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More than 3 out of 4 consumers buy from brands that share their values. Yes! Branding affects sales and profit. Successful branding is not only visual. It’s about emotional connection.

Our Branding and Design Services

6 benefits of strong branding and design

Your brand is your reputation and the experiences you bring to others. Our role is to help you design and build a brand that wins fans and customers. Let us help you build connection, recognition, and loyalty to increase sales and profit.

#1 Stand out

To be noticed, you need to make your presence felt. Strong branding expresses your identity clearly in a crowded marketplace. And broadcasts your business promise with confidence.

#2 Attract your tribe

Great branding serves as a catalyst for connecting with everyone who values what you can provide. The more value they get, the stronger the bonds. This builds brand rapport and loyalty. 

#3 Reap rewards of trust

Once your brand value is established, it’s an asset with a powerful multiplier effect on your business. You’ve earned trust. Keep delivering on your brand promise with consistency to reap continual rewards.  

#4 Stay relevant

Your brand is a living entity. To stay current in a changing world, it needs to evolve with the times. There are creative ways to achieve that with a strategic brand design refresh.

#5 Increase profitability

As your brand equity grows, more customers are willing to pay a premium price for the premium value you provide. The beauty of branding is more than skin deep.

#6 Leverage our expertise

You’re great at what you do, and we’re great at helping you show and tell greatness. Helping you achieve business results through branding is our business and we do it with pleasure.

Namib Gems & Argyle Heritage Diamonds Video Testimonial

“ The team is always willing to hear new ideas, and input them into existing ideas to expand and make something really impressive to suit the business. ”

Cameron Morrow

Why are branding and design important to your business? 

Branding and design has an impact on revenue and profit:

  • A successful brand inspires people to want to associate with its business again and again, as customers, advocates, employees, investors, or in other capacities. It shortens the decision process to Choose You.
  • Consistent cross-platform branding can increase revenue by 23%, and 89% of shoppers stick with brands that share their values.
  • Brand consistency is important as it takes about six impressions for people to remember your brand, and double that to make a sale.
  • Strong branding outcomes signal that the business has consistently delivered on its unique value proposition. People recognise what it stands for and trust it to provide what it says it will. 

Visual design has an impact on revenue and profit:

  • Human beings are largely visual creatures. Colour improves brand recognition by 80%.
  • The consistent visual or graphic design of a brand is what people associate with the business which that brand represents. The most obvious unique visual branding elements are your business name, logo, and corporate colours. But that’s not all it takes to create strong branding.

Take a quick branding and design health check:

  • How do your business representatives behave when interacting with customers? 73% of customers love a brand because of helpful customer service.
  • Does your place of business feel inviting, relaxing, or exciting?
  • Does your website make it quick and easy for visitors to find what they want? 91% of visitors don’t complain if your site doesn’t give them what they want; they just leave.
  • Has your business been seen at important industry events and conferences? It takes fewer sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition.  
  • Do your business directors and reps demonstrate authority in your field?
  • Does your social media content provide value and create meaningful engagement?

We don’t just make your business look pretty with graphic design. Ignite Search is a strategy-led full-service branding and design agency with strong foundations in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Everything we do for your digital marketing and communication needs is performance-based. You can count on us to provide the following branding and design services.

What does a branding and design agency do? 

Our creative agency is a business enabler that applies a deep understanding of branding and design to benefit your business.

brand is a key point of connection to everything a business represents in someone’s mind. At its best, a brand is a business asset that provides instant recognition and positive associations. our agency helps you identify, design, and implement branding assets to create more positive associations with your business.

Visual design aesthetics play a huge part in branding. We provide design specialists that translates your brand aspirations into visual and tangible forms.

However, branding is more than visual design. Human beings are multisensory and emotional. Branding covers everything someone experiences about your business before, during and after they buy from you. This shapes their perception of your business. Every point of interaction is called a touchpoint.

The more positive touchpoints are associated with your business, the stronger your brand equity. We have the strategic and technical capabilities to help you create positive touchpoints that strengthen your brand.

Client Feature – Proptech start-up Realtime Conveyancer

Client. Realtime Conveyancer – Visionary proptech software provider aiming to streamline the conveyancing process from contract to keys, through digital innovation.

Results. Brand vision, mission and values statements that resonate with significant drivers of the proptech company, consistent application of a visually appealing brand to all aspects of business and marketing activities.

Challenge. As a fledgling startup, Realtime had no branding assets but needed them to forge a strong brand identity as it embarked on its entrepreneurial journey to express its value, raise funding, and invite industry players to support, collaborate with, and buy from them.

Branding solution. Involve the directors in discovering and distilling what means most to the company, and helping them distil what matters into their brand strategy, logo, and marketing guidelines that served as a compass for producing a whole suite of marketing assets and collateral. Applied branding strategy and development, logo design, graphic design, as well as web and UI/UX design.

Subiaco Justice Centre Video Testimonial

“ We were able to determine our values, our mission. We had our logo redesigned, and we were able to transfer that all into the website development which clearly portrays who we are and what we do. ”

Annie Belcastro

FAQs – Branding & Design

Is branding really that important?

It may sound abstract, but branding has many practical business benefits when done well. It applies the psychology of persuasion and the skills of digital communication to advance your business goals.

The visible elements of branding (like logo, corporate colours, and fonts) form only the tip of the marketing iceberg.

What can’t I just get a logo made on fiverr.com?

Of course, you can. That’s only one element of branding, though, albeit an important one. However, the business benefit you get from posting a logo request on fiverr.com is probably a drop in the ocean of possibilities you could achieve with a proper and full-fledged brand strategy.

What is your creative process?

It’s collaborative and strategic, to ensure that we create tangible results for your business. We start by asking the right questions, and listening to what your answers tell us. For example,

  • What is your business goal?
  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • Have you developed buyer personas?

Our creative process combines technical knowledge and specialist skills with intuition and imagination. We discuss ideas, gather feedback, propose concepts and refine them with your input in mind, as well as our knowledge of best practice in communication and digital marketing.

Refining means we provide a reasonable number of revisions until we arrive at a final version for approval. In our experience, the clearer the strategy, the faster the approval process. We add value at all stages of planning and production to help you work it all out.

“Ignite Search really knows branding and digital marketing. They were able to come up with and execute a great strategy to improve our online presence.”

Rueben Taylor
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