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The Weekly Wrap – 11th December 2019




SEO: 10 Important 2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know
Here are the top 10 trends you need to know in 2020, according to the experts.

SEO: Don’t overlook these 5 quick updates to boost your search ranking
Take advantage of there 5 easy updates that can yield great results without a large site overhaul.

SEO: Why Technical SEO & On-Site SEO Are Rarely Enough
In this article, you’ll learn why content and links matter over other onsite signals.

SEO: The Power of Impression-Based Campaigns to Grow Your Brand
In this article, we discuss why driving leads and interest before ever building awareness is the incorrect way to start your campaigns.

SEO: How to Map 404 URLs at Scale with Sentence Embeddings
in this article, you’ll learn how to automate the process redirecting valuable 404 status URLs to equivalent URls.

SEO: Five steps to generate tons of backlinks using infographics
Here’s the step by step process of using infographics for link building

SEO: Six key content performance aspects that Google Analytics can’t measure
Here are a few of the biggest ways that Google Analytics can’t measure your content performance properly, along with some tips for overcoming these shortcomings.

SEO: Do Effective & Efficient Web Sites Really Need SEO?
Google’s Gary Illyes said that if your website is both efficient and effective, then SEO is not needed.

Paid: Google Ad Script to Manage Campaign Budgets
In this article, we share a Google Ads script that manages your budget at the campaign level by the hour via a google sheet, so you can scale.

Paid: Excel For Marketers: Make Your PPC Dashboards Dynamic With Data Validation
PPC dashboards are great for account managers, but they’re even better if they’re dynamic. This post will walk you through creating a dynamic dashboard.

Paid: 4 Ways to Prepare for PPC in 2020
Here are four areas to focus your PPC efforts.

Paid: How to Customize Your Facebook Ads for Placements
In this guide, we walk you through the process, from selecting the placement to the final review and everything in between.

Paid: Pro Tip: Why you should stop using last-click attribution in Google Ads
In this article, we discuss the Model Comparison Tool report in Google Analytics evaluates non-last click models to help you better measure success

Paid: 11 Proven PPC strategies for your ecommerce site
In this article, you’ll discover 11 PPC strategies which, if executed well, can surely boost your PPC campaigns.

Paid: 5 Steps to a Successful Brand Bidding Strategy
This article will give you the answer to the most emotionally charged question of paid search – Should your business bid on its brand terms?

Paid: How to Identify the Best Ad Platform for Your PPC Clients
In this guide, we break down how to determine the best ad platform for your client, based on goals, budgets, and more!

Paid: 8 Common Reasons Your Google Ads Are Being Disapproved
Here are 8 common reasons for ad disapproval in Google, steps to fix them, and what to do if your disapproval reason doesn’t fall in the common category.

Content: 6 Brands That Will Inspire You to Create Better Content
Here are six examples of content from brands that will hopefully inspire you to create better content.

Content: 101 Quick & Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your Blog Content
Here are 101 tips were created to skyrocket your blogging efforts. These tips focus on SEO, craft, style, UX, amplification and productivity elements.

Content: How to Create Square Videos That Stand Out: 6 Useful Tools
In this article, you’ll discover six tools to crop, brand, and optimise square videos to perform better on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Content: 9 Essential Elements of Effective Content Marketing
The foundation of great content marketing is great writing — and if you want to write, you have to learn how to market your finished product. Here are 9 tips to help you optimise your content marketing strategy.

Content: The Unicorn of Content Marketing: The Mailbox NOT the Inbox
In this article, we explore the differentiating power of delivering your content marketing directly to your audience in a less-crowded mailbox.

Content: 21 YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Video Rankings
Boost your video SEO and rank higher on YouTube with these 21 tools.

Social: How to Write Persuasive Instagram Ads, Captions, and Bios
In this article, you’ll find techniques for creating compelling Instagram ads, captions, and bios that deliver results.

Social: 6 Epic Instagram Story Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner
Here are six epic Instagram story hacks you need to try, including customising with colour, experimenting with fonts, and more!

Social: How to Let Facebook Automatically Present the Best Ad Text: Multiple Text Options
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook’s Multiple Text Optimisation feature so you can effortlessly customise your Facebook ads for different people.

Social: Facebook Ad Trends: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, we explore explores the three biggest trends Facebook advertisers need to be aware of and shares how marketers can make the most of these trends to produce successful Facebook campaigns.

Social: How to Automate Personalized Video Messages via Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to deliver personalised video messages to qualified Facebook leads at scale.

Social: 12 Social Media Marketing Predictions From the Pros
In this article, 12 marketing experts share their predictions to help you prepare your social media marketing plans for the coming year.

Local: How to level up from a Google My Business apprentice to a GMB master
In this article, you’ll discover why monitoring and updating your Google My Business page will be improve your business’s visibility.

Local: Preparing for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): What Marketers Need to Know Now
In this article, we explore the California Consumer Privacy Act and what processes and technology all businesses need to have in place to protect themselves with special guest, Jamie Lieberman of Hashtag Legal.



Industry: Google Co-Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin Resign
The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin today announced that they were stepping down from their roles as CEO and President of Alphabet, the company structure that Google is a part of.

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SEO: Google Launches Tool to Help Publishers Manage Content in Google News
Google has launched a new tool designed to help publishers manage how their content appears across Google products.

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SEO: Bing Does Reach Out To Webmasters With Search Issues
Bing’s Frédéric Dubut said that Bing does do proactive webmaster outreach. So if a site has a crawl issue that is negatively impacting search and the site, Bing may reach out via email.

SEO: Bing: Cost & Value Determined In Bing Core Ranking Improvements
Bing’s Frédéric Dubut said that every time we evaluate a ranking improvement, we look at the trade-off between cost and value.

SEO: BERT is rolling out to Google search in over 70 languages
Google announced that BERT, the natural language processing algorithm that launched on English language queries in October, is now coming to over 70 languages globally.

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SEO: Google Can Render Animations But They Might Look Weird
Google’s Martin Splitt confirmed that animations are fine for Google, even if they look weird in the screenshot Google shows you.

SEO: Google Translate In Search Can Show Pictures
Just like Google definitions and dictionary results can now show photos, so can Google Translate results in search show photos.

SEO: John Mueller Surprises with Answer to a Negative SEO Question
Google’s John Mueller shows how to discover the real reason a site might not be ranking.

SEO: Google is Working on Adding Package Tracking to Search Results
Google is working on integrating package tracking into search results, allowing users to get information without visiting the carrier’s site.

SEO: Google Updates Search Quality Raters Guidelines On December 5th
Google has made some minor changes to the Search Quality Raters Guideline focusing on diversity, impartiality and language.

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SEO: Google: Not Having A Manual Action Does Not Mean Your Site Is Good
Google’s John Mueller said that not having a manual action doesn’t mean that the website is good overall.

SEO: Simple Video On How Google Search Works
Google posted on their Google Webmaster YouTube channel a nice very clear and simple beginner video on how Google Search works as it relates to how you, webmasters, can make your web sites better.

SEO: Google: Only Insane CPU Usage Will Limit How It Renders JavaScript
Google’s Martin Splitt said that the only time you really need to worry Google rendering JavaScript is when your CPUs usage is overloading.

SEO: Google Search Console Updates Messaging Interface
Google announced a new method for viewing messages in Google Search Console.

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SEO: Google Images Dropped Custom Date Range Filter
Google Image Search has dropped the custom date range filter when you try to filter by time.

SEO: Google: Type Of Page Less Important Than Quality Of The Page
Google’s John Mueller said that we should think less about the type of pages, and more about the quality of the pages that you want to have indexed.

SEO: Google Encourages to Differentiate Your Site
Google’s John Mueller encourages site owners with “commodity content” to differentiate their sites.

Paid: Yahoo Shopping aims to stand out in commerce discovery with Rakuten cashback rewards
Rakuten and Verizon Media have partnered to deliver commerce experiences for Rakuten merchants and Yahoo users this holiday season.

Paid: Facebook Introduces 3 New Ad Reporting Tools
Facebook is rolling out new tools to assist advertisers with analysing campaign performance.

Paid: Google Ads to Explain Why Changes in Performance Occurred
Google Ads will now provide explanations for why specific changes in performance likely occurred.

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Paid: Google extends optimization score to Display campaigns
The campaign optimisation score that Google Ads shows for Search and Shopping campaigns is now available for Display campaigns.

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Social: Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform
Pinterest Trends, a new tool that will provide an overview of the top U.S. search terms over the past 12 months along with data on when those search terms peaked, has begun rolling out.

Local: LocalU acquired by Sterling Sky founder and SEL contributor Joy Hawkins
Sterling Sky, founded by local SEO expert and Search Engine Land contributor Joy Hawkins, has acquired LocalU. 

Local: Google extends ‘Incognito Mode’ in Maps to iOS users
Incognito mode is now available on Google Maps for iOS users and bulk location history deletion in Timeline will roll out on Android next month.

Local: Google Tests Local Pack With Black Ad Label On Desktop
Google has been spotted testing black ad labels on desktop, but now here is what it looks like in the local pack.

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Local: TripAdvisor buys SinglePlatform to enhance services for restaurants
The acquisition is part of a strategic shift to deepen restaurant relationships and diversify revenues to better compete with Google.

Local: Google My Business Reviews Select Rated Highly For Tags
Google is now letting Local Guides and maybe other Google users to select a tag to describe why you like the business you are reviewing. 

Local: Google My Business phone support has ended, but help from the experts has not
Google’s social media channels are reported to be helpful as well as connecting with local search pros.

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