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Ignite Search Launches Fenix Chrome Extension – Built for SEO Professionals & Digital Marketers


Today we have launched a new, free Chrome extension named Fenix. We hope that this tool will one day be THE SEO/Marketing tool that you won’t be able to do without.

How this tool came about was because of the efficiency challenges the team faced from within. From internal use we felt that, as SEO professionals, because it was able to benefit us so MASSIVELY in terms of time saving, we wanted to share this with you: our valued readers and fellow marketers.

It contains many productivity focused features and it’s designed to consolidate many of the most popular functions that we marketers, especially in the SEO space, use on a daily basis. Our intended aim is to reduce what we call the ‘SEO Extension Bloat’ effect (Having way too many SEO extensions that only do one or two things…don’t worry we know your pain).

Please visit the official page at https://www.ignitesearch.com.au/fenix-chrome-extension all the juicy details and if you find it even the least bit helpful, please leave a comment here, spread the word to your mates and most importantly,  leave a review for us in the Chrome Webstore!

As always, many thanks.

From the Ignite Search team

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