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The Weekly Wrap – 13th March 2019




SEO: Back to Basics: App optimization and Firebase indexation
This article discusses the difference between app store optimisation and firebase app indexation and how to optimise your app so consumers can find your app.

SEO: Marketing automation for SEO: Five time-saving strategies
This article identifies 5 time saving resources and tools that leaves you more time to focus on strategic initiatives to help grow and expand your digital marketing accounts.

SEO: How can brands use SEO to capture new users and markets?
A guide for brands to effectively implement SEO to identify new markets.

SEO: How to Submit Websites & Pages to Search Engines: A Simple Guide
An essential guide to submit your website and pages for indexation.

SEO: 3 Areas to Audit on Local Sites to Create a Stronger SEO Foundation
Here are three areas to audit on local sites to create your strong SEO foundation.

SEO: 5 Forgotten Ways to Improve Your Link-Building Strategy
5 less- obvious tips that are essential to every succesful link-building strategy.

SEO: How to Use Competitors Keywords to Make More Money
In this article, we’ll talk about how to find and use competitor keywords to generate the best results from your SEO efforts as well as some other ways to use competitor semantics.

SEO: Making the leap from automatic….to intelligent marketing automation
Why AI is a ‘must-have’ for marketing campaign management

SEO: SMX Overtime: What really matters for SEO success
Advice on how small websites can build credibility, why depth above breadth is a good philosophy and the reason ad transparency is important.

SEO: A quick guide to SEO in 2019
4 key areas SEOs will need to double-down on for 2019.

Paid Search: Top 7 Video Advertising Trends of 2019
Here are the top seven video advertising trends you can expect to see more of in the new year.

Paid Search: What Does PPC Have to Do With Website Design?
This article highlights just some of the ways your website design can impact your PPC program.

Paid Search: The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce PPC on Google, Amazon, & Bing
A guide to how to set up, structure and optimise your bid for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and Amazong Advertising.

Paid Search: 101 Tips & Tricks That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates & Traffic
Here are 101 things you can do right now to improve your conversion rate and establish a solid reputation for your brand, products, and/or services.

Paid Search: Google Shopping Actions vs. Google Shopping: A real-world case study
A case study on Shopping Actions examines what happens when exposing GSA ads for low funnel searches and PLA ads for high funnel searches.

Paid Search: How retailers can survive Amazon’s stronghold in Google search
Keep Amazon’s impression share in perspective because it shouldn’t directly drive strategy, but rather provide context around the advertiser competition in your market.

Paid Search: How to Use RSAs with Limited Data
Here are some specific ways to start testing RSAs when there is limited visibility into variants and their results.

Paid Search: PPC and AMP Pages
Everything you need to know about PPC and AMP pages.

Paid Search: 5 Steps for Competing with Digital Goliaths
Join our industry experts as they provide five steps to compete with these digital goliaths and build innovative, successful online brands. 

Paid Search: Marketing analytics buyer’s guide for 2019
Data solutions to speed and heighten your marketing effectiveness.

Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Getting Brand Trust Right
A 7-step guide to secure brand trust for your business.

Content Marketing: 5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Website into a Standout Salesperson
This article discusses how you can turn your site into a better salesperson for your business.

Social: Eight tips to getting your videos ranked on YouTube in 2019
A guide to optimise your videos and increase search visibility in YouTube’s search results.

Social: Facebook dynamic ads: A beginner’s guide

Facebook constantly expands its advertising offerings by introducing new features to accommodate advertisers in their effort to make the most out of their platform.

Social: The Facebook Messaging Push Is Not About Privacy — It’s About Control {Here’s What it Means to You}
2 communication modalities that are bigger than Facebook initiative to merge Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger.

Social: 9 Key Discoveries in 2019 Social Media Research
Here are the nine vital 2019 social media research trends that this report surfaced, based on a survey of 1,500 Americans, ages 12 and up.

Social: How to Improve Your Social Video Content: 10 Tips From the Pros
In this article, 10 video experts share the tactics and tools they use to create successful video content.

Social: Pinterest Catalogs and Shopping Ads Roll Out to More Businesses
On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Pinterest Catalogs and Shopping Ads and new Twitter analytics tools with special guests Alisa Meredith and Madalyn Sklar.

Social: Eight social media trends that will make 2019
These are the tendencies that take their roots in the current cultural zeitgeist, technological development, and social platforms’ respective strategies, and are expected to take over social media this year.

Local: How to Use Schema for Local SEO: A Complete Guide
What you need to know about schema markup and how it can be applied to local SEO.


SEO: Google’s Lighthouse SEO Audit Tool Now Measures Tap Target Spacing
Google has updated Lighthouse to measure tap target spacing on mobile websites.

SEO: Google: We Want To Do Better With Dates In Snippets
Google posted helpful information around how, when and why Google shows dates in the search results snippets.

SEO: Get Google to Display the Right Publication Date in Search Results
Google is reminding site owners how to specify which date is displayed next to a web page in search results.

SEO: Google Property Sets Officially Shutting March 28th
March 28, 2019 Google will close Property sets, which has now been officially replaced by Google’s Domain properties.

SEO: Google Automatically Creating Domain Properties In Search Console
Google can automatically create domain properties for you. 

SEO: Google Discusses February and March 2019 Updates
Google’s John Mueller seemed to confirm that something happened to those who felt it. But he did not state that an update actually happen.

SEO: Google Discusses Ranking Factors
Google’s John Mueller discussed how Google uses ranking factors for ranking websites.

SEO: Google In-Depth Articles Go Missing
Google has these in-depth articles for their snippets, they launched it in 2013 but now they are gone.

SEO: Google Automobile Knowledge Panel
Google is now showing a new knowledge panel and search result interface for car related keywords.

SEO: Google’s Gary Illyes PubCon Presentation Was Image Search Focused
Google’s Gary Illyes indicates Google image search is important for SEOs to look at.

SEO: Google Explains When JavaScript Does and Does Not Matter for SEO
Google’s Martin Splitt continues his JavaScript SEO video series with an episode explaining when JavaScript is worth worrying about.

SEO: Google: Include Supporting Written Content When Publishing Videos on a Web Page
Google’s John Mueller advises site owners to provide supporting content when publishing a web page with a video on it.

SEO: Google: It’s OK to Use Different Structured Data Types on Alternate Versions of a Page
Google’s John Mueller says there’s no harm in using different types of structured data, such as JSON-LD and microdata, on alternate versions of a page.

SEO: Google’s Gary Illyes on Real-Time Penguin, Negative SEO & Disavows
Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes says he has looked at hundreds of supposed cases of negative SEO, but none have actually been the real reason a website was hurt.

Paid Search: Google Ads rolling out Budget Planner forecasting tool
Get some insights into how changes in spend could impact campaign performance.

Paid Search: Facebook is Changing How it Measures Ad Relevance
Facebook is updating its ad reporting, replacing the single relevance score with three new relevance metrics.

Paid Search: Bing Ads brings 3D ads to Search with Samsung
Users can interact with the desktop ad format to inspect product features and details.

Paid Search: Google launches marketer-friendly Google Ads API query builder
Google Ads API, which just rolled out of beta last week, there’s now a new query builder tool is now available.

Paid Search: Google Shopping Ads to Automatically Appear in Google Images
Google Images is now a default placement option for Google Ads users who are running shopping ads.

Local: Google Asks Businesses to Set Their Goals in New GMB Onboarding Process
Google My Business has a new onboarding process that starts by asking users to set their goals.

Local: What will Google Hotels mean for online booking sites?
The new site mirrors the UI of Google Flights and could have a similar affect on the hotel booking market.

Local: Google Updates Travel Searches to Help Users Find Budget-Friendly Options
Google is rolling out new travel search features to help users find better prices on flights and hotels.

Local: Google Assistant Can Book A Restaurant Reservation In Most US States
Google just announced that they are rolling out the ability for the Google Assistant to book tables at restaurants in 43 US States.

Social: YouTube to Fact-Check Certain Types of Searches
YouTube is planning to introduce a fact-check box in search results for topics that are prone to misinformation.

Social: Twitter’s New Insights Tool Shows the Best Time to Publish Tweets
Twitter has launched a new insights tool which determines the best day and time to publish tweets based on user engagement.

Social: Instagram is Working on a New Ad Unit for Sponsored Posts
Instagram is set to roll out a new ad format for sponsored posts published by influencers.

Mobile: Google Increases Number Of Image Thumbnails In Mobile Search Results
Google has increased the number of times they are showing image thumbnails in the mobile search results snippets. 

Mobile: Google Tests Portrait Mode Tall Top Stories Layout
Google seems to be testing a portrait mode, i.e. taller mode, for the top stories in the mobile search result

Mobile: Google Says All Separate Mobile URL Sites Should Move To Responsive
Google’s John Mueller recommends all sites running a separate mobile URL should work on moving those implementations to a responsive site design instead.


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