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Ignite Search Launches Jaw Dropping Office Wall Mural!

On Friday the 16th June, amongst clients, partners and company friends, we gathered to celebrate the launch of a jaw dropping reveal of our office mural, within our agency office!

At over eight metres in length and four metres in height, the fantastical office mural was designed by the talented Angelia Liu, (@anqi.art) and printed/installed by our good friends at Quality Press/Clockwork Print.

It incorporates a complex and intricate weaving of meaning and symbolism surrounding our company brand identity, that is equally matched by the striking visuals of the various elements, most particularly the Phoenix and the Dragon (the largest ever in Perth!)

A few words from Angela Liu – Artist

Angela Liu was the artist that designed our mural. We asked her what she thought about the showcase event as well as the overall process that went into creating the design.

She said it was an awesome event and was grateful that she was invited to celebrate with guests as well as the Ignite Search team. As being part of the creative field, being able to network was also a great opportunity for her as she got to speak to many clients about her process. It was also interesting on her end to hear about the printing side, how it was for our friends at Quality Press to print such a large art piece indoors.

Angela commented the Ignite Team for creating a great event out of the reveal of the mural stating that, “it was a statement of progression for the company as well as a rebirth”.

With regards to the art project, she stated that the project touched base on her Chinese background. Angela loved and understood the cultural significance of dragons and phoenixes an noted on a memory of her childhood.

Recently returning to her childhood home, she found old artworks that she created; depicting herself, a panda as well as a phoenix fighting a tiger. It was fascinating on her end to see these topics as well as animals return and also repeat later down her life with her art.

Being able to recall but also have an association to these symbols to her personal identity made the project special for her. Both ends were open to suggestions on the design, as well as have a creative thinking process. Angela has been grateful that the Ignite Team have trusted her with the process which made the overall project enjoyable for her.

A few words from Graham Cole – Quality Press

Regarding the event, Graham expressed that he thoroughly enjoyed the night, there was good energy in the room and the overall vibe was warm.

With regards to the printing process, for his team printing something to that size and caliber was very challenging. It was a rather large file for them to manage utilizing their own processes. And the design itself had lots of detail. They however produced the print with their latest machines and greatest technologies to deliver the best results possible.

It was a design that needed all those new elements as they wanted to build a relationship with us at the Ignite Search team. The team made sure to install it to the best of their ability

Graham spoke about previous projects; and stated that although they’ve worked with prints that large before, it was never to that detail in terms of design. It was different working on a full wall print in a closed environment as opposed to a billboard.

Along with that the team utilised a new textured fabric material (Arlon wall canvas) to give the print an overall painted canvas fell to it.

And that’s a wrap!

Huge thank you again for all that attended, and to Angela & Graham/Bruce/Wendy from Quality Press.

Please view more snaps from the event below, courtesy of our photographer partner of the night, Gary Rentenaar from Nexxt frame Photography.

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