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Before the internet, opinions about your product went one way – your marketing was mass marketing; views, whether good or bad, came to you via mail. Only you saw them. Now in the age of social media, you can communicate your brand and its values to a mass audience, however that mass audience can now talk back. Managing your brand image and marketing can be a thorny business challenge. As one of Australia’s top social media management agencies, Ignite can help.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of responding to developments on your social media platforms as quickly as possible. Distinct from social media marketing, social media management is focused on the bilateral communication from other users, instead of one-way traditional “marketing”, which focuses exclusively on positive messages. Social media management focuses on responding to comments from fans, detractors, and everyone in between.

How Does Social Media Management Work for Me?

Social media management is a part of social media marketing, and as such lies under the umbrella of greater digital marketing. Social media management is an all-encompassing facet of your social media presence. Social media management begins with discussing and formulating a social media marketing strategy that finds a unique voice for your brand, adhering to certain messages and values, and creating and posting content to drive traffic, increase reach, encourage engagement, or help make sales.

Creating a content calendar is a prime aspect of social media management, as it streamlines content posting and creates a cohesive strategy that may target certain milestones or special occasions. For example, many retail brands emphasise buying gifts for mum around Mother’s Day, and a social media manager can tailor content to promote certain products or services to cater for that demographic. A good social media manager may even go the extra mile and respond to messages about your mother’s day offering; an outstanding social media manager, like the ones at Ignite Search, could even send a tailored message to followers thanking “Mums” for their support and love on this special day.

Social media management is more than simply creating and posting pre-written content; it requires flexibility and timeliness to enhance the perception of your business, and in turn endear people to your brand.

Why Is Social Media Management Good for Business?

Social media management is a powerful business intelligence tool, giving you real-time insights into how your audience perceives your brand and its offerings. Using analytics, you can see who talks about your brand, which demographic is drawn to your brand, and opportunities for growth.

Responding to negativity with grace under pressure is always a good way to convert detractors back on to your side. It also demonstrates that your business cares about customer opinions and feedback, and that you are willing to address their concerns with genuine change. Addressing concerns quickly and courteously will help your brand with its greater reputation. Social media management is also helpful for generating leads, driving website traffic, and increasing search engine visibility. Using existing influence networks can also position your brand or business as the expert on a niche topic, extending your reach and engagement beyond your early adopters. Social media management is the front line in your consumer communications – and when the world is watching, you want to make sure you look and act like the best.

Why Should I Partner with Ignite for Social Media Management?

Social media management is hard enough when you’re trying to concentrate on your core business. We offer a turnkey solution that takes care of the overarching social media strategy and the nitty-gritty community management, e.g. responding to comments on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for Social Media Management

  1. Turnkey Approach To Social Media Management
  2. Extensive Social Media Management Experience Across All Industries
  3. Accountable & Measurable Social Media Management
  4. 100% Customised Social Media Management
  5. Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line With Social Media Management

We use the latest and most powerful applications to streamline your social media management, and many of Australia’s best brands and companies have entrusted us with their social media management to further their business goals. With almost a decade of experience, our expert social media managers assist clients from around the world, including current clients across Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart, as well as across the Asia Pacific and are ready to make your social media marketing a success.

Get Started with Social Media Management

Do you want to know more about how Ignite search can assist your business with navigating the wild world of social media and social media management? Contact us today on 08 9467 9883 for an informal chat and discover how social media management can become a boon for your business.

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