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The Weekly Wrap – 22nd January 2020




SEO: SEO in 2020: What Basics You Need to Know to Be Successful
In 2020, SEO comes with an entirely new set of challenges that can make or break your success. Learn more about the ones that will help you succeed.

SEO: 2020 Digital Trends & Must-Haves [Webinar]
In this article, we share an webinar with Bill Hunt, President of Back Azimuth Consulting on the key trends that are shaping search, digital, voice, and omnichannel strategies in 2020.

SEO: Did Google Change How To Schema In November 2019 Update?
Speculations on Google not showing how-to schema more randomly and less often but also changed how they function a bit.

SEO: 5 Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
In this article, we share 5 WordPress schema plugins that may double the chances of getting your posts clicked in the search results with rich snippets.

SEO: Google desktop favicon search results study
With this latest update, Google has made identification of ads less accurate so people think more results are ads when they’re not.

SEO: SEO competition research: The complete guide
In this article, we walk through the fundamental steps on how to conduct a complete SEO competition analysis and research.

SEO: SEOs Share Impact Of The Google January 2020 Core Update
Although Google’s January 2020 Core Update has not completely rolled out yet, in this article, we share some insights of the impact of this core update.

SEO: The 11 Landing Page Best Practices to Swear By
In this article, we share 11 inspiring landing pages that may help you in your conversion rate optimisation and website design.

SEO: 6 Types of User Behavior to Track on Your Website & the Tools to Do It
This guide will help you track user behaviour on your website, plus identify the tools you need to get the data and what to do with it.

Paid: How to Leverage First-Party Data to Boost PPC Performance
In this article, you’ll discover how to leverage first-party data to power your PPC performance.

Paid: Everything small businesses need to know to launch a campaign on Amazon
In this article, we share an infographic by Businessfinancing.co.uk that breaks down each Amazon ad product and provides tips for getting started with your first Amazon ad campaign.

Paid: SMX Overtime: When to use PPC automation (and when not to)
PPC expert Aaron Levy shares his insights about how to structure accounts to use automation effectively during a rountable discussion at SMX East.

Paid: 5 Essential Facebook Ads Audiences for 2020
This blog post describes 5 must-have audiences for Facebook advertisers and insights on how to leverage them.

Paid: Facebook’s Mandatory Change Coming Soon: Ad Set Budgets Are Going Away
Here’s what you need to know about Facebook’s mandatory move away from ad set budgets to campaign budgets. The change will take place as early as Feb 2020.

Paid: Excel Masterclass for Digital Marketers: 3 Sessions to Supercharge Your Efficiency
This webinar will be a deep dive into Excel. The 3 mini-sessions are geared towards improving the way you work.

Paid: 4 Ways You’re Not Utilising AI Properly In Your PPC Campaigns
In this article, we share 4 common mistakes that many PPC specialist missing out on when it comes to AI and your PPC campaigns.

Paid: Tips For Successful PPC Analytics Projects
Here are some tips from a PPC Analyst on successful project planning, communication, and implementation.

Content: Creating Engaging Video Content That Spurs an Emotional Connection
In this article, we share a podcast featuring Ezra – founder of Smart Marketer discussing where to use short-form and long-form video in your marketing strategy, and shares what types of videos you can adapt for your own marketing.

Content: How to Make Content SEO Friendly
Here are the key steps for making content SEO friendly.

Social: 4 Essential Lessons for Travel Marketing on Instagram
Here are four essential lessons to improve your travel marketing on Instagram now.

Social: YouTube’s Organic Visibility Tops Wikipedia in Google SERPs
Follow these four actionable tips if you want to better optimise your video content for both YouTube and Google SERPs this year.

Social: How to Recover a Suspended Facebook Ads Account
In this article, you’ll find out how to submit an appeal to get your Facebook advertising account reactivated.

Social: How to Get More LinkedIn Engagement and Clicks
In this article, you’ll discover how to develop and share LinkedIn posts people click on.

Social: How to Promote a Documentary Storytelling Series on Social Media
In this article, you’ll discover how to release and promote a documentary storytelling series on social media.




SEO: Google’s John Mueller on Optimizing Images for Search Results
Google’s John Mueller John Mueller goes over a series of tips on optimising images for search results in the most recent Ask Google Webmaster video series.

SEO: Google will drop support for data-vocabulary.org structured data on April 6
Data-vocabulary.org structured data markup will be ineligible for Google rich result features starting on April 6, 2020.

SEO: A New Search Engine Enters the Market – OneSearch from Verizon Media
An unlikely competitor enters the search engine market as Verizon Media launches its privacy-focused OneSearch.

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SEO: SameSite requirements for cookies: What SEOs and developers need to know
Get prepared for SameSite cookie handling behaviour coming to Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

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SEO: Google: Domains Are The Most Important Part Of URLs
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that domain names are the most important part of URLs; these haven’t been removed, because we agree this is important to show.

SEO: Tweets In Google Featured Snippets & People Also Ask
Google have been spotted showing tweets in Google’s featured snippet and People also ask sections in the SERPs.

SEO: Google Hiding Like Reviews With More Link – A Bug or Test?
Google may be testing or it may be a bug hiding reviews by collapsing them in a “more” links.

SEO: Google: January 2020 Core Update Mostly Done Rolling Out But Is It?
Google has said that the January 2020 core update is “mostly done” when I and others asked if it was done rolling out.

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SEO: Google: Structured Data Has No Impact on Ranking in Web Search
Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, clarifies that structured data is optional and does not impact search rankings.

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SEO: Google: Good Spam Reports Can Lead To Broad Spam Action
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that a good spam reports often lead to a deep dive to understand networks and take broad action. 

SEO: Google Search Showing Wrong URL In Snippets
Google is now showing the incorrect URL in the snippets.

SEO: Froogle Is Back – Well, Kind Of, With Free Google Popular Product Listings
Google eventually turned all of product search into a Google Ads paid search product. But now, Google is bringing back free product search in the form of ‘popular products.’

SEO: Google: Cookie Banners Are Fine For Search
Google’s John Mueller said that cookie banners are fine and suggest to avoid replacing your page’s content with an interstitial as Google won’t be able to see the content.

SEO: Bug Alert: Google Search Console Unparsable Structured Data
Google has confirmed that some may see a spike in unparsable structured data errors within Google Search Console. 

SEO: Google Introduces a New Shopping Section in Search Results
Google is rolling out a new addition to search results this week which makes it easy to shop for popular products.

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SEO: Google Search Console Notifications Of Chrome Warnings For Old TLS
Google is sending out notifications to webmasters if they are running TLS 1.1 or lower.

SEO: The Search Console Training video series is rolling out
A new video series about Google Search Console is rolling out on Youtube now.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising To Also Sunset Average Position
Microsoft announced it will be deprecating the average position metric from Microsoft Advertising reporting starting in April. 

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Social: Instagram Drops IGTV Button Due to Lack of Use
Instagram is dropping the IGTV app from its home screen, saying very few users have been clicking on it.

Social: YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards
YouTube is introducing profile cards, which display all comments a user has left on a particular video.

Social: LinkedIn Brings 3 New Features to LinkedIn Pages
LinkedIn pages are gaining three new features designed to facilitate more community engagement and form stronger relationships with followers.

Local: New: Google My Business Provider
Google has launched a new local Google My Business initiative named My Business Provider.

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