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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap – 11th July 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 11th July 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google’s URL inspection tool now available for all users

Google has confirmed on Twitter that two weeks after releasing the URL inspection tool in the new Google Search Console, it is now available to all users.

SEO: Google Speed Update is now being released to all users

After six months of preparation, the Google Speed Update is now rolling out. It only impacts the mobile search rankings of the slowest of sites on the internet.

SEO: Predicting the value of a search engine ranking signal

Google was recently granted a patent with a wide range of practical applications. The patent covers how, with machine learning, they can predict a ranking signal value when the value is unknown.

SEO: Bing Now Provides Exact Snippets of Code for Developers’ Queries

Bing has launched a new intelligent search feature which provides the exact piece of code a developer is looking for.

Local Search: Google Introduces Responsive Search Ads Which Adapt to Users’ Queries

Google is introducing a new ad product that uses machine learning to adapt to users’ queries.

Paid Search: Google Marketing Live: Here come fully automated ads & campaigns for Local, Shopping & more

Google announces machine learning-loaded initiatives at its annual advertiser event.

Paid Search: Bing Ads recommends updating final ad URLs to HTTPS if supported

With the Chrome update this month, now is a good time to change your final ad URLs if your site supports the HTTPS protocol.

Paid Search: Google expanding store visitation and local conversion reporting

Per-store reports will be broadly available by the end of July to enterprises and SMBs that use location extensions.

Mobile Search:  Page Speed Now a Ranking Factor in Mobile Search

As of today, page speed is now a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Google is calling this the “Speed Update,” and has officially announced that it is now rolling out worldwide.

Social: Instagram expands Collection ads & Shopping Bag icon for Stories to all brands

Instagram is expanding its ad offerings to more advertisers. The Facebook-owned app is opening its Collection ad units to everyone starting today and says all e-commerce brands will be able to add the Shopping Bag icon within their Stories for the holiday season.

Social: Facebook testing AR ads in the News Feed & new tool to help brands create video ads

Facebook is giving a select number of advertisers access to augmented reality (AR) ads that run in the News Feed and is testing a new tool that will help brands create mobile video ads using existing images and video footage.

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: Link to my awesome content, please!

Your content may be terrific, but if you lack a smart outreach plan, you’re going to fall short, says contributor Jeremy Knauff. Here are several tactics and email templates you can use to execute a thoughtful link-building outreach campaign.

SEO: The small business owners guide to conquering SEO: The glossary

Own a small business and struggle with SEO? Contributor Doc Sheldon has created a glossary of essential SEO terms to help small business owners improve their understanding and knowledge of SEO.

SEO: Working around Google Analytics to improve your content marketing

The way Google Analytics reports bounce rate and time on page leave a lot to be desired. Contributor Marcus Miller outlines two easy ways to get better data on single-page visits so marketers understand how users engage with their content.

SEO: How to drive conversions with on-brand SEO copywriting

Are your web pages not converting? Contributor Jessica Foster explains how to create an SEO-focused brand message that builds trust and drives conversions.

SEO: Be careful what content you cut from your site

Contributor Janet Driscoll Miller helps you determine how to make your website lean and mean without eliminating big traffic drivers.

Local Search: Google My Business listings: 5 frequently asked questions

GMB has a handful of new features and some best-practice confusion. Contributor Sherry Bonelli clears things up and answers five frequently asked questions on fake reviews, random people changing your listing and more.

SEO: 4 Surprising SEO Tactics Unofficially Supported by Google & 5 Things They Don’t

Google is generally quick to state what does and doesn’t work in search. There are a number of techniques that Google doesn’t officially support but are still effective – at least to some extent.

SEO: Google Warns Using Meta Refresh May Lead to Wrong Content Getting Indexed

Google’s John Mueller warns site owners using meta refresh that doing so may lead to the wrong content getting indexed.

SEO: What to Do If Your Most Popular Pages Aren’t Converting

This is super common problem that many face. Read this article to find out how to deal with high traffic, low conversion trouble.

Paid Search:Say goodbye to low Quality Score with this Google Ads script

Are low Quality Score keywords wasting your money? Contributor Daniel Gilbert shares a script to help you find where they are for a quick fix.

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