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The Weekly Wrap – 3rd April 2019



SEO: Google Dataset Search: How you can use it for SEO
How to use Google Dataset Search as a research tool for SEO.

SEO: 10 Ways to Get Multiple Organic Page 1 Google Rankings
This article explore 10 different ways you can appear on Google’s Page 1 by optimising content for various types of search results.

SEO: How to conduct a content migration audit
Here’s how to determine exactly what content needs to be migrated and what can be safely retired with little to no impact.

SEO: 4 Reasons Why Website Migrations Fail & How to Overcome Them
This article is written for the people who manage website migrations, be that SEO professionals, digital marketers, or project managers.

SEO: Debunked: Nine link building myths you should ignore in 2019
To avoid investing resources into wasted link building efforts, pay attention to these nine link building myths that won’t get you anywhere in 2019.

SEO: How to Use Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports: Standard vs. Enhanced
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Standard and Enhanced Ecommerce reports in Google Analytics.

SEO: Google featured snippets: A short guide for 2019
Here are 12 ways you can get a place in a featured snippet for a particular keyword.

SEO: Five ways to improve your website’s bounce rate (and why you should)
Here are 5 ways you effectively improve your website’s bounce rate than will enhance user experiences.

SEO: Compare 19 top SEO tools and platforms
A marketer’s guide that will help you make the informed choice when it selecting the right SEO tools and platform.

Paid: Everything You Need to Know About Ad Extensions
A guide to everything you need to know about ad extensions that will help gain a competitive edge, improve performances and increase CTR.

Paid: Bing takes over Yahoo ad delivery: Five things to prepare
This article provides a checklist for your Bing account that will enhances your traffic and sales.

Paid: A Complete Guide to PPC Ad Targeting Options
This aticle goes through each of the targeting options for search, display, and remarketing campaigns and how they can be used to engage with our potential customers.

Paid: 3 Step DIY PPC Budget Pacing Tool
This article provides you a template that will help you efficiently budget you next PPC campaign in 3 easy steps.

Social: You Can’t Do That on Facebook: A Complete Guide for Marketers
A guide to keeping up with Facebook’s policies to ensure your pages stay active.

Social: How to Create Instagram Stories People Love to Watch
In this article, you’ll find six ways to enhance your Instagram stories for better audience engagement.

Social: How to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs: 4 Tips
In this article, you’ll discover four tips to help you spend less on Facebook ads.

Social: Facebook Audience Overlap: What Is It And How To Avoid It
This article discusses audience overlap and how best to overcome this issue in Facebook. 

Content: Visual content creation tools for stunning social media campaigns
5 visual content creation tools that will enhance your social media campaigns.

Content: The Easy A-to-Z Guide to Writing Great Headlines [Infographic]
Let’s make our way through the alphabet and spell out 26 nuggets bound to help you improve your headline-writing chops.

Content: How to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy in 7 Simple Steps
A simple 7 step guide that will help you construct an award winning social media strategy.

Content: 5 Tips for a Data-Driven Content Strategy That Increases Conversions
Here’s how you can create a data-driven content marketing strategy to increase your conversions.

Mobile: 4 Reasons Why We Need Voice Search Analytics Now
Here are 4 reasons why having more concrete data around voice search is imperative.


Google’s John Mueller said that Google’s crawling and indexation process has allow SEOs to optimise their websites in way that doesn’t reflect their competitors.

SEO: Google To Close Old Search Console By Years End?
Google’s John Mueller said that Google is planning on closing down the old Search Console by the end of this year. 

SEO: Google Knows When Its New Web Rendering Engine Will Be Released But Won’t Say
Google’s Martin Splitt said that the web rending engine Google uses for crawling the web is going to get alot more advanced but will not reveal when.

SEO: Google: Links Not Shown In Search Console Are Generally Irrelevant
Google’s John Mueller said that generally if the links are not shown in the tool then there are pretty irrelevant overall.

SEO: You Got Work To Do If Robotted Out Pages Is Out Ranking Your Content In Google
Google’s John Mueller said that if your content on your site is being outranked by robotted out pages, then you got work to do.

SEO: Google Webmaster Team Ends The Google+ Community
Google+ sends final goodbye and suggest the community to follow them on Twitter instead.

SEO: Search Engine Journal Announces New Search Engine
SEJ is looking to expand into the world of web search with a new search engine.

SEO: Google brings search to podcasts through automatic transcription
Google’s Podcasts app is increasing discoverability by automatically transcribing shows, allowing users to search for particular episodes without having to remember the name of the podcast or the episode title.

SEO: Google Tests Adding Icons Back To The Search Bar Filters
Google is testing showing icons in the search bar filters next to the all, news, maps, images, shopping and other buttons.

SEO: Google: Long Term Plan You Should Switch To Domain Properties & Drop Other Forms
Google’s John Mueller said a good long term plan for those who have verified properties in Google Search Console should drop the individual property verification methods and go with domain properties methods instead.

SEO: Very Few Features Left In The Old Google Search Console
There are only a handful of features left in Google Search Console that remains.

SEO: Google Can Index Blocked URLs Without Crawling
Google’s John Mueller has indicated on Twitter regarding Google’s ability to crawl websites blocked by robots.txt.

SEO: Google: It Is Okay To Redirect Lower Quality Content Pages To Better Pages
Google’s John Mueller said that redirecting a low quality page to a higher quality page won’t hurt the higher quality page. 

SEO: Ahrefs Announces Plan for New Search Engine
Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko announced a plan to create a search engine that supports content creators and protects users privacy. 

SEO: Google: Premier Partners Get No Special Treatment To Core Search
Google’s John Mueller said Google Partners have no special access to organic search in Google.

Paid: Google Ads API v1_1 out: Update client libraries for new features
The latest version incorporates new features for ads, conversions, reporting as well as Hotel Ads, App campaigns and more.

Paid: Google Ads Keyword Planner Now Allows Up to 10 Seed Keywords
Google Ads Keyword Planner has been updated with the ability to process up to 10 seed keywords when searching for new ideas.

Paid: All Google Ads attribution reports will soon include cross-device conversion data
Google Ads will begin including cross-device conversion data in all attribution reports starting May 1.

Paid: Google Ads Keyword Planner Adds Features
Google Ads is adding a bunch of new features to their keyword planner tool. Continue reading to see what these features are.

Social: Facebook’s Faulty SMS Two-Factor Authentication is Locking Out An Alarming Number of Users
An issue with Facebook’s SMS two-factor authentication is keeping a significant number of users locked out of their accounts.
Social: Facebook Lets Users Search for All Active Ads That Pages Are Running
Facebook is expanding its Ad Library tool to include information about all active ads from any page.

Local: Local-Services ads appearing in Google Home voice results
Google is presenting Local-Services ads in voice search results for local queries.

Mobile: Apple extends Search Ads support to 46 more countries
This has enabled marketers to boost their app’s visibility in a total of 59 countries as well as manage campaigns spanning multiple regions.

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