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What Brands Can Learn From The MET Gala

Well, it’s almost time for the Monday in May, and if you’re on the internet, you’ve heard about the biggest night in fashion: The MET Gala. At first, The MET Gala is a fundraising dinner for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (better known as the MET) in New York City.

It is an event that coincides with the opening of a new exhibition in the MET, but most people focus on all the celebrities dressing up in accordance with a theme, run by Anna Wintour and Vogue Magazine. The theme changes every year, but celebrities like Rihanna, Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner have attended in previous years, as seen below.

Sometime in the last decade, The MET Gala became more than just a gala, it became a social media and pop culture event, with eager onlookers waiting excitedly to see what their favourite celebrity or fashion house will wear. But how did it become this major event? Let’s delve into how Vogue Magazine marketed The MET Gala to become what it is today.

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Utilising Behind The Scenes Content

In recent years, Vogue has offered behind-the-scenes content to its Youtube subscribers, making viewers at home feel as if they are apart of The MET Gala, even after it takes place. An example of this is Youtuber Emma Chamberlain who interviews MET Gala events with her cool and casual demeanour at the event. Vogue has also offered its viewers an insight into celebrities like Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo getting ready for The MET Gala.

Todays consumers value authenticity more than ever before. By Vogue giving its subscribers an insight into the behind the scenes of The MET Gala fosters a sense of transparency and also a sense of exclusivity.

A tip for your company would be to do the same. You should incorporate more raw, behind the scenes (BTS) content into your marketing strategy to boost consumer loyalty. Behind-the-scenes video content can work well for brands in any industry; show your customers a day in the life at your company, how your products are created, or ways your own team incorporates those products into their daily lives.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Utilising Influencers

Once dominated by actors and singers, the Met Gala has seen a significant shift in recent years, with social media influencers playing an increasingly prominent role—not solely confined to posting about their attendance on social platforms. Some influencers now serve as red carpet interviewers, while others grace the event as guests and brand ambassadors, donning daring designer ensembles.

This surge in diverse creator involvement mirrors a broader trend in the creator economy: there’s no singular approach for brands to collaborate with influencers. While enlisting a creator to showcase your product on Instagram may generate initial excitement, exploring various channels, content formats, and collaboration methods contributes to sustained success. Granting influencers the freedom to authentically engage with their audience and seamlessly integrate your brand into their narrative is key.

Similarly, experimenting with different categories of creators can offer brands a cost-effective and impactful alternative. Micro-influencers and nano-influencers, well-versed in their followers’ preferences and operating within specific niches, provide brands with the means to target specific social media audiences and enhance campaign engagement.

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Using Social Listening To Leverage Your Brand

The vitality of social media discourse is integral to the Met Gala’s success. Users eagerly share their thoughts on celebrity interviews, favourite event looks, and viral moments, driving engagement across platforms. Brands keenly monitor these conversations, seeking opportunities to incorporate Met Gala trends into their marketing strategies annually. The paramount lesson from the Gala’s online presence is the necessity of social listening for brands.

Iconic moments, like Emma Chamberlain’s comical interview with Jack Harlow in 2022 and Kim Kardashian’s striking all-black Balenciaga ensemble in 2021, sparked a deluge of memes on social media. Brands such as Zomato and Subway capitalised on this trend, crafting their own meme interpretations to captivate their online audiences.

Remaining attuned to cultural phenomena beyond the Met Gala and understanding the social media dialogue within your target audience sphere are effective tactics for garnering inspiration for future marketing endeavours and enhancing existing content to maintain relevance.

Furthermore, leveraging social listening enables brands to unearth user-generated content (UGC) within their customer communities. From TikTok product reviews to Instagram posts showcasing products in real-life scenarios, UGC often serves as impactful and credible marketing collateral, fostering deeper connections with consumers.

Happy MET Gala Eve To Those Who Celebrate

Met Gala has evolved from a fundraising event to a global cultural phenomenon, amplified by Vogue Magazine’s strategic use of behind-the-scenes content, extended videos, and influencer collaborations. By offering audiences an insider’s view and leveraging social media discourse, Vogue has democratised access to the Gala while maintaining transparency and exclusivity. Brands can learn from these tactics, incorporating raw, behind-the-scenes content into their marketing strategies to enhance consumer loyalty and engagement.

Furthermore, the Gala’s online presence underscores the importance of social listening for brands, enabling them to capitalise on viral moments and user-generated content to drive campaign engagement and build deeper connections with consumers. Ultimately, The MET Gala exemplifies the power of creativity, authenticity, and social media in shaping contemporary fashion and marketing trends, providing valuable insights for brands navigating the digital landscape.

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