Online marketing services such as Paid Search and SEO work to get visitors onto you site. However, once on there, what’s the next step? This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes into the picture.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

As part of CRO, we work on the second part of the equation; that is, we get your visitors excited about your product/service so that they eventually complete a conversion. A conversion can be any metric that is important to your business. Usually this is in the form of sales purchase or a submission of an application form. However it can even be as simple as tracking your contact enquiries or a download of a PDF brochure. It complements and enhances the performance of your overall campaign, alongside Paid Search and SEO.

Why should I be interested in Conversion Rate Optimisation?

CRO is a key step process in achieving the best results for your investment. Because it focuses on converting customers, you can potentially hit sales target 2x, 3x or 5x with the same amount of traffic.

A quick example is as follows:

• The website sells widgets online at $500/unit.
• The website currently receives 1,000 visitors a month

Before Optimisation:
Out of the 1,000 visitors, only 1% or 10 visitors end up buying a unit. This equals $5,000 revenue worth of widgets.

During Optimisation:
Ignite Search then engages with to roll out a CRO program. The team analyses the target market, their personas, any specific user journeys and the business offering,. They then test changes in visual and textual elements of the page (such as colours, buttons, messaging and images), using different testing methods.

After Optimisation:
After the analysis and testing, has experienced a 150% increase in conversions on the site.

In terms of numbers, that is 25 visitors out of 1,000 purchasing a widget. That means that the company is now bringing in $12,500 in online revenue, per month! As you can see, if done right, conversion optimisation will pay for itself in no time.

Is Conversion Rate Optimisation for me?

Conversion rate optimisation is best suited to the following scenario:

• You have an established website
• Your site already enjoys a steady flow of traffic
• You would like to increase the top line value of the traffic your site already has

If you meet the above criteria you’re likely to be missing out on a chunk of revenue that’s already locked away in your site. Ignite Search’s conversion rate optimisation process identifies and unlocks these additional revenue streams by ensuring that your site is working with and not against your traffic generation channels.

5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for CRO

Use of Proven, Successful Methodologies
Extensive Experience Within Your Industry
Accountable & Measurable Results
100% Customised Marketing Strategies
Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line

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