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The Weekly Wrap – 15th August 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 15th August 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google’s August core search algorithm update is now fully rolled out

Some SEOs are seeing more fluctuations with the Google rankings now, but Google has confirmed the August 1 update has been fully rolled out.

SEO: Google Fixes Video Carousels to Show Them Less Often

Google seems to have reversed their previous update and is now showing video carousels less often.

Local Search: Google My Business Insights To Expand Query Pool

Google My Business Insights, the place to go to get Google My Business analytics, will now expand their data to include more types of searches that get included in the Google My Business Insights reporting.

Local Search: Google Add Google Posts In Local Knowledge Panel

If you are logged into your Google My Business account and do a search for your business, you may see a call to action from Google to add Google Posts to your Google local knowledge panel.

Local Search: Google My Business Menu & Services Editing Now Globally Available

Allyson Wright, Community Manager, Google My Business, announced in the Google My Business Help forums that the menu editing feature that launched in April, is now available for all Google My Business users globally and in any language.

Local Search: Google Hotel Location Scores & Tab Now Live

A few weeks ago, we reported that Google was testing a new location tab that contained not just location information about the hotel but also how well it scored based on its location. Well, it seems to be fully live now.

Paid Search: Google extends added character benefits of Responsive Search Ads to text ads

You get an extra headline! And you get an extra headline! Oh, and you get a longer description, too.

Paid Search: Google Ads Report Editor Now Supports Chart Time Comparison Data

Google quietly announced on Twitter they have added the ability to compare data across multiple factors within charts and graphs.

Social: Facebook to reveal country of origin behind Pages

New authorization for Pages ‘with large US audiences’ will prevent posting by those who decline to complete the process.

Social: Facebook bans bail bond ads & requires pre-certification for addiction treatment ads

All addiction treatment centers will have to be certified by LegitScript to run ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Facebook’s Audience Network.

Social: Pinterest opens up wide-format Promoted Videos to all advertisers

Launched in May to a limited group of brands, the max-width video ad units are now available to all advertisers via Pinterest’s Ads Manager.

Social: New Facebook Business Page Layout for Mobile

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media.

On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook rolling out a business page redesign on mobile with Andrea Vahl, Facebook bringing mentorship to Facebook groups, and other breaking social media marketing news of the week!

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How to increase your PageSpeed in WordPress

With over 59% of websites using WordPress as a CMS, optimizing them to load quickly is a good idea. Contributor Dave Davies walks through key steps and shows how to optimize a WordPress site for Google PageSpeed.

SEO: Link-building tools you may not know about

Contributor Julie Joyce breaks down the nuts and bolts of four unique link-building tools and shares how each can help analyze web pages and assist in your linking efforts.

SEO: How to rev up your page speed for better website performance

Improving page speed isn’t some arcane and mysterious dark art. Contributor Jeremy Knauff reviews everything from plug-ins to CDNs and points out what you can do to improve your page speed without a bunch of hocus-pocus.

SEO: Cameos on Google: How famous people get their video answers into Google search

With new iOS app, celebrities answer questions in short videos that then appear in search results.

Paid Search: Structuring paid search campaigns: Segmentation vs. aggregation

Contributor Megan Taggart recommends regularly auditing paid search accounts to assess the need for segmentation or aggregation which will bring value to your marketing programs.

Paid Search: Forget me not: 3 steps to make your PPC ads more memorable

What makes text ads memorable? Contributor Purna Virji looks at ways to keep text ads fresh and top of mind by optimizing ad targeting and implementing ad extensions.

Local Search: 5 local SEO myths and misconceptions that Will. Not. Die.

Like a bad penny, there are certain local SEO myths that keep turning up. Contributor Joy Hawkins lists a number of misconceptions and explains why things like bogus suite numbers will not work.

Content: How Successful Marketing Writers Plan Their Content

I never realized just how important it was to connect content with business goals until I had a particular conversation with a client. The client had no content objectives. I paused the project and helped the client get a few preliminary goals in place before I dived into any project work. The reason: Without them, we’d both be spinning our wheels and wasting each other’s time.

Social: How to Safely Share Access to Your Facebook Ads and Google Analytics Data

Do others manage your Facebook ads? Wondering how to get others to securely share account access to advertising assets? In this article, you’ll discover how to provide sharing access to Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and lead page assets.

Social: How to Use Google Data Studio to Report on Facebook Campaigns

Want a better way to report on and visualize your social media campaign data? Have you considered Google Data Studio?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use Google Data Studio to create easy-to-update reports on your website, Facebook, or Instagram marketing.

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