Being a born and bred digital marketing agency means that achieving results via SEO is something that runs through our veins! And we love every bit of it.

So much so that we wish to share this with you through our SEO training inventory.

We offfer two types of training pathways: one that is designed by us, like the 21st February event that is upcoming.

The second is customised training events that can be tailored to your specific audience, whether you are a business owner of a medium sized company looking to get into SEO, or you are the CMO of Coke, looking to ensure that your 50 staff team is well versed in organic search.

Some examples of training we can organise include:

  • Half day SEO Training
  • One day SEO Training
  • Advanced Two days SEO Training
  • Content Marketing Training
  • Enterprise SEO Training
  • Internal Organisation SEO Training Training
  • Executive SEO Training (targeted at the C Suite level) and
  • Other Custom SEO Training Programs

 Upcoming SEO Training Event: 21st February 2018


Launch Video At The Agency in Curtin Uni

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