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Blogging, originally a portmanteau of “web logging”, has become the de facto way of delivering new content to audiences across the world wide web. In the age of Web 2.0, a collection of real-time information technologies that allowed for dynamic content such as embeddable video, audio (podcasts, for example), and interactive content, blogging has become an indispensable tool for business to promote, engage, and sell their products and services.

What is Blog Post Writing?

The obvious answer would be writing a blog post, however, there is more to it than simply putting fingers to a keyboard. Blog post writing for business must have an end-goal in mind; or perhaps many overlapping goals.

A blog post is often a communications channel that directly addresses your existing and new audience. Your blog posts should be clear, concise and provide an avenue for a return on investment. This is the primary aim of blog posts – businesses do not blog “just because.”

Blog posts for business cannot simply be “about anything,” they must have an identifiable value for your target audience or niche. Blog posts should leverage your expertise in a way that allows people to trust your brand in that niche or industry, so they subscribe, share your blog posts, or ultimately, use your products and services. Blog post writing should have clear topics, not be rehashes of existing content, and written in an accessible and engaging style that represents your brand’s values and outlook.

Blog post writing should also be optimised for search engines, so it can assist in bringing higher rankings and relevance for your website.

Why is Blog Post Writing Important?

Consistent blog post writing is a boon for business as it increases the amount of content that is available for Google and other search engines to index. This helps your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. By targeting certain keywords, you can appeal directly to people who are in need of quality and relevant content in that niche.

Blogging also connects your brand to a wider audience and build trusts with that audience. Good, reliable content can mean repeat visitors and greater circulation on social media. Opening up your blog to comments and feedback also gives your business insight into the relationships you have with your audience and how you’re serving customer needs.

By giving insights and sharing knowledge, you also position your brand or business as an industry or thought leader. Blogs such as these can turn into “influencer” sites that can even be developed into an additional revenue stream or a new business in itself.

Blog post writing can also form part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy, partnering with social media marketing and greater content marketing.


Why Choose Ignite Search for Your Blog Writing?

The team at Ignite search turns your blog writing and authoring into a turnkey process. We conduct research and generate topics or ideas for your blogs, which our team of writers, located all around Australia, turn into engaging, quality blog content.

We understand small business may not have the resources to blog consistently to achieve solid results. Ignite Search takes care of the entire blog post writing and posting  process so small business can concentrate on what they do best.

Once you’ve approved topics and edits, we then further refine and optimise the content for search engines. We also take care of posting on your blog or website, so the process takes place while you get on with running your business. Together with social media marketing, we can also promote your blog content to gain more traction and larger tracts of traffic.

5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for Blog Post Writing

  1. Turnkey Approach To Blog Post Writing
  2. Extensive Blog Post Writing Experience Across All Industries
  3. Accountable & Measurable Blog Post Writing
  4. 100% Customised Blog Posts
  5. Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line With Blog Posts

We have almost a decade of blog post writing experience, working with some of Australia’s biggest and most successful brands and businesses. We believe businesses large, small, and in between can take advantage of blogging as a way to improve their reach, engagement, and sales.

Our creative blogging team always have your business goals at the top of mind whenever they generate topics, write from outlines, and edit according to your voice and brand style. Each blog we write is engineered to bring more value to your customers, and ultimately, your business.

Get Started with Blog Post Writing 

Want to get started with blog post writing? Contact the team at Ignite Search through our contact page and find out how we can help you engage and reach more people using high quality and creative blog post writing.

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