addresses many of VLOOKUP’s limitations.

SEO: Google On How It Picks The URL It Shows In Search
Google’s John Mueller broke down in a simple and clear way how Google picks the canonical URL, the URL it shows in its search results, to searchers.

SEO: Google: Some M-Dot Sites In Google Desktop Search May Be Unstable
Google’s John Mueller explained in this weeks Google webmaster hangout video that if you have a separate M-DOT site it’s more likely that Google might show your M-DOT version in the normal desktop search results.

Paid: Google Ads Introduces New Policies for Certain Types of Medical Ads
Google is introducing a new policy to prohibit ads for unproven or experimental medical techniques.

Paid: Now you can easily find negative keyword conflicts in Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns
Microsoft Advertising released a new product negative keyword conflicts report in the web interface to address this problem.

Paid: Google Ads Bans Speculative & Experimental Medical Treatments
Google Ads is no longer allowing ads in its search network and other ad networks for products or services that promote speculative and/or experimental medical treatments.

Paid: Google Ads announce more changes to match types – Challenges and opportunities’
Google Ads has recently announced that it now allows ads to be served for queries that it understands to share the same meaning on broad modified and phrase match keywords.

Paid: Is Google’s Competitive Ad Policy a ‘Shakedown’?
Google’s competitive ad policy is under scrutiny after Basecamp CEO Jason Fried’s viral tweet

Mobile: Apple accused of favoring its own properties in App Store results
Apple says it has now adjusted its algorithm to reduce the visibility of the company’s apps in key categories.

Mobile: Google’s Assistant-everywhere strategy reminiscent of old site search playbook
Google Assistant “syndication” is a way to battle Amazon Alexa and expand its reach for later monetization.

Social: Twitter Has Temporarily Disabled Tweeting via SMS
Twitter is temporarily disabling the ability to send tweets via SMS text messages in efforts to protect peoples’ accounts.

Local: Google Discover Feed Now Showing Restaurants
Google Discover feed started showing restaurants you might be interested in.

Local: All 50 states’ attorneys general join in antitrust investigation of Google
Highly anticipated, it’s now official. State attorneys general have launched formal probes of Google and Facebook. 

Local: Google Finally Responds To Paid Links Allegations On Apache.org
Google’s John Mueller, after three years, have finally responded to the allegations from Apache.org.

Local: Google My Business Guidelines For Practitioners Clarified
Google has made a small change to the Google My Business Guidelines explaining and clarifying the roles of practitioners.

Local: Google Search Showing Orgies For Things To Do In Dallas
Google have been spotted showing orgy parties as an option for a query on ‘what to do in dallas tonight?’.

Local: Google Makes Changes to GMB Listings With Distance-Based Service Areas
Google is going to automatically apply changes to Google My Business listings with distance-based service areas.

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