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Experienced SEO agency for Hong Kong market expansion

Are you exploring the Hong Kong market and want to make your business presence felt there? Whether your business is based in Hong Kong or not, we can help you establish your niche.

Grow your business: start by getting Hong Kong SEO expertise

In a COVID-adapted world, more people than ever are going online to seek solutions to their queries and problems.

If you are thinking of expanding in or into Hong Kong, SEO strategies are a great way to start. Explore and understand how SEO in Hong Kong is an exciting market to increase your business in new and prosperous ways. And here are some reasons why there is much potential for success.

  • More than 92% (or 6.92 million) people in Hong Kong are Internet-connected as of 2021
  • Demand is potentially high in Hong Kong as their search engine market share for Google is 93% (higher than the global average of 92.5%). 

As Google uses more than 200 ranking factors in their search algorithm, and updates it several times a year, an experienced SEO team who lives and breathes SEO could provide lots of leverage for getting excellent SEO results, such as Ignite Search.

The goal is to increase your business’s visibility as a trusted service/product provider among people who specify that they want Hong Kong results in their Google searches relevant to your business. 

SEO in Hong Kong

Here’s a quick overview of Hong Kong’s Internet profile. This information can be used as a guide for planning SEO strategies to create the most impact. Almost 1 in 2 people in Hong Kong research brands on search engines and social networks

Let our SEO experts connect your business to more Hong Kong prospects online at all phases of their buyer journeys (increase attention, interest, desire and purchasing). We help you improve your website and match your business with the wants and needs of searchers in the marketplace.

SEO Services for businesses in Hong Kong

Grow your business among Hong Kong audiences through achieving higher visibility for your website, which provides a wider funnel for channelling web traffic, engagement, conversions and sales. Effective SEO appeals to both search engines and people making online searches. 

 For search engines, our SEO strategies include the following:

  • Help search bots find (crawl) and categorise (index) your web content more easily, get your pages to load faster, and improve overall site performance.
  • Set up relevant keywords, track them against competitor results, and suggest ongoing strategies to keep rankings high. 
  • Establish good links from reputable and popular sites, and prune any bad links.
  • Publish fresh content regularly on your website and social media channels that people value at all stages of the buyer journey.
  • Keep improving results by ensuring that the coding of metadata and microdata on your web pages and search results pleases search engine gods.

For people searching online, we:

  • Provide quality meaningful content that matches what people seek at all stages of the buyer journey. 
  • Provide web pages that load fast, make it easy for users to find what they want, and design our sites to provide a fantastic user experience. 
  • Inspire more site visitors to notice, enjoy, and share your content.

Why choose Ignite Search’s SEO services for your Hong Kong business?

Our SEO experts have obtained measurable SEO improvements for many clients, and look forward to helping you grow your business, too. Some of our results are listed below; summary case studies are also available on our LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram posts.

SEO results we achieve for clients

1,000+ Top 3 Google Rankings

The top five organic search results on Google’s Page 1 get two out of three click-throughs to drive website traffic. We’ve helped many clients move up to the top of Page 1 from lower ranked pages beyond Page 5. 

Five-fold increase in web traffic

While every situation is different, we have helped our clients increase site traffic by 500+% through our SEO strategies. We help supercharge your online visibility and drive more people to discover your business offerings. To get you noticed, start conversations, gain trust, and win new customers.

High conversion rates

Effective SEO can potentially convert more than eight times better (14.6%) than traditional print or direct mail channels (1.7%). We have obtained two-fold increases in conversion rates for our clients, which demonstrate that our strategies make a real difference.

Why prioritise SEO to grow your business in Hong Kong?

Better leads and sales

A search activity marks the start of 93% of online activities. To the potential customer, your business does not exist if they can find your competitors online but not your business. With effective SEO, you get the opportunity to get found by more people seeking solutions to problems that can be resolved by you.

Data-driven marketing decisions

An essential part of SEO is capturing data which can be used to provide insights into informed next steps to boost SEO results for your Hong Kong-based website. We formulate recommendations to enhance your SEO visibility and rankings.

Long-term value and visibility

SEO is cost effective. Properly executed SEO helps improve your Hong Kong business presence in search engines, and sustains it through various online activities, including algorithm updates, trends, and competitive movements.

The art and science of SEO

SEO may seem like black magic to the uninitiated, but to us, it is both an art and a science. 

  • The science of SEO: Knowing what to measure for what purpose, how to measure it, and how to analyse it. 
  • The art of SEO: Spotting behavioural patterns in the data, interpreting what they mean, and applying insights to make decisions that improve business performance. 

Data drives both the art and science of effective SEO. Our methods range from performing standard best practice to reverse engineering what already works to executing novel strategies.

Success Stories – SEO Hong Kong and more

Client: Parramatta Smash Repairs

  • About. Authorised repairer for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Mini & Subaru.
  • Results. 56% increase in SEO visibility (Was 9%); 44% increase in website traffic; #1 Google ranking for ‘Smash Repairs Sydney’ (Was beyond Page 5); 2x increase in the number of leads jumped (200%)
  • Challenge. Website did not reflect the true prestige calibre of smash repairs service, search rankings and web traffic were low, and lead generation was weak.
  • SEO solution. After conducting a website audit and strategic analysis; positioned the brand as a luxury cars expert, updated the logo, web design and copy; designed, launched, monitored and managed SEO strategy.

Client: ACE HSC Tutoring

  • About. Our client is a niche provider of handpicked tutors with top ATAR scores who help high school students ace their HSC examinations in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Economics. They also provide UCAT tutoring on a national level with access to Medify’s question bank, to help students to gain entry into the competitive medical stream at university. ACE HSC’ s reputation is built on the calibre of their smart, caring tutors and evidence-based Learn-Practice-Simulate-Review model. 
  • Results. We helped ACE HSC optimise and successfully migrate their website, increasingtheir website visibility from 11% to 41% within two months.
  • Challenge. ACE HSC wanted to launch their newly designed website with special consideration to SEO, without losing their current visibility and rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 
  • Solution. We worked closely with their in-house developer to optimise various SEO elements without breaking what had been achieved so far. We add value to their site continually through strategic reviews, data analysis, website migration, SEO, content marketing, and more.

Next steps to great SEO in Hong Kong

Leverage 25+ years of SEO skills

Our team has clocked the proverbial 10,000 hours to attain SEO expertise so you don’t have to! Google has 200+ ranking factors in their search algorithm, and make several major changes every year. Leverage our SEO expertise to create tangible results.

SEO-savvy content and links

Despite Google’s constant changes in its search algorithm, two things remain important for great SEO results. Quality content and backlinks. We can help you improve both, and other services in the SEO value chain. That simplifies what you need to do to get great results.

Voice, video, and AI search trends

As a full-service SEO agency, we can assist with standard text search campaigns, as well as voice and video search strategies that are aligned with your business objectives. We have the capability to optimise SEO for Rankbrain, Google’s AI algorithm.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO helps to match what people seek and what your business provides. 

  • Its purpose is to drive more visits to a website or webpage from people who are looking for specific things online by entering search terms through search engines.
  • SEO results are considered organic or unpaid, unlike other digital marketing strategies where online visibility and findability are boosted through paid advertising.
  • The world’s most popular search engine is Google, with 89% market share in the US and 94% market share in Australia. Other popular ones are Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com in the US, Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, and DuckDuckGo which prides itself on not collecting user data to personalise search results.

In 2021, Google received an average of 3.5 billion search queries a day. Search results are typically web pages from websites, and could also be other types of online content where the queried search term is mentioned or tagged, like posts from social media channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Google also allows its users to define the type of search (for images, videos, news, shopping, makes, books, flights, or finance), and provides a advanced search engine called Lens which is powered by artificial intelligence and can do many cool things that boost productive searching

The more relevant your online content is to what people seek, the more likely it is to appear at the top of search engine result lists, and the more opportunities there are for people to click on your link to generate traffic to your online content. That gives them the opportunity to get to know and like you, and ideally buy the products or services you offer on your website. 

Is it okay to have a business website without SEO?

Pouring time, talent, and money into creating a great business website, and not optimising it for search? That’s like building your flagship store in the middle of the desert, and not building roads to bring people there. ‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t happen on the Internet. You could of course inform people of your store manually. Why would you stop there if there are digital tools that exponentially expand your potential reach? You must provide pathways and maps for lots of people to find your business easily, and SEO is a powerful way to do so. 

Is there a minimum term for an SEO contract? 

All our clients are happy to sign a 12-month contract, and often renew them when they see the results we bring. It takes time to build solid SEO foundations. We do not wave shiny promises at you to get quick results with black hat techniques. The risks of such dodgy practices include having to pay penalties and getting your site banned on search engines.

Can the best SEO company guarantee me results? 

Great SEO companies know there is no guarantee, and search engine providers like Google themselves warn you that if anyone should guarantee you results, they are not to be trusted. Read more about the SEO guarantee myth here

How long does SEO take to produce results? 

This depends on a whole lot of factors within the Google search algorithm and outside it. In our experience with a variety of client profiles, we have obtained increases in search rankings and web traffic within weeks and months.

Who makes the content?

We’re flexible. You may like to supply the content, or let our professional digital strategist and copywriter recommend SEO content strategies and keywords. Then write content for you aligned with the agreed strategies.

How much does SEO cost?

In Australia, hourly SEO rates range from $125 to $250, and monthly fees for different levels of SEO range from $750 to $5,000 a month. Talk to us to see what your business really needs, and only do SEO that makes business sense at every stage of your business growth.

What should my ROI be on SEO spending?

One number cited is $2.75 for every $1 invested in SEO. This is practically meaningless to your particular business because there are countless factors that vary in every case. Start by working out two things: 

  1. The percentage of marketing spend for your industry and company type. Marketing spend is usually between 10% to 25% of gross revenue, and considers your business profile (whether you are a start-up, growing, or established business with digital or non-digital products and services). Your business profile shapes your business-aligned marketing objectives, which could be as broad as ‘create awareness of my brand across Australia’ to ‘grow LinkedIn following by 50%’. 
  2. The percentage of marketing spend to allocate to SEO. The SEO budget could be between 15% to 60%, again depending on your business profile and marketing objectives.

Do you have a project in mind that could benefit from SEO? Come and chat with us! 

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your ongoing support, patience and assistance through this whole process. Your level of service has been outstanding, and pretty much set the bench mark for me in what really great customer service is – empathetic, useful, patient and highly knowledgeable. Thank you!”

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