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The Weekly Wrap – 6th November 2019



SEO: FAQ: All about the BERT algorithm in Google search
In this article, we answer everything that you need to know about Google’s BERT algorithm update.

SEO: Fixing Index Bloat: 9 Ways to Deindex Pages from Google
In this article, we explain why having fewer indexed pages can actually lead to a higher number organic sessions. And how different deindexing methods impact SEO.

SEO: How to create an SEO strategy for website redesign and migration
This post summarises some key SEO migration elements listed in the guide, with an emphasis on helping organisations avoid costly errors related to a website redesign and domain or platform migration.

SEO: How to Make the Most of Video Timestamp Results in Google Search
Here’s how to become eligible for this Google search feature and get more exposure.

SEO: Benchmarking Beyond SEO: What Competitors’ Website Traffic Can Reveal
In this article, we discuss the importance of analysing your website traffic metrics to get better, stronger, faster competitive intelligence.

SEO: 9 Ways to Evaluate Guest Posting & Blog Outreach Services
In this article, we go through 9 ways to evaluate guest posting and blog outreach services.

SEO: Giving Back to Get: 5 Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others
Here are five ideas to build links by giving back.

SEO: How to Use BERT to Generate Meta Descriptions at Scale
Here’s how to use automated text summarisation code which leverages BERT to generate meta descriptions to populate on pages that don’t have one.

SEO: 11 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate
In this article, you’ll learn how to diagnose what’s causing this – and get five pro tips to help reduce your high bounce rate.

SEO: Why website security affects SEO rankings (and what you can do about it)
Here are four steps to get started on website security and why it helps your SEO.

SEO: Here’s how to leverage long-tail keywords for your SEO
In this article, explain why thinking about long-tail keywords for local search, intent and conversational language can help your SEO efforts.

Paid: What you need to know about Google Merchant Center identifier enforcement updates
In this article, we discuss the changes that can affect the visibility of your products in Google Shopping from Google’s Merchant Center identifier update.

Paid: How to Track Offline Conversions from Your Google Ads
In this article, you’ll learn about three methods to track offline conversions in Google Ads.

Paid: 6 Simple Steps to Make Engaging YouTube Pre-Roll Ads
Here are the six steps you need to create engaging pre-roll ads, including brainstorming ideas, making your video weird, and more.

Paid: How to Advertise on TikTok
In this article, you’ll learn how to create TikTok ads to promote your products or services.

Paid: Negative Keywords: How to Use Them and Why They’re Important
In this article, you’ll learn how to find and use them in this blog post.

Content: How Repurposing Old Content Can Drive Demand Gen Results
In this article, we invite you to join our webinar where you’ll learn how repurposing content can help you maximise demand generation results while saving time and money.

Content: 5 Creative Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing ROI
Here are 5 tips that will help you boost your content marketing ROI.

Content: How to Promote Your Old Evergreen Content: 5 Tips
In this article, you’ll discover five tips for promoting older content that’s still relevant.

Content: Features vs. Benefits: How to Hit Your Content Marketing Sweet Spot
In this article, we explain why communicating the benefits and not the features will increase conversions for your content marketing campaigns.

Social: How to Understand Facebook Group Insights
In this article, you’ll discover how to find and interpret the valuable metrics in Facebook Group Insights.

Social: How to Monetize Your Facebook Video With Facebook Ad Breaks
In this article, you’ll learn how to monetise your Facebook video content with Facebook ad breaks.

Social: Instagram Stories Branding: Marketing That Benefits Your Business
In this article, you’ll find tips and techniques for using Instagram Stories to help your business stand out, and discover how to use the new Create features that just dropped.

Social: Optimizing Facebook Ads for Content Engagement: 4 Custom Conversion Ideas
In this article, you’ll learn how to combine the power of Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager and define innovative custom conversions for content engagement.

Mobile: Study Finds Virtual Assistants Are Getting Worse at Answering Questions Correctly
A new study suggests the performance of virtual assistants, like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, may have plateaued.


SEO: Bing introduces penalty for ‘inorganic site structure’ violations
Bing is introducing a spam penalty against ‘inorganic site structure’ violations. he new penalty seeks to address tactics such as subdomain leasing, doorway content and sites that participate in private blog networks.

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SEO: Google To Go Big With Health Search For Medical Queries?
The Head of Google Health, David Feinberg, said Google is looking to make it easier for doctors to search medical records, and to improve the quality of health-related search results for consumers across Google and YouTube.

SEO: New Microsoft Edge InPrivate Mode Sets Bing Searches Private
Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Edge, with a new logo and new features. One of those featured is InPrivate Mode that will not only set your browsing as private but also your searches in Bing.

SEO: Google Finally Launches the Anticipated Page Speed Report in Search Console
Google is now rolling out the highly anticipated page speed report in Search Console that was shown off earlier this year.

SEO: Google Said It Is Reviewing Recipe Rich Results Bug Reports
Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that the reports submitted about the rich results for recipes not working properly are being reviewed. 

SEO: Google Extends JavaScript SEO Docs For Web Components
Google’s Martin Splitt and Lizzi Harvey has updated the JavaScript SEO basics guide and the JavaScript troubleshooting guide for web components.

SEO: Google Search Console begins rolling out Speed report
Google began testing a new speed report within Google Search Console and now that report is beginning to rollout publicly to all Search Console users.

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SEO: Evergreen GoogleBot Now On Chrome 78
GoogleBot is now running Chrome 78 on November 1st.

SEO: Google ramps up investment in wearable technology, enters deal to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion
Google parent Alphabet is buying fitness tracker and smartwatch maker Fitbit in a deal that values the company at $2.1 billion.

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SEO: Google Talks About Building Too Many Links Too Fast
Google’s John Mueller said that building too many links in a short period of time is not an issue by itself but rather it is the types of links you are probably building in that time period, may lead to violating Google’s guidelines.

SEO: Google: Site Kit Now Available To All WordPress Sites
Google announced last night that those running WordPress site can now install Google’s Site Kit with ease.

SEO: Google Releases Study of 2019 Holiday Shopping Trends
Google has released new behavioural insights into 2019 holiday shoppers, with tips on how to sell to US consumers.

SEO: Google Rich Snippets Image Bug Returns
Recipe bloggers report a return of Google’s rich snippets bug. Images in the SERPs are disappearing.

SEO: Google: There Are No BERT Values Or Scores
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that BERT does not assign values or scores to specific pages or web sites. 

SEO: Google: No Plans To Add Google Discover Referrer
Google’s John Mueller said that Google has no plans to add Google Discover traffic as a referrer from Google Discover.

SEO: Google doesn’t have an ‘ideal’ page speed
Google’s Mark Splitt said that there isn’t an ideal number for site speed and that is based on a ‘bunch of factors.’

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SEO: Google: Don’t Crawl Your Site To Build A Sitemap File
Google’s John Mueller said don’t crawl your own site, Google already does that when generating a sitemap.

SEO: Google: We Are Not Working On Content Submission & Crawling Removal
Google’s John Mueller said that Google prefers to be able to crawl the pages and pick up the content from there, versus being fed the content and HTML without crawling.

SEO: Google Is Investigating Broken Search Operators
Google is investigating possible issues with what appears to be broken search operators. Specifically issues with the related search command and also intitle and inurl commands.

Paid: Google extends Shopping ads to more YouTube inventory
Google is expanding the visibility of Shopping campaigns on YouTube. Showcase Shopping ads are also going more places and opening up to more categories. 

Paid: Google Ads New Lead Form Extensions Beta
Google announced a new beta called lead form extensions for Google Ads.

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Paid: Google Ads Login Bug Did Not Impact Ad Serving Or Reporting
Google confirmed it has an issue with the login feature to the Google Ads console.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising Launches a Preview of its New Redesign
Microsoft Advertising is in the process of redesigning its interface and is giving users a chance to join an early preview.

Social: Pinterest Launches a Refresh of Its Mobile App
Pinterest has updated the look of its app for iOS and Android with a renewed focus on personalised recommendations and a more efficient use of space.

Social: Facebook Unveils New Logo With Unique Branding for All of its Products
Facebook updated its company branding with a new logo that appears with different colours to distinguish each company it owns.

Social: Twitter Cancels Political Advertising
Tweeter’s Jack Dorsey said that Twitter will no longer accept political advertising.

Mobile: Google News app lets users access content in two languages
The Google News app now lets users see content in two languages.

Mobile: Google: Mobile First Indexing Isn’t Aimed At Adjusting Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said a site can see both a rise or decline but generally Google moves sites over when it thinks the site is ready and won’t be impacted that much by the move. 

Local: Google Tests Image Carousel In Local Pack
Google is testing showing images in the local pack that you can scroll through. It is an image carousel in the local pack itself.

Local: Google Maps Now Shows Business Short Names
Google added short names as an option for businesses in Google My Business.

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