What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is an effective marketing channel that allows you instant access to millions of customers around the world. As opposed to SEO which is a long term approach, paid search gives you the needed boost to get more short term results for an upcoming activity e.g. the launch of a brand new product or a opening of a new location.

What type of services are available within Paid Search? 

Paid covers any type of online marketing activity that requires payment in exchange for an impression or a click or on acquisition. This differs from search engine optimisation where you do not need to pay each visitor traffic.

Different types of paid search methods include:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

The targeting of visitors on a search engine via textual ads triggered from the use of words related to Accumax Global. Benefits include instant impact at the top of the Google search results (no need to wait for the keyword to rank), the ability to customise your sales text offering and a relatively high conversion rate, given that you are targeting visitors who are already looking for your product or service

Display Advertising

Display Advertising are banner images that can be placed on thousands of different websites. This medium of paid search works best when the objective is to increase brand awareness is perfect for when you are looking to increase your top of mind presence amongst your customers.


Remarketing is an evolution of display advertising whereby banner ads are triggered once a visitor visits your website. The objective is to remind visitors who are already exposed to your products to persuade them to return to the site and make a purchase. While it has only been around for a few years, the results from remarketing campaigns tend be very positive, as you are targeting those who already have prior exposure to your website and your brand.

5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for Paid Search

Use of Proven, Successful Methodologies
Extensive Experience Across All Industries
Accountable & Measurable Results
100% Customised Marketing Strategies
Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line

Developing a Paid Search campaign

A paid search campaign is designed to help you achieve the most acquisitions and conversions at the lowest cost possible. This is done by continuous testing and refining if your paid search campaign using the methodology wheel below. Contact us today to find out more about how Paid Search can work for your business.


Paid Search Methodology Wheel

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