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why you need to recognise the importance of voice search for seo in 2017

Why You Need To Recognise The Importance Of Voice Search For SEO In 2017

By Airon Rodrigues The top 3 SEO trends for 2017 are mobile, mobile and mobile. (Okay, it’s only number one) And with mobile, comes voice search. SEO as we know it is always changing. Updates are important news only until the next update. As the digital world changes, so do the factors associated with digital

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heres why podcasting should be included in your content marketing strategy

Here’s Why Podcasting Should Be Included In Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Airon Rodrigues Should podcasting be part of your content marketing strategy? Yes. Do most online companies have a podcast series? No. Is podcasting beneficial for SEO? Yes, let me explain… When we think about SEO, we generally think about keywords, search queries and on-page optimization, such as written content generated through the traditional blog.

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