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Talk about smelly breath? Possibly because you’ve got some food left over from lunch stuck between your teeth. Are you thinking of using a toothpick? By all means, you should. But you are a little cautious about hygiene, especially during in these times.

Well the just to put your mind at ease, we have for you the world’s very first hand-sanitiser toothpick that has been FDA approved. This means you can sanitise your hands while also picking out the nasties in your mouth. The chemical properties in this hand sanitising toothpick is all natural and is safe if it is digested.

In addition to its bacteria removal abilities, it also comes in multiple flavours:

  • Mint – for the freshness you need when before a date
  • Strawberry – to remind you of the summer times
  • Lavender – to put you in the mood for sleep right after a big meal

For more information on our Hand Sanitiser Toothpick, contact us today!